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Where To Buy Rosa Regale Wine

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Piedmont In Northern Italy Has Rapidly Become A Renowned Region For Premium Red Wines With Highly

Rosa Regale Sparkling Wine

Piedmont has an extensive wine history, with many producers taking advantage of the unique climate the region offers.

Considering the area sits at the foot of the Alps, there is a significant cooling influence that adds to the distinct characteristics of the regions wine. Furthermore, the region borders the French border, which has shaped the winemaking styles and traditions. These French influences have enabled the area to make dramatic winemaking advancements.

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What White Wine Is Produced In Piedmont

Piedmonte produces white dry and sparkling wine.

Piedmont is famously known for its variety of iconic Italian reds. There are, however, several white wines that are significant to the region.

Moscato dAsti, for one, is a sparkling sweet white that often offers vibrancy and fruitiness.

Asti Spumante is another Moscato-based sparkling wine made around the region of Asti, but tends to be less sweet and is lightly sparkling compared to the Moscato dAsti.

The Piedmont white wines that are made in a dry style, are predominantly produced from Arneis and Cortese. Despite these varieties differing greatly, they have both remained in the spotlight as the regions iconic whites.

Arneis, which is most commonly grown in the region of Roero and Langhe, is not an easy variety to grow. Not only is the grape variety particular about the conditions in which it grows, but it also tends to produce low acidity white, while it easily over-ripens. The wine does, however, offer enticing and exotic aromatics.

Cortese, on the other hand, is not nearly as aromatic as Arneis but does offer refreshing acidity and citrus fruit aromas. This variety is the foundation of the renowned Gavi di Gavi wines.

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Rosa Regale Sparkling Red Wine Review

Wine and chocolate samples received for review purposes.

For this review I enlisted help from a couple friends.

In the glass, Rosa Regale appeared cranberry in color and was quite bubbly as expected. For its dark color, the wine was non-opaque and quite a bit of light shone through. One person called the wine pretty in color.

On the nose, this wine gave forth plenty of grape aromas that were most intense when first poured. One friend also noted a bit of cinnamon.

Flavors noted were caramel, black cherry and raspberry. Rosa Regale Sparkling Red is definitely a smooth wine and an easy sipper. Though not overbearing, this wine is sweet in taste.

Finish was long. As I put it, the wine dances all over your palate. We also noticed that more of the caramel flavor comes through as the bubbles and effervescence dissipated.

Overall, all three of us liked this sparkling wine. You could call it Rosa Regale Champagne, although its not from Champagne, France so you probably shouldnt!

Where Is The Piedmont Wine Region

Rosa Regale Sparkling Red (750 ml)

The Piedmont wine region is located in Northwest Italy.

The Piedmont region sits along the Alps and is surrounded by several other regions, including Lombardia and Emilia-Romagna in the east, Liguria in the south, Switzerland in the north, and France in the west.

While these countries and regions have added their own influence on Piedmont, the region has managed to stand its own and set itself apart from any other surrounding area.

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Banfi Launches Rosa Regale Sparkling White Following Positive Growth For Brand

This Sparkling White from the Asti DOCG Joins the Popular Rosa Regale Sparkling Red

New York, NY Banfi, a leading Italian wine producer and importer of its family-owned fine wines, announces the introduction of Rosa Regale Sparkling White from the Asti DOCG in Piedmont. Rosa Regale White joins the iconic Rosa Regale Sparkling Red in celebration of its 20th anniversary vintage, the first line extension since the brands launch.

Rosa Regale is one of the first brands in the portfolio to benefit from the family-owned companys recent strategic changes, allowing for increased focus on its proprietary labels. After analyzing the portfolio and evaluating category opportunities and consumer trends, Rosa Regale was a clear place to start. Italian sparkling has been growing steadily for years, driven by Prosecco, and the premiumization trend in still wine has also crossed over to the sparkling category. The +$16 premium Italian sparkling segment is +20% vs. year ago*. As a category leader in this space with over 18% of the market share, it is quite literally where Rosa Regale finds its sweet spot.

Rosa Regale has always been a special wine for Banfi. It is incredibly unique, we like to say it is love at first sip for anyone who tries it, says Banfis third generation family proprietor and CEO Cristina Mariani-May. As we sharpen our focus on our own brands, it makes all the sense in the world to evolve the Rosa Regale brand from a single, stand-alone wine.


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Where To Buy Wine/alcohol In San Juan

We will get in around 4:30pm and probably get settled at hotel by 5:30 – 6:00pm on a Saturday.

We are staying at Best Western Plus

Is there any wine or alcohol stores near our location?


There’s a Walgreens next door with a beer, wine and liquor selection.

Wow that is so convenient – thank you. Do they have a good selection here or should I go to a liquor store?

