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Where Is Apothic Wine Made

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Try this Apothic Red Wine, good value and taste – Atlas Daily 574

Apothic is now predominately known for its unique red blends, though the brand has added a rosé and white to the collection in recent years. One of the newest, and arguably the most daring, bottle is the Apothic Brew, a red blend infused with cold brew coffee, which offers a smokey jolt any coffee-lover will appreciate.

Those who tend to prefer something a bit stronger will enjoy Apothic Inferno, a red aged 60 days in whiskey barrels for a noticeably spicy finish of maple and vanilla. If youre loyal to the classic Apothic Red though, you may only want to venture as far as the Apothic Crush or Apothic Dark. The crush is a slightly sweeter take on the original with notes of caramel and chocolate, while the Dark variation incorporates deep dark fruits like blackberry with hints of coffee.

What Does Red Blend Wine Mean

In the United States, a red blend wine is any red wine that is not produced from one single grape, but a mixture of grapes. Red blends sell more by volume than Pinot Noir or Merlot. Wine producers make blended wines because it allows them to design the taste and flavor profile of a wine.

Wine producers start with a red wine base and add other grape varietals for spice, richness, depth, and to enhance acidity. If they want to soften the tannins in a Cabernet Sauvignon, they can add Merlot. Syrah grapes can add more flavor to a watery Pinot Noir.

A problem with classifying red blend as a type of wine is that there is no specification as to which grapes must be contained in the wine. Any red wine grape could be used, from Merlot to Pinot Noir to Cabernet Sauvignon to Syrah and every other red wine grape that is grown. Basically, whereas most Cabernet Sauvignon wines within the same region will have similar taste profiles, you cannot expect all red blends to have similar taste profiles.

While red blends are generally medium- to full-bodied with a rich, juicy flavor and relatively easy on the wallet, it does not necessarily have to possess that flavor profile. It is a matter of trial and error and tasting the red blends to see which one suits you best.

In fact, Wine Enthusiast lists red blend varietal wines from around the world and they all taste significantly different. Wine Enthusiast states the following about Red Blends:

Apothic White Wine Review

In this review plus video of Apothic White wine, well cover price, alcohol content, taste and more of this popular white wine.

Apothic White is bottled by Apothic Wines and comes from Modesto, California. For this review, I tasted the 2012 vintage.

This wine is a blend of three different varietals. They include Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio.

The winemaker is Debbie Juergenson. She specifically looks for a unique blend of grapes to create intense aromas and bold flavors.

This review is one of the many Apothic Wines Ive reviewed here on Honest Wine Reviews.

If youre interested, you can also check out my reviews of Apothic Inferno, Apothic Crush, Apothic Red and Apothic Dark.

And if you like Rose, heres my review of that wine: Apothic Rose Wine Review

Finally, if youd ever consider a coffee infused, red wine blend, heres my review of that: Apothic Brew Wine Review

All of these wines are very popular, with Apothic Dark being one of the most commented reviews on this site, due to its limited release.

Apothic White alcohol content, 12.0% per the bottle.

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Apothic Wines: The Origin

In 13th century Europe, the term Apotheca referred to a winemakers sanctuary for crafting and storing their unique blends. Inspired by this tradition, the Apothic Winemaker, Debbie Juergenson, blends the most distinctive California grape varietals to craft each vintage of her intriguing wines. Fusing Old World allure with modern sophistication, she blends wines that are truly unique in both style and taste.

Apothic is renowned for creating silky-smooth wines. Apothic Red is a red blend that showcases our winemakers painstaking work both on the vine and in the cellar.

We also offer a smooth twist on Cabernet Sauvignon with our bold, velvety Apothic Cab.

Apothic Wines Or What The Pharmacy Has To Do With Wine

2010 Apothic Red Wine  Homemade Delish

Apothic Wines is a Californian wine brand under whose name characterful red wine cuvées are vinified. The name Apothic comes from the Latin apotheca , which simply means store. The word apothecary also has its origin here, as a store for medicine. And just as medicine can be stored, so can wine, which is sometimes said to have health-promoting properties.

