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Where To Buy Riesling Wine

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Riesling Vies With Chardonnay As The Source Of The Greatest White Wines In The World Germany In Particular Produces Sublime White Wines In All Styles From The Very Dry To Super Sweet Somewhat Unfairly The Modern Consumer Often Dismisses It As Being Too Sweet But The Germans In Particular Are Making Superb Quality Trocken Wines The Wines Have Enormous Potential To Age Unsurprisingly It Also Does Well In Austria And In Alsace In France Where The Wines Tend To Be Drier In The New World It Is Mostly Grown In Australia With Some Excellent Example From The Clare Valley And Eden Valley Where It Produces Dry Lime

How to Buy Your Boss Wine as a Gift
  • Delicate, floral, well-made Kabinett with peach, apple and pear fruit flavours and well balanced,… £9.20 per bottle
  • Riesling 8.0% Vol Germany > Mosel The Riesling is the classic grape of Germany and this wine from late-harvested grapes is very… £9.50 per bottle
  • Riesling 7.5% Vol Germany > Mosel Fresh and crisp with lovely peach and pineapple fruit with a lovely juicy, racy character on the… £11.20 per bottle
  • Riesling 9.5% Vol Germany > Rhine Soft and easy wine with good creamy fruit, good freshness to give balance and excellent length…. £18.30 per bottle
  • Riesling 8.5% Vol Germany > Mosel Fresh, lively wine with well balanced fruit, flavours of pears, apples and peach with a touch of… £12.50 per bottle
  • Soft, creamy Kabinett with easy-going fruit from a wonderfully situated vineyard facing due south… £12.80 per bottle
  • Riesling 8.5% Vol Germany > Mosel From the very well run co-operative at Bernkastel, this is a deliciously fruity wine that has a… £8.20 per bottle
  • Riesling 12.0% Vol Germany > Rhine This is a dry wine from vineyards around the famous Rhine valley of Nierstein. The red soil gives a… £8.90 per bottle
  • Lovely citrus fruit flavours with hints of angelica and good underlying… £14.95 per bottle
  • Concentrated, ripe and expressive, with juicy lime and stone… £26.00 per bottle
  • Riesling 13.0% Vol Germany > Rhine Stylish wine with a creamy nose, flavours of peach and yellow plums, fragrant and herby with a… £19.95 per bottle
  • What Is Riesling Wine

    Riesling is a white wine that is aromatic and flavorful. It grows natively in Germany, along the Rhine River and carries flavors of crisp juicy fruit such as pears and peaches, countered by high levels of acid. Riesling is heavily influenced by the region it is grown in. It is also known for ageing very well and can be aged longer than just about any other white grape variety, and is enjoyed both young and old.

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    The Many Faces Of Riesling

    Mispronounced, misunderstood and even a bit underappreciated this could be no other than the Riesling variety . Riesling is often confused with other unrelated grape varieties that share part of its name . This classic variety is incredibly versatile and can be made in a wide range of styles, from bone dry to lusciously sweet. Its also one of those varieties thats remarkably good at expressing terroir and is incredibly age worthy. For it to be at its best, Riesling needs to be bottled early after cold fermentation. Malolactic fermentation and oak aging are also often usually avoided, to allow the varietals naturally refreshing acidity and fruity flavors to shine through in the wine.

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    Riesling Reigns In Germany

    Riesling undoubtedly reigns over many German white wine regions and German Rieslings are some of the most sought-after around the world. This variety grows throughout all of Germanys thirteen wine regions, known as Angaugebiete, each of which offers a different interpretation of Riesling. Among these regions, the Mosel Valley is home to some of the countrys most favored Riesling parcels. Riesling has an early-ripening character, so it generally doesnt perform well in hot climates, where it often ends up overripe, with flabby flavors. However, in Mosels cool continental climate, on one of the very steep south-facing slopes that rise up from the meandering Mosel River, Riesling produces extraordinary quality. Some of the hillsides reach a 70% gradient, so hand-harvesting is absolutely necessary. The multi-colored blue, red and grey slate topsoil here retains heat to keep the vines warm. Its this warmth that helps ripen the grapes. All of this contributes to the clean, pure flavors characteristic of the Mosel Riesling profile. These Rieslings are light to medium-bodied, and highly aromatic with floral, citrus, peach and honey notes, along with that hallmark scent of petrol. They often have a slightly sweet Riesling style to balance out the notable acidity.

