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Where To Buy Pedroncelli Wine

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What Are Popular Brands Of Brunello Di Montalcino

A Zinfandel from California – Pedroncelli Wines

There are many producers to look for, including Luce della Vite, Banfi, Renieri, Terralsole, Aninori, Valdicava, and more. Look for the following vintages for an excellent in-glass experience of how weather and temperature affect wines from there:

  • Brunello di Montalcino 2012
  • Brunello di Montalcino 2014
  • Brunello di Montalcino 2016

Browse our full selection of Brunello di Montalcino wine online or check out our selection of highly-rated Brunello di Montalcino wine for a great new wine to try this week!

Insider Deal Pedroncelli Dry Creek Valley Zinfandels

Highly discounted, perfect 10 Zins from one of our favorite and most popular producers. These 90+point Pedroncelli Dry Creek Valley Zinfandels might just be the most compelling deal we’ve ever offered!

The QPR Kings at Pedroncelli are back with another auto-buy. If you’ve followed us for long then you know what we’re talking about and are frantically scrambling to hit the Buy button so you don’t miss out on this deal.

If, on the other hand, the name Pedroncelli is new to you, then read on to find out why this is a deal you definitely do not want to miss.

THIS LIMITED TIME OFFER IS NOW EXPIRED! Sign up below to make sure you get the next one.Learn more about our winery direct INSIDER DEALS here.

Luckily we’ve got a good supply of today’s deal so while a sell-out is certainly a strong possibility, you should have ample opportunity to get in on this deal as long as you don’t dilly-dally too long.

And here’s why you shouldn’t miss it.

First off, all 3 Zinfandels in today’s 4 bottle deal have 90+ scores. In fact, we rated 2 of them as perfect 10s. And the one that is *just* a 9 is one of our all time most popular deals.

Pedroncelli owns the top spot by far for most sales through our Insider Deals by a single producer and with good reason. It’s also our most requested winery from previous buyers.

Today’s deal gets you these 4 bottles for just $64.95, or only $16.25 a bottle plus just $10 for summer shipping!

From the winery:

What Does Brunello Di Montalcino Taste Like

Brunello di Montalcino is a profoundly complex red wine that gains mind-boggling layers as it ages. Notes of cherries, brambly berries, spice, and leather are common, as is a telltale floral note and a seam of minerality that anchors it all. Some producers focus on a more oak-influenced style, some work with riper grapes, and others try to highlight a particular aspect of the land in which their precious grapes grow. Your best bet is to explore the category through bottles from a wide range of producers.

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Pedroncelli Bench Vineyards Merlot

And here’s what people are saying about our previous Insider Deals:

This an absolutely amazing wine, Jon. And $5 shipping for four bottles? You’ve outdone yourself!

I am seriously considering having the Insider Deals as my primary go-to. Why did I not do this sooner? Thank you

The only thing I have ever been disappointed in with an Insider Deal is that I didn’t purchase more.

You are a man after my own heart. I have always looked for the best and least expensive wine and you just made it easier. Cheers!

Hi Jon, well, I did something people have warned about – bought 6 bottles and should have bought 12!

Great deals for delicious wines!

We’ve gotten in on three of the deals and have been VERY happy with the value. I originally was going to do a wine club thing but the insider deal appeals to me much more.

The $5 or $10 shipping on the Insider Deals is another great part of the deal. We recently paid $27 to a winery in California to ship 6 bottles ….yikes!

Just got my 6 bottles and having my first glass. WHY, WHY didn’t I buy a case??!!

My wife and I have really enjoyed getting to know new wines â Thanks for what you do and providing this service!â

Jon – you have to stop offering all of these amazing deals. My self discipline is fading fast!!

I recently took advantage of your offer. So glad I did, and now sorry I did not buy more

The wine is outstanding. I am so glad I bought a case.

Jon, I should have bought more! Delicious!!

Pedroncelli Family Vineyards Petite Sirah

#Food &  #Wine Pairing: Welcoming Spring with Pedroncelli ...


Third we’ve got the 2017 Pedroncelli Barrel Select Cabernet Franc from estate vineyards in the Dry Creek Valley. The wine spends 17 months in a combination of new and seasoned French oak barrels.