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Apothic Red Wine Reviews 2021
    An excellent wine! Very smooth going down with a delicious and rich flavor. Affordable, tasty, easy to drink. Highly recommend for people who typically don’t go for red wines, as it’s certainly different from most reds that I’ve had. You’ll be hooked on Apothic with this blend!5/5

Where Is Apothic Made

. People also ask, where is Apothic red made?

Apothic Wines is a range of wines produced by California’s largest wine exporter, E.J. Gallo. It began with a single wine, the Apothic Red, which was released in 2010.

Also Know, what kind of wine is Apothic? Apothic Red wine is a masterful red blend featuring rich Zinfandel, smooth Merlot, flavorful Syrah, and bold Cabernet Sauvignon. These unique elements come together to create a red blend with layers of dark red fruit complemented by hints of vanilla and mocha.

People also ask, where does Apothic wine come from?

E & J Gallo Winery
Modesto, California, United States
Other labels Don Miguel Gascon, Louis Martini, Ecco Domani, Mirassou Winery, New Amsterdam, J Vineyards, Barefoot, Apothic, Shellback rum among others
Ernest Gallo Julio Gallo Gina Gallo Stephanie Gallo

Is Apothic red wine sweet or dry?

It’s sweet. It has 16.4 grams per litre of residual sugar. It certainly isn’t the first red wine to be sweetened up like this: over the last decade, residual sugar levels have been creeping up, and producers have found that regular punters quite like reds that are marketed as dry, but which taste a little sweet.


Nancy Jaureguieta

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Apothic Dark Wine Review

From Modesto, California, Apothic Dark is a red wine blend from Apothic Wines. For this review of Apothic Dark, tasting assistance was received from a couple close friends who have helped before and have great palates for wines.

According to the Apothic website, the winemaker Boyd Morrison crafts bold, captivating Apothic blends by using only the most distinctive California grapes. From vintage to vintage, Boyd lets the character and flavor of the individual varietals guide the shape of each blend.

Alcohol content of Apothic Dark is 14.1% by volume, per the bottle.

Price of Apothic Dark is about $13.99.

If you are interested in comparisons, check out my reviews of Apothic Inferno, Apothic Crush, Apothic Red and Apothic White, also from Apothic Wines.

And if you like Rose, heres my review of that wine: Apothic Rose Wine Review

Lastly, heres my review of their coffee infused red blend: Apothic Brew Wine Review

Apothic Wines Is Not Vegan Friendly

Apothic Red Wine Review
Double checked by: Denise, Anne, Yolanda, Laura, Laura K, Roland, Cindy, Leah, Robyn, Paul, Chris, Paul, Doomie, Cameron, Anelise, Roxanne, Kelley, Carl, Sonia, Katherine, Jack, Marion, Theresa, Ashley, Emma, Amy, Saumil, Kimberly, emily
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Company email re: Madison No.9 “During the winemaking process the wine is filtered with fining agents. These are recognized as traditional methods for wine fining and clarifying. Many of these fining agents are derived from animals, some include: Milk, Fish, Eggs, Gelatin . Generally, none of these products remain in the wine because they are removed by filtration prior to bottling. “

Kimberley notes re Apothic Wines:

“I did reach out to Apothic Wines and they are not vegan friendly. They may use animal products during the processing and filtration process.”

Company email re Athena Wines

“During the winemaking process the wine is filtered with fining agents… Many of these fining agents are derived from animals, some include: Milk, Fish, Eggs, Gelatin .”

Company email re: Leftie Wine Co

“During the winemaking process the wine is filtered with fining agents… Many of these fining agents are derived from animals, some include: Milk, Fish, Eggs, Gelatin .”