    Different Riesling Wines For Different Food Pairings


    Because of the brightness and balance of Riesling wines, they tend to be perfect accompaniments to an astonishing range of dishes. The Alsatian and Austrian dry Rieslings team up well with food like chicken in creamy sauces, Japanese seafood like sashimi and sushi, goat cheese salads, and onion tarts. Steely, dry Australian Rieslings pair perfectly with dishes that have green flavors like lime, jalapeño and tomatillo. If you have a fiery, spicy dishes like Indian food or Thai curry, off-dry Mosel Rieslings counter the heat and balance it out. Finally, the very sweet BA and TBA Rieslings can be enjoyed on their own since they have such intense, concentrated flavors. However, blue cheeses, fruity deserts and foie gras pair wonderfully with the richness of these wines. If you do decide to pair one of these Rieslings with a dessert, just make sure the dessert isnt so sweet that it overpowers the wine.

    Riesling has always been one of the finest grape varieties, offering pure fruit flavors, diverse styles, faithful expression of terroir, and great versatility when it comes to food pairing. It has been through some tough times, but theres no better time than the present for a Riesling revival, and to rediscover all of its greatness.

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    Dry Farm Wines Family

    We consider ourselves more than a wine club. At Dry Farm Wines, we are a Family that believes in the power of optimal health, good taste, artisan farmers, and most of all, a strong community. We meditate together daily, share health advice, indulge in artistic creation, travel to source wines, host large, frequent family dinners, and share our love of pure Natural Wines. For us, this is not a business its a lifestyle.

    Thank you for getting to know us.

    Family Albums

    Large Bottles Are Simply Better

    Lets forget about the functional reasons, which dictate that a Standard and the Liter size are the best. Outside of these reasons, its actually better if you store wine in larger bottles. Lets dig into this.

    Do you know how wine ages? Essentially, the air moves in and out of the cork and interacts with the wines flavor components. The large bottles actually share the surface area for air transfer the tiny cork at the top. However, there is a significantly large wine volume involved. This means that the wine stored in a large bottle will age at a slower speed than the same wine stored inside a Standard-size bottle.

    This is precisely why many top-notch wines are often seen stored in large-format bottles.

    Inside a large bottle, your cherished wine will not only age at a slower pace, but also more gracefully. So, the larger the bottle, the better your wine will age.

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    Best Austrian: Prager Achleiten Riesling Smaragd 2017

    Courtesy of

    • ABV: 14%
    • Tasting Notes: flint, honey, apricot, white peach, tropical fruits

    The Wachau Valley strikes again with another one of its distinctive and enchanting wines, this time from Prager who takes a minimalist approach to winemakingVom stein zum wein, is their slogan . At Prager, steep terraces date back to Roman-era grape growing days and the flinty notes practically demand watching a Burt Reynolds movie while enjoying this pillar of Austrian Riesling. The lifted acidity makes for an inviting counterpoint to the creamy, oily texture. The finish is as long as a winters night.

    Shop For Riesling White Wine

    Batam | Where to Buy Wine Online (with Home Delivery)

    The great white grape, Riesling, is most often associated with Germany , and the oldest records of this grape come from the Rhine and Mosel regions.

    Producing aromatic white wines, the best Riesling grape is prized for its ability to convey much about the terroir of a region, while distinctly remaining Riesling. The defining characteristic of this wine is sweetness, though not all Rieslings must be sweet. The first Riesling grapes to be harvested are labeled as Kabinett . Continuing in order of ripeness , there are Spätlese, Auslese, and the rare Beerenauslese style Rieslings.

    Riesling thrives in a cool-climate environment and may be found worldwide. The best rieslings from the US are typically found in regions such as the Finger Lakes in New York State, Oregon, and Washington.

    View asGrid

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    Best For Dinner Parties: Fre Alcohol

    Courtesy of

    • Region: California, USA
    • Body: Medium to Full-bodied

    Forget what you thought you knew about merlotthis dealcoholized version will surely change your mind. Silky flavors of black plums, cherries, and sweet spice jump from the wines rich and velvety palate. Dinner parties tend to have a variety of dishes and flavors on the table, and this classic red wine promises to pair with most heavier dishes. Serve with mushrooms, sharp cheeses, red meats, vegan stews and more.

