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Where To Buy Ertel Cellars Wine

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Ertel Cellars Winery Bistro Batesville

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#2Restaurants in Batesville

Hard to find nicer places to eat for lunch around Batesville. Decided on Ertel Cellars and enjoyed a nice lunch. Nice variety, lots of seafood, decent white wines, very good service, fair price. Will be back.

I was actually hoping to go to a different winery in SE Indiana when I stubbled across this hidden gem. Winery with a restaurant. Both were excellent. Terri helped me set up the visit. It was our anniversary and wanted things to be special. Terri…made that happen. Michael was our server and he was the best. Menu provided good options. Wine choice was solid. Marechal Foch was my fav. The overall experience was top notch. We will return!!More

This winery features many of its own grown grapes in wines they craft, primarily very sweet ones and some drier the restaurant is among the best youll find in a rural county. The wait staff worked efficiently and the kitchen kept the pace with dishes…cooked to order. They feature steaks, pasta and chops paired with their wines, if you like. You wont leave here hungry.More

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Review Of Ertel Cellars Winery Bistro

Went there for the Wine Tasting Festival and it was a BUST!!!! $5 admission and had to buy tickets to eat or buy wine. Beer cheese and a hand full of crackers $9.00!!!!!! A bottle of wine was $2 more than you could buy it cold in the restaurant????? a handfull of vendors and overpriced carnival food. Took the hay ride. NO HAY and the guy driving the tractor drinking beer. Very disorganized. We will NOT be back.

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We couldn’t wait to try the restaurant considering how great the wine is but it was a disappointing and disturbing. It took forever before anyone acknowledged our presence. The waitress wanted to be anywhere but waiting on us. The salad was a joke. I saw a kitten outside and when I asked the waitress about it she hatefully informed me ” It belongs to the owner with 500 other inbreed kittens the owner won’t take care of!!” NICE!! Needless to say we won’t be giving them any more of our money and it’s my favorite wine. The young girl at the front desk was the only one who seemed concerned about the customers and was actually friendly.

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Welcome To Ertel Cellars

Uncork Your Perfect Tasting Experience at These 20 Indiana ...
    Located on 200 acres near Batesville Indiana this is a family owned winery. For Indiana Native & Founder Tom Ertel, Ertel Cellars Winery is a dream come true. Tom’s sister, Patti Hoff, is responsible for the business office activities. Tom Ertel and Brian Ahaus.

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Different Wines And Complimentary Wine Tastings

The vineyard produces 7 types of grapes: Marechal Foch, Vidal Blanc, Vignoles, Traminette, Steuben, Catawba and Chambourcin.

Winemaker Brian Ahaus bottles 18 different wines all together, and purchases grapes or juice for varieties that arent estate grown. With over 30 years experience as a vinter, Ahaus crafts award-winning full-bodied reds, light and crisp whites and sweet wines with lovely fruit flavors.

Ertels wine menu includes 5 dry wines- a chardonnay and 4 varieties of red. The Alexander Valley cabernet sauvignon gets lots of praise from my friends who like cabernet. Its $12 per glass price scares some people off but everyone whos ordered it, says it is worth the price.They also produce another dry red from estate grown Chambourcin grapes and a Rosé from the same varietal of grapes.The wines get sweeter from there, with 3 semi-sweet whites- Vidal Blanc, Vignoles and Traminette. I will confess that Ive spent more than a few afternoons with a bottle of Traminette on my deck.The remaining wines are sweeter and fruitier in flavors of strawberry, blueberry and cherry. Strawberry is their best-selling wine and frequently sells out.

On Sundays, they have an incredible brunch for only $17 that includes a pasta station, an omelet station, chef carved prime-rib and delicious desserts. Brunch is very popular and they recommend making reservations.

In case its not already obvious, I love everything about this winery!

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