Company email re: Apothic Wines:

Company email re Storypoint Wines:

Company email re Apothic wines

Company email re Apothic wines

Company email re: Prophecy Wine

Company email re: Liberty Creek Wine

Here are some other labels they own

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Apothic Red Wine Review

If you are looking for an easy to drink red wine that combines a lot of great flavors and offers a satisfying fruity finish, check out our Apothic red wine review.

Its not unheard of to blend one or two different grapes together to make a delicious blend that combines the best of both worlds.

Its a way to soften harsher and more intense grapes or to bring to life grapes that are too subtle for words.

However, what is rarely done and even when it is, to a high standard, is blending more than a couple of grapes together.

So, the thought of a wine that mixes not two, but three different varieties together in a melting pot of aromas and flavors, is a strange thing indeed. Especially when you consider that the three being mixed together are not exactly best friends or common bedfellows.

But here we have in the Apothic Red Winemakers Red from California, a blend of Merlot, Syrah, and Zinfandel.

That sentence does make it sound like some kind of mad wine blasphemy, but this is a popular red wine. The name is apparently inspired by a mysterious location that was used to blend and store wine during the 13th century in Europe, known as Apothecia.

So, it makes sense that its a clever blend of Californias finest, juiciest and tastiest grape varietals. It really works well as a celebration of those three.

Best Wine Similar To Apothic Red : Reviews & Buyers Guide
    In deep California we find Apothic Wines, purveyors of a range of whites and reds made by the states biggest wine exporter, E.J. Gallo. It produces a red blend of Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfandel which is a fruit-forward, ripe, powerful, and intense.

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Apothic E & J Gallo Winery
    Inspired by Apotheca, a mysterious place where wine was blended and stored in 13th century Europe, the wines of Apothic are truly unique in style and taste. Apothic has been a true original from the start, crafting a rich and bold Red blend that launched a daring legacy.

Apothic White Wine Tasting

Marlboro  Apothic Tasting  Friday November 1

In the glass, this wine is light straw in color. It also has a subtle copper shimmer to it. It didnt appear very leggy.

The wines aroma was noticeable from afar. Its complex and includes notes of sweet orange and citrus. There was also a muted hint of clove or some other dark spice in the background.

The flavors in Apothic White included some sweet citrus upon first sip. But, shortly after that, the sweet flavors dissipated and the more subtle characteristics of the Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio came through. There was also a tiny hint of vanilla in there.

The wine had a silky mouthfeel and a long finish.

Overall, I thought this was a great wine. Like the other Apothic wines, the taste of this wine is unique. The blend of the three varietals was very interesting. You can pick out each grape, but when you step back you can sense how each one compliments the other.

If you like a silky white wine with a bit of front end sweetness, give this wine a try. Apothic White price $9.99.


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What Is An Apothic Wine

Apothic Wineswineswinewine

. Also question is, is Apothic red wine sweet or dry?

It’s sweet. It has 16.4 grams per litre of residual sugar. It certainly isn’t the first red wine to be sweetened up like this: over the last decade, residual sugar levels have been creeping up, and producers have found that regular punters quite like reds that are marketed as dry, but which taste a little sweet.

what is the alcohol content in Apothic red wine? Winemaker’s Notes


Accordingly, what does Apothic wine taste like?

According to the winemaker’s web site, Apothic Red reveals intense fruit aromas and flavors of rhubarb and black cherry, complemented by hints of mocha, chocolate, brown spice and vanilla. We didn’t pick up on all those aromas but the nose was enjoyable nonetheless.

What is a good red wine for a beginner?

Garnacha, Zinfandel, Shiraz, Monastrell, Petite Sirah and Carménère are the best red wines for beginners for three specific reasons.