Looking for rum, wine and beer.


They have a decent selection. There are no liquor stores in the area, as the supermarkets and walgreens can sell alcohol. Supermax grocery store in de Diego avenue also has a big selection. It is walking distance, but you might want to take a taxi back.

thanks nytoparis. Do you know if they sell the individually packaged shots of alcohol?


They will have the little airline bottles of Rum just about everywhere. There is no liqours store or brewers retail type store. You can buy beer at the gas stations and get mixed drinks at stands along the road and drink freely and openly on the beaches. Just no glass containers. Bring a cooler with ice, bottle of rum and your mixer to the beach and have a good time.

When we were in florida my husband found convenient shot packages of liquor they were even all attached in a row.

Have you ever seen anything like that in

No, but I don’t drink anyway, so I might just not be aware they exist. There are pouches of mixed drinks, like Gasolina, which looks like Capri Sun.

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Rosa Regale Sparkling Red Wine Paired With Brix Chocolate

Wine review Rosa Regale Sparkling Red

After trying this wine on its own we sampled it with Brix dark chocolate.

The chocolate brightened up the flavor and muted some of the sweetness. We agreed that the two are very complimentary together and that Rosa Regale becomes a bit more earthy in flavor as a result of the pairing.

If you like a somewhat sweet sparkling red wine, then I think this wine may be just the ticket. Recommend!

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What Red Wine Is Piedmont Known For

Piedmont is most known for its red wine from Nebbiolo and Barbera.

Not only is Nebbiolo one of the most planted varieties in Piedmont, but it also forms the pillar for the regions premium wines.

Barbaresco and Barolo, which are two of the regions finest red wines, are both made from Nebbiolo.

Both the Piedmont Barolo wine and Barbaresco light in color, but offer vastly different experiences. On the palate, Barolo offers a fuller, richer mouthfeel and is considered more serious. While the Barbaresco is slightly brighter and youthful – making it the easier-drinking wine between the two.

Regardless of which style the wine is made, Nebbiolo is most associated with aromas of tar and rose petals, and is enjoyed at its best after several years of bottle ageing.

Other than the renowned Nebbiolo wines, Piedmont also produces several different red varieties that have become iconic Italian wines. This includes Barbera, which has become one of the regions most planted grape varieties. What separates Barbera from Nebbiolo wines is its ability to drink well even after only a couple of years of ageing. The tannins are naturally softer, while the acidity remains vibrant and fresh.

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Rosa Regale Sparkling Red Wine

Rosa Regale Sparkling Red from Italy is a sweet sparkling red wine made of Brachetto grapes.

This review is of the 2012 vintage of Rosa Regale on its own and then followed by a pairing with Brix chocolate.

This wine comes from Acqui Terme, Piedmont, Italy and is sourced from 100% Brachetto with no other varietal blended in. The Brachetto grapes used in Rosa Regale are grown in and around the town of Acqui, according to Banfi Vintners.

Rosa Regale price is about $17.99 and the alcohol content is fairly low at 7.0%.

The 2021 Rosa Regale Collection

Banfi Rosa Regale Brachetto d


Inspired by Rosa Regale Sparkling Red Wine, the 2021 Rosa Regale Collection makes its debut. Six of the most creative and in-demand fashion illustrators working today created original looks and published them on their Instagram feeds. Taking in the wines sumptuous flavors of fresh raspberries and strawberries, plus its scintillating bubbles, the artists let their imaginations run wild and created designs that speak to the uniqueness and excitement of Rosa Regale Sparkling Red Wine.

Enjoy the collection and please visit the illustrators Instagram accounts to like and share their creations.

Oxana Goralczyk Paris, France

Sometimes you find inspiration in a painting, in nature, or in a fabric and sometimes its in a glass of sparkling red wine .

Chris Gambrell Bristol, England

The figures in the frame mirror the elegance of the bottle and embody that deep bright red that makes it Rosa Regale.

Victoria Kagalovska, Ukraine

I designed a dress inspired by the graceful shape of the bottle and a splash of color. Lightweight, playful, catchy.

Jessica Durrant, Atlanta, Georgia

I am painting a couture like dress, that feels romantic, feminine and sexy. I love embroidery in fashion, so I went with a striking red rose pattern.

Blair Breitenstein, New York, New York

As an artist I am always drawn to objects of unique color, so when I received a bottle of wine I knew that I wanted to incorporate the gorgeous raspberry red bottle into a drawing.

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Where Should You Stay While In Piedmont

Piedmont offers a range of places to stay.

While travelling through the scenic region, more tourist venues and accommodation options have emerged over the years. While wildly popular hotels and resorts have been established throughout the area, there are also several hostels that offer budget-friendly options.

Some hostel options include:

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