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    Nk’mip Cellars 2017 Medal Winners

    2016 NK’MIP CELLARS QWAM QWMT RIESLING – Double Gold, All Canadian Wine Championships
    2016 NK’MIP CELLARS WINEMAKER’S DREAMCATCHER – Silver, All Canadian Wine Championships
    2015 NK’MIP CELLARS WINEMAKER’S CHARDONNAY– Best of Varietal, Okanagan Wine Festival Best of Varietal Awards
    2015 NK’MIP CELLARS WINEMAKER’S PINOT NOIR– Silver, All Canadian Wine Championships
    2015 NK’MIP CELLARS QWAM QWMT CHARDONNAY– Gold, Okanagan Wine Festival Best of Varietal Awards- Gold, All Canadian Wine Championships
    2015 NK’MIP CELLARS QWAM QWMT CHARDONNAY– Gold, All Canadian Wine Championships
    2015 NK’MIP CELLARS QWAM QWMT RIESLING ICEWINE– Gold, All Canadian Wine Championships- Gold, Okanagan Wine Festival Best of Varietal Awards- Best Icewine, Northern Lands Wine Festival
    2014 NK’MIP CELLARS MER’R’IYM– Silver, Decanter World Wine Awards- Bronze, International Wine and Spirits Competition
    2014 NK’MIP CELLARS QWAM QWMT CABERNET SAUVIGNON– Best of Varietal, Okanagan Wine Festival Best of Varietal Awards- Bronze, Decanter World Wine Awards- Silver, International Wine and Spirits Competition
    2014 NK’MIP CELLARS QWAM QWMT MERLOT– Silver, All Canadian Wine Championships- Commended, Decanter World Wine Awards- Bronze, International Wine and Spirits Competition
    2014 NK’MIP CELLARS QWAM QWMT SYRAH– Bronze, All Canadian Wine Championships
    2014 NK’MIP CELLARS WINEMAKER’S TALON– Gold, All Canadian Wine Championships

    Where Does Riesling Come From

    Riesling Wine

    Riesling is grown all over the world. In Germany, where it is most famously produced, Mosel Riesling is widely knownthough German Riesling is made in other regions too, like Pfalz, Rheinhessen, Rheingau, and Nahe. In France, Alsace Riesling is the most famous. Austrian Riesling tends to be made in a much dryer style, and excellent versions can also be found in Australia, New Zealand, California, Washington State, New Yorks Finger Lakes, and beyond.

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    The Best White Wines To Buy For Christmas 2021

    Unsure which bottle to stock up on this festive season? Here’s 30 of our columnist’s top picks – at every price point

    A much merrier December than last year is in prospect. And what says good cheer better than a glass of good wine? So lets get our wine stocks ready now. Merchants are advising that you buy early to secure the wines you want. And given the number of times I had to rewrite this list because shipments had failed to arrive and stocks had run out, thats advice I support.

    Whether you’re looking to drink it or cook with it, it’s advisable to stock up your wine racks now. From cheap and cheerful options to bottle that are saved to be savoured, ’tis the season to be merry and why not celebrate with a glass?

    If youre looking for an easy way to try good wines at around £12 a bottle, Ive put together a case available to subscribers. It can be ordered through the Offers section on Telegraph Extra and all the wines in it are up to the standard of those on these pages. It costs £145 for 12 bottles and comprises 10 different wines, from seven different merchants.

    Best For The Holidays: Codorniu Zero Ros Alcohol Free

    Courtesy of Total Wine

    Region: Penede | Body: Light to Medium-Bodied | Tasting Notes: Strawberry, red fruit

    Bubbles and holiday parties go hand in hand, and what better way to amp up the festivities than with a pop of color? Produced in Spain, this sparkling rosé from Codorniu shows flavors of strawberries and red fruits that promise to please lovers of rosé and bubbles everywhere. Stash a few of these in the fridge and ensure that all of your booze-free bases are covered for last-minute gifts, parties, and impromptu celebrations youll thank us later.

