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Where To Buy Spade And Sparrow Wine

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Welcome To The First Installment In My Celebrity Wine Review Series

Spade & Sparrows – Our Wine Journey

In this series Ill try each wine and give them a rating. The rating will be based on category, price point, packaging and taste.

Today were taking on Spade & Sparrows 2.0 by Kaitlyn Bristowe. All of these wines retail for under $20 and have cute packaging as well .

Watch the video below or keep reading to see my thoughts on each wine!

Former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe Launches Spade & Sparrows Wine In Canada

Alberta native stocks highly anticipated wine label in Canadian liquor stores

VANCOUVER, BC, Sept. 1, 2020 /CNW/ – Canada’s own Bachelorette, entrepreneur and wine enthusiast, Kaitlyn Bristowe, launches her wine label, Spade & Sparrows, in Canada. Since the label’s original release in June 2019, Spade & Sparrows has only been available for purchase online in the US and Kaitlyn has been eagerly anticipating being able to offer it to her Canadian fans. It is now rolling out in liquor stores across Western Canada, with Bristowe’s home province of Alberta being the first to get their hands on it.

In true Bristowe fan fashion, when retail sales launched on August 22 at eight Wine and Beyond locations across Alberta, there were line ups around the store before doors opened. Twelve hundred bottles were sold in 10 minutes and 6000 bottles were sold in the first 48 hours, making this one of the most successful new wine launches in the province.

“The support of my Canadian Vinos has meant the world to me,” said Bristowe. “By rallying for the release of Spade & Sparrows in Canada on social media, industry leaders listened and finally took a chance on us. I am so thrilled for the opportunity to bring my wine home to my Canadian fans and that they are the first to be able to purchase in store.”

On Her Favorite Spade & Sparrows Bottle

I like different wines for different things. Like, if I was going to go sit on a patio or sit outside, the rosé is the best thing in the world. Its probablyand Im not just being biased because I tasted a bunch of rosésbut this is my favorite rosé Ive ever had in my life. Its not too sweet, its not too dry. Its a really beautiful color, and its honestly just delicious. It has hints of strawberry and apricot and white raspberry and rose petals, which I loved because Bachelor, duh. I cant wait for everybody to try it.

I really wanted to do a pinot noir because thats personally my favorite, but, again, it was important for me to go to my followers and see what they would want. I did a poll, and cab won by farso I went with that. I like vanilla in any red wine, so its got hints of vanilla. Its not too bold but bold enough. Jason got to taste it, and he is obsessed with it. He loves red wine, and he was, like, mind blown by how good it was!

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On Being Qualified To Make Wine

Ive always enjoyed drinking wine, and I learned a lot about it in my twenties from working in the restaurant industry. You know, wine is so social, and it feels like a conversation starter, too. I dont try to pretend Im some sommelier or say Im a wine connoisseur. Im not trying to act like I know it all. I have a creative mind, and I know things that I want to do. I have quite a solid team who helped me to take all the following steps that I needed to take.

I got a couple comments here and there, but thats to be expected with anything you do in this world with a following. I think people know at the end of the day, I dont take myself too seriously, and Im not claiming to be someone who knows everything about wine. I got a couple people who said, you dont even know how to hold the wine glass. And Im likeyeah, thats probably true! Again, Im not trying to put anything out there, like, this is more for a reserved palate. Nothis is wine people are gonna enjoy. I want to be like my scrunchies, where its just a bunch of people who come together and talk about the wine and meet new friends through it.

On Finding Her Lane After ‘the Bachelorette’

Kaitlyn Bristowe

I didnt really know the power of social media at that time. Right when I was coming off the show, it started to be a thing where you could create a business through it. Going into the show I didnt really know how exactly I was going to manage coming off of it or what I was going to be able to do. After The Bachelorette, I was so busy doing so many things for the show, and youre under contract, and you have to go here, here, here. I started to see the power of what you can do with Instagram and that there was an opportunity to start something or have a platform to make money and do all these things. I built what I had, and I wanted my audience to trust what I was selling, so I waited and started podcasting first. Since I was younger, I had always wanted my own radio show, and it was such an interesting time to get into that space.

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Spade And Sparrows Wine Total Wine

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On The Best Winery You Havent Been Toyet

Some of my favorite wineries are in Canada. Theres one in the Okanagan called Dirty Laundry, and its probably my favorite winery Ive ever been to in my lifeand Ive been to Italy.

PLAN YOUR VISITDirty Laundry Vineyard,

Spade & Sparrows is available for purchase at Keep updated by following on Instagram.

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On Learning To Blend And Spit

We went to Santa Barbarathats where the grapes are fromand we sat down with people who really knew what they were doing and have helped other people do this same thing. We learned a lot about the different wines they had to offer. It was super important to me that I didnt just go off what I would like, because I do sort of have a different taste in wine. I just wanted to make sure it was really easy drinking, good wine at the end of the day.

I actually did a blending course, which was really fun. I got to taste quite a few wines, and at the beginning I was like, oh, theres no way Im going to spit out any wine. But by the end, I was like, yeah, I need to do this. I get it now, I get it now. It was quite a full day of it. But the blending course was really fun. I didnt think I liked blends until I made my own.

On Doing Everything For Her Followers

Wino to Vino to Vintner – My Spade & Sparrows Journey

Theyre everything. Theyre the reason I get to do all of these things. Their opinion and what they want is going to make or break a business, so its super important to me. Its fun involving them, too. Its fun for them to feel like theyre part of the process. I think Ive always been quite open on social media, asking peoples opinions. Theyre so invested in the podcast and listening to everything all the time, so I want them to be a part of it all.

The highlight has been seeing everybodys excitement about it. Im so excited, and I want everybody else to feel the same way. Knowing that there is hype around it and that everyone cant wait to try it makes me so happy. The hardest part for me is, you know, I want it so you can just go pick it up at a store or just go to a restaurant and have it. But youve got to build your brand and prove yourself in this industry and sell it online first.

I definitely want to get people involved more and to do contests. How fun would it be to have people tag us in a photo and you could be entered for a chance to fly out to Nashville and be a cohost on my podcast? I just always want this community to be growing and having fun. My following is 92% women; I love them coming together, even if its over scrunchies or wine.”

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