From the bottle:

Hand-picked from estate vines along the bench of Dry Creek Valley where gravelly loam and climate provide near perfect conditions. Our Cabernet Franc shows ripe berry aromas and rich flavors of plum and warm spice.

Produced and Bottled by Pedroncelli Winery14.2% Alcohol

The 2017 Pedroncelli Barrel Select Cabernet Franc opens with an excellent aroma of enticing spicy dark fruit with just a bit of that signature Cab Franc greenness.

Taking a sip reveals this to be lovely, savory stuff — what a great example of Cabernet Franc! Wonderfully balanced, with plenty of well-integrated oak in the form of baking spice, vanilla and more plus black pepper and lots of dark, juicy fruit, this is just delicious. Smooth and just a bit tannic, it even has a touch of earthiness.

It ends dry and quite long. Like all the Pedroncelli wines this one also has some pretty good aging potential. I loved it and it makes a great change up from Cabernet Sauvignon!

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Pedroncelli Friends White Wine

Last week Vintage Wine Taster Mike and I visited the tasting room at Pedroncelli winery in Geyserville. The Pedroncelli Family has been operating their winery since 1927. Estate old-vine Zinfandel surrounds the winery on the eastern hillsides of Dry Creek just a few miles from Highway 101. Pedroncelli also has vineyards to the west in the valley portion of the Dry Creek AVA. All the Pedroncelli wines are very reasonable in price and the quality is very good. We suspect that the Pedroncelli overhead is low and that they have elected to keep their wine prices consumer friendly. Here is Vintage Wine Taster Mikes reviews of a few of the Pedroncelli wines.

Brunello Di Montalcino: One Of Italys Greatest Reds

Brunello di Montalcino is one of the greatest red wines produced in Italy, or, indeed, the entire world. The best bottles can age for decades, though holding onto them for that long is difficulttheyre so delicious that many collectors struggle to avoid the temptation to open up their precious bottles soon after they buy them.

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Friends White Wine Blend

At Pedroncelli, wine is second nature to us. We love to entertain and share our stories over an easy-drinking glass of white wine. The friendships that develop are more important than the varietal or the shape of the glass. Heres to friends!


We searched for the highest quality fruit, all sourced within Sonoma County. The blend puts all the best into the bottle from our friendly neighborhood growers. The vintage brought us a wine showcasing excellent quality, great aromatics, and balanced acidity.


Very fragrant! Passion fruit with floral notes of roses and honey spice. Flavors of tropical fruit, rich honey, and a hint of grassiness follow. The refreshing finish is framed by mild acidity. The wine is light and crisp. This is a white wine to enjoy on its own or with dishes that have some spicy heat like curried chicken or Thai shrimp salad. Pairs even better with your glass.

COMPOSITION: A blend of Sauvignon Blanc and GewurztraminerAPPELLATION: Sonoma County

Insider Deal Pedroncelli Sonoma Classico

Wine Tasting: Comparing 3 Cabernet Sauvignon wines from Pedroncelli Winery in Sonoma, California

A Bulk Buy rated red blend from one of our favorite wineries, the Pedroncelli Sonoma Classico. And you can get it 35% off with our 1 Day Insider Deal!

It’s a new Pedroncelli deal on a wine with an incredible 97 point rating!

As you probably know by now, we’re big fans of Pedroncelli Winery. This is one of the original wineries in Dry Creek Valley, now on to the fourth generation.

THIS LIMITED TIME OFFER IS NOW EXPIRED! Sign up below to make sure you get the next one.Learn more about our winery direct INSIDER DEALS here.

Long known for their excellent Zinfandel, today we’ve got a special treat with their Sonoma Classico, a scrumptious proprietary blend of Sangiovese, Zinfandel, Merlot and Petite Sirah aged 14 months in American oak barrels, 25% of which were new.

Not only did we love this wine, but others certainly have too. It has a long list of high scores and awards over the past few vintages including an incredible 97 points for the very vintage we are offering here from the recent Sunset International Wine Competition.