Apothic Red Rich Red Blend Wine Apothic Wines
    Apothic Inferno is a fiery Red Blend that delivers a unique and unexpected taste. This Wine with a Whiskey Soul emerges from the flames of the time-honored craft of whiskey-making. An intensive oak aging process, including 60 days in whiskey barrels, enhances Infernos rich character.Phone: 425-5635

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Red Wine White Wine Ros& More Apothic Wines
    Apothic White is a lively, medium-bodied wine with layers of bright fruit. The rich, round and complex Chardonnay leads the blend, adding vibrant notes of pear and vanilla. Pinot Gris contributes refreshing hints of peach and apricot, while Riesling adds juicy pineapple and

As Many Varietals As There Are To Fit Your Palate

Tasting Wine reviews Apothic Red

There are as many varietals of red wine as there are red grapes planted in all corners of the globe. The main types you will likely encounter include: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Zinfandel, and Merlot, to name just a few. There are red blends, which are a combination of many different grapes, and there are single varietals, which are made with one type of grape. Apothic changes the game with their masterful creation of both types of red wine pleasing as many different palates as there are red wine varieties.

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My Overall Opinion Of Apothic Cab

Overall, I found this wine to be very enjoyable. It may even be my favorite Apothic wine so far.

I can see that Apothic went for a more refined red with Apothic Cab and I can appreciate that.

Its difficult to find the official varietal compositions for Apothic wines, but I can tell this is definitely not a straight Cabernet Sauvignon.

Its more of a twist on Cabernet Sauvignon, as they go on to say on the bottle label.

Most likely its a blend thats primarily Cab. Perhaps 80%. But I would guess also Merlot, Zinfandel, and/or Syrah.

Its just too jammy to be a straight Cab.

What it is though, is a smooth sipper that I believe will appeal to many. Especially given the just under $10.00 price tag.

Apothic Cab Cabernet Sauvignon price $9.99.

Apothic Red Wine A Daring Red Blend

Have you tried Apothic Red wine? There has been so much hype over this wine all over the internet that I had to try it for myself. Its interesting how has influenced me to try a wine.

Apothic wine is a range of wines produced by E. J. Gallo in California. Apothic wines were inspired by Apotheca, a mysterious place where wine was blended and stored in 13th century Europe, the wines of Apothic are truly unique in style and taste.

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Great Value For Money

Although its not the finest red wine out there, this packs a flavor punch thats just what you need when youre not too fussed about what youre drinking.

When you consider the price it retails for, it makes it more of an attractive purchase.

Ideally, its best served on its own, but due to its sweetness, would work wonderfully with pizza or something similarly laid back.

As a blended wine, its also a great addition to the drinks menu at your next party.

Where In California Is The Wine Country

Apothic Wine is

The Californian wine country is in the North San Francisco Bay area, with over 800 wineries located all along this scenic route. The Bay area encompasses some of the world’s most famous wine regions, including Napa Valley and Sonoma.

The success of these famous regions within the Bay area is largely to do with the sound soil composition and ideal climatic conditions. Each region is fortunate to have a wide range of temperatures and soil types, allowing the brilliant variety of grapes to thrive here.

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Characteristics Of Apothic Red And The Role Of Each Strain In The Wine

The Californian region is characterized by its great variety of strains for wine production. The production of Apothic Red is a process that involves the combination of fruits from different strains. This combination provides a unique flavor and properties to this wine.

As we had already mentioned previously, this wine results from the combination of the Zinfandel, Merlot, Syrah, and Cavernet Sauvignon strains.

The Zinfandel grape brings a flavor of ripe red fruits and spices to the Apothic Red. But also thanks to the Merlot grape, this wine provides a delicate and smooth sensation on the palate. Furthermore, the Syrah grape gives this wine the color and flavors of currants and berries and the Cabernet Sauvignon grape provides the structure, body, and enveloping sensation of this wine, finished with notes of oak, mocha coffee, and vanilla.

Its 13.1 degrees of alcohol can be felt in the aroma which this wine emits when you taste it. Also, the nose is of dark, jam-like fruit with perhaps a hint of licorice. All these attributes make Apothic Red a provocative, mellow, and luxurious wine: a combination that activates your senses.

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