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    If The Land Could Speak This Is What It Would Say

    We are forever linked to the land we love and call home. Our sense of place expresses itself in everything we do. NkMip Cellars is pleased to offer a wide range of fine wines inspired by the spectacular region we call home. One where long hot summer days are followed by cool nights. Where there is little rainfall and the winters are mild. Here, nature has created one of the worlds superior grape-growing regions. Our promise is to express the variety, intensity and irresistible lure of the land in every bottle of wine we produce.

    Riesling In The United States

    Buy Wine Online: How WTSO Works

    Meanwhile, Riesling is also grown and produced in the New World wine producing country of the United States. American Riesling regions include the Finger Lakes of New York State and Washington. The diversity of climates in Washington state allows for the production of Riesling in a wide range of styles, from bone-dry to sweet. An in upstate New York, the climate of the Finger Lakes is perfect for the production of Riesling as well.

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    Nk’mip Cellars 2016 Medal Winners

    2015 NK’MIP CELLARS QWAM QWMT RIESLING ICEWINE– Gold, InterVin Wine Awards- Silver, British Columbia Wine Awards
    2015 NK’MIP CELLARS WINEMAKER’S DREAMCATCHER– Bronze, InterVin Wine Awards
    2015 NK’MIP CELLARS WINEMAKER’S PINOT BLANC– Silver, InterVin Wine Awards
    2015 NK’MIP CELLARS WINEMAKER’S ROSÉ– Silver, San Francisco Wine Awards- Bronze, InterVin Wine Awards- Silver, British Columbia Wine Awards
    2014 NK’MIP CELLARS QWAM QWMT CABERNET SAUVIGNON– Gold, InterVin Wine Awards- Bronze, British Columbia Wine Awards
    2014 NK’MIP CELLARS QWAM QWMT CHARDONNAY– Silver, Chardonnay du Monde- Bronze, British Columbia Wine Awards
    2014 NK’MIP CELLARS QWAM QWMT MERLOT– Gold, InterVin Wine Awards
    2014 NK’MIP CELLARS QWAM QWMT RIESLING ICEWINE– Gold, British Columbia Wine Awards- Silver, San Francisco Wine Awards
    2014 NK’MIP QWAM QWMT SYRAH– Silver, InterVin Wine Awards- Bronze, British Columbia Wine Awards
    2014 NK’MIP CELLARS WINEMAKER’S DREAMCATCHER- Double Gold, Six Nations Wine Challenge- Silver, British Columbia Wine Awards- Silver, Decanter World Wine Awards
    2014 NK’MIP CELLARS WINEMAKER’S PINOT NOIR– Double Gold, San Francisco Wine Awards- Bronze, InterVin Wine Awards- Bronze, British Columbia Wine Awards
    2014 NK’MIP CELLARS WINEMAKER’S TALON– Silver, InterVin Wine Awards- Silver, British Columbia Wine Awards
    2013 NK’MIP CELLARS WINEMAKERS PINOT BLANC– Bronze, Decanter World Wine Awards
    2013 NK’MIP CELLARS QWAM QWMT MER’R’IYM– Silver, British Columbia Wine Awards

    Riesling Down Under: Australian Riesling

    The warmer climate of southern Europe makes it too difficult to grow Riesling, since the variety ripens too quickly and ends up yielding flavorless berries. Its therefore a bit of a surprise to find Riesling in South Australia, since this region isnt exactly known for having the coolest temperatures. Nevertheless, you can find some of the finest Australian Riesling in the Clare and Eden Valleys just outside Adelaide. Ironically, neither of these are valleys. Clare Valley is actually a plateau that has a series of small valleys that radiate out from it in all directions, while Eden Valley is part of Barossas high country with exposed rolling hills.

    The Mount Lofty Ranges link these two regions, which elevates them to the cooler altitudes and allows for Riesling to thrive. The warm, sunny days in Eden Valley, along with cool nights, yields fragrantly aromatic Rieslings with steely acidity. A signature lime flavor and chalky minerality define these wines, which later develop kerosene notes with age. The Rieslings from the slightly warmer and further inland Clare Valley have a bolder character and similar lime flavors, but they often develop tropical fruit inflections during warmer vintages. The added heat in the vineyards also makes these Rieslings weightier with a softer, rounder acidity.

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