With a very reasonable SRP of only $19, you don’t typically find this wine discounted much in fact, the average price on wine-searcher is $19 with some sellers like wine.com actually selling it above SRP.

Through today’s deal however, you can pick up four bottles for just $49.99, or only $12.50 a bottle! That’s a discount of almost 35% before factoring in the additional savings from our low shipping cost.

From the bottle:

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How Is Brunello Di Montalcino Made

Brunello di Montalcino wine is produced like all dry winethe grapes are harvested and then selected for quality before being crushed. The juice is then fermented into wine. By law, Brunello di Montalcino is produced from the Sangiovese grape variety, most famously the Sangiovese Grosso so closely associated with Brunello.

The law also requires that Riserva bottles be aged for at least five years before being released to the market. Of those five years, at least two of them have to take place in a barrel and six months in the bottle itself. For non-reserve or normale bottlings, the minimum aging requirement is four years, two of which have to be in barrel and four months in the bottle.

Wine Facts Explain Everything From Organic Wines To Kosher Wines And More

Pedroncelli Wine – Map-of-Barolo-Vineyards – Find the best rosé wine to buy here.. There is one plan that is infallible. If you buy from a link, we m. Decanting, or the process of removing sediment and introducing air, is a simple process that is beneficial to nearly all wines. Country living editors select each product featured. Wine comes in many different forms and every differ.

Here are 18 types of wine glasses that every wine connoisseur should have in their home pedron. To learn how to taste wine, there are several things you should know.

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Brett stevens / gettyimages decanting is often considered one of the trickier elements of wine service and enjoy. There is one plan that is infallible.

To learn how to taste wine, there are several things you should know. Wine is a unique drink that is very complex. Brett stevens / gettyimages decanting is often considered one of the trickier elements of wine service and enjoy.

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Find the best rosé wine to buy here.

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

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Vintage And Winemaker Notes

2018 Signature Selection Rosé, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County

A Long Tradition of Rosé

When it comes to appreciating this style of wine we have it down to an art. We have been producing rosé since 1954 and have more than 60 vintages under our belt. We look for a style that captures the essence of fruit and is crisp and a touch spicy. The grapes for our Rosé were harvested from the Pedroncelli home ranch. The sites well-drained rocky soils, hillsides and excellent microclimate enable zinfandel to develop generous fruit flavors.

The year brought mild temperatures and a longer growing season with optimal results in the grapes. The vineyard blocks chosen for our Rosé were picked on the 5th of September to preserve acidity, obtain lower sugars and highlight varietal flavors. The result is excellent quality with an intensity of aromas and acidity. Once destemmed and pressed, the juice is transferred to temperature controlled stainless steel tanks for a slow fermentation. The fruitiness of the zinfandel grape lends rounded and balanced flavor in the wine. Bottled a few months after harvest, the wine captures the freshness of the vintage.

Pedroncelli Mother Clone Zinfandel

#Food &  #Wine Pairing: Pedroncelli Summer Break  ROCKIN ...

Next we’ve got the 2018 Pedroncelli Bushnell Vineyard Zinfandel which comes from the eastern hillsides of Dry Creek Valley. The wine spends 18 months in American oak, 40% of which was new. This vintage of the wine received 92 points from Wine & Spirits magazine and 90 points from Wine Spectator. It normally retails for $28.

From the winery:

Located on the eastern hillsides of Dry Creek Valley, the 22-acre Bushnell Vineyard has been closely related to the Pedroncelli family for over 80 years. Winery founder John Sr. purchased the property in 1943, and we have been sourcing Zinfandel and Petite Sirah for our wines since that time. The vineyard was sold to daughter Margaret and son-in-law Al Pedroni in the 1950âs and they tended the vineyard for 40 years. Their daughter Carol Bushnell now farms the vineyard.

Inviting aromas of black pepper, clove and cinnamon are up front complemented by red berry and vanilla notes. Blackberry, plum, and mocha flavors are accented by the warm baking spices. A spicy and full bodied Zinfandel with a long, rich finish and great balance between the fruit, acidity and smooth tannins.

Produced and Bottled by Pedroncelli Winery14.8% Alcohol

The 2018 Pedroncelli Bushnell Vineyard Zinfandel begins with pleasing aromas of cherry, black cherry, cedar, oak, spice and some wonderful earthiness. You can tell right away there is going to be lots of complexity in this one.

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Pedroncelli Wisdom Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Deep and dark purple in the glass, this is a rich and full-bodied Cabernet

Sauvignon with aromas of boysenberry, warm baking spices and mocha

notes. The ripe flavors of berry and plum are framed with notes of cedar

and dried green herbs. Woven throughout are velvety and rounded tannins

and medium acidity with a long finish and a touch of spice.

Why We Love It

  • Small lots were chosen in order to bring site specific qualities into focus within the blend fresh black pepper and berry aspects combined with the herbaceous and plum characteristics reflects these varietals as grown in Dry Creek Valley.
  • Excellent quality and high intensity of aromas and bright acids are a result.

Varietal Composition: A proprietary blend of Merlot, Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Syrah

Elaboration: The grapes were harvested, depending on varietal, over the month of September following a wet spring and perfect growing conditions during the summer. Barrel aging took place over 10 months in new and seasoned American oak barrels with 25% new oak. Working toward an approachable style, the time in oak softens the wine and adds complex layers to the finished product. The oak influence is nuanced and a supporting player because of the judicious use of new oak blended with neutral barrels.

Tasting Notes: From the fruit forward aromas to the lingering flavors, Sonoma Classico brings the characteristics of each varietal into focus: blueberry, elderberry, warm baking spice and hints of toasted oak. A full bodied blend, there is an underlying structure of medium tannins bringing balance along with oak notes and spice on the finish.

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Pedroncelli Russian River Valley Pinot Noir


The fifth bottle in today’s Insider Deal is the 2018 Pedroncelli Mother Clone Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel, a blend of 90% Zinfandel and 10% Petite Sirah from Dry Creek Valley.

The grapes come from a ranch planted to Zinfandel since 1904 and purchased by John Pedroncelli Sr in 1927. Most of the vineyard was re-planted in the 80s using vines cloned from the originals but the wine also includes fruit from the remaining 110+ year-old “Mother” vines. It spends 12 months in American oak, 30% of which is new.

From the bottle:

Hand picked from hillside vineyards, our old-vine Mother Clone Zinfandel is a great expression of Dry Creek Valley character, balancing jammy blackberry flavors and black pepper spice.

Produced and Bottled by Pedroncelli Winery14.8% Alcohol

The 2018 Pedroncelli Mother Clone Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel begins with a beautiful mix of aromas that sucks you right into the glass. Blackberry, plum, baking spice and touches of vanilla all combine seamlessly.

Taking a sip reveals a smooth, lovely, medium to full-bodied wine filled with juicy dark berry fruit, more wonderfully integrated spice and a little cola. It’s flavorful but not over the top and quite well-balanced. Black pepper and a touch of smoke lead into the dry, very long finish of this fantastic wine.

And while it’s drinking amazingly well now, we know from experience that the wines from Pedroncelli get even better with age!

Pedroncelli: Family Winery With An Interesting History

Virtual Wine & Food Affair 1 of 3

The Italian-born John Pedroncelli Sr. chose a peculiar time to buy a vineyard. He purchased his Dry Creek Valley property in 1927, the middle of Prohibition, selling his grapes to home winemakers which was still a fully legal practice. While Prohibition killed off most California wineries of its era, nearly 90 years later, the winery and vineyard thrives with a fourth generation just entering the family business.

The Pedroncelli tasting room exudes an appropriately old-school spirit. The wooden tasting bar overlooks the terraced vineyards just off the Redwood Highway. Not surprisingly for Dry Creek, Pedroncelli gives its attention to Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon. Their Mother Clone Zin still includes some fruit from their 100-plus-year-old vines. The wine that impressed me most, however, was their Sangiovese. A notoriously difficult grape that has yet to find a true second home outside Tuscany, Sangiovese from California can run the gamut from weak and innocuous to overripe and unrecognizable. This one from Pedroncelli delivers fantastic varietal character a medicinal herbaceousness coupled with tart Bing cherry. If you told me this were classic Chianti, Id probably believe you.

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