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Where Can I Sell My Wine Collection

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Selling Wine Guide To How When Where And Why Of Selling Your Wine

Exploring My Wine Collection | How can you track your wines too! ð?·

Most people start buying and collecting wine because they love it. Some of those buyers, eventually purchases more wine than they could ever drink. Or they age out of their cellar. Perhaps some wines that you bought in their youth have appreciated so much in price, they are beyond the price you feel OK about opening.

Maybe, there are wines you once were quite fond of, but they are no longer the style of wine you like to drink. There are also some wine collectors that just need the money for any number of reasons.

If youre thinking of selling some, or all of your wines, there are several different ways to go about it. What you want is of course, to get the highest price possible when selling your wine This article is going to help you get the maximum amount of money for your wine.

How to Sell your Wine is going to depend on a few things. Most importantly, the type of wine you have collected, the amount of wine you have for sale, the provenance of your wine, the value of your wine cellar and how quickly you need to sell.

When is the Best Time to Sell your Wine? The simple answer is, when you need to money. Or if you have run out of room, or when youre motivated to do so for any number of reasons.

Who Should I sell my Wine to? Part of the answer depends on two things, the total value of the wines you have for sale, and how fast do you need or just want the money?

Find Your Selling Platform

Once you understand the value of your wine, youll need to know how to sell to specific buyers looking for niche vintages. There are three main types of buyers who purchase fine wine:

  • Cult and rare wine enthusiasts
  • Blue chip investors
  • Buyers focused on one region, producer, or varietal

Different selling platforms appeal to these specific markets. Your choices are:

In-Person Auctions

In-person auctions usually appeal most to blue chip investors looking for the most popular, valuable bottles in the world. A trustworthy auction house already has a large audience of these types of collectors, making it easy for you to find a buyer. The downside is that auction sales fees can be steep. If you have sought-after vintages from top producers, and youre willing to pay a higher fee, an auction house might be the right choice for you.

Online Wine Marketplace

  • More convenient for buyers than an in-person auction
  • Bottles stay in safe storage while buyers bid
  • Can charge a flat fee
  • Experts help you decide price
  • Shipments to buyers included
  • Have to pay a small selling fee
  • Buyers cant see the wine in-person

DIY Sales

  • Very low sales fee
  • Full control over bottle price


  • Have to handle shipments yourself
  • Have to decide price without an experts help
  • No filtering of buyers
  • Need to get a wine sellers license

What Do I Need To Sell Wine Online

Becoming familiar with how to sell wine legally means learning about the licenses to acquire and paperwork to complete. Prepare some funding and personal time to complete all of the forms for your business.

Here are the forms and licenses required to start an online wine business:

If you have your own winery, consider selling your products wholesale. The wholesale industry requires familiarity with a number of processes as well. Gather the starting knowledge and strategies you need in our wholesale management guide.

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Create Your Ecommerce Platform

Setting up an attractive and user-friendly eCommerce platform is a must for any business owner. Your website is responsible for almost everything in your business: receiving traffic, generating leads, order processing, offering content, displaying products, and accepting payments through an eCommerce payment gateway.

BlueCartâs eCommerce platform is a simple, SEO-friendly option for food and drink sellers. Customize your site with just a few clicks and use our built-in eCommerce marketing automation tools to generate sales. Schedule a demo today to see the convenience of our platform for yourself.

Write A Business Plan

Selling My Mini Collection USSR And Other Alcohol Before ...

A business plan is a comprehensive document that details and guides all of your core business activities. It prepares you for the multitude of business decisions youâll need to make and uncovers any weak spots that need to be addressed.

An eCommerce business plan is even more important to an online venture than an offline one. Youâll need to establish a clear and compelling roadmap for all of your business activities.

Your business plan should include the following:

  • Business purpose and mission statement
  • Products and/or services offered
  • Sales plan and projected quarterly revenue

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Sell It Yourself Via Your Own Retail Website

Last but not least, you can sell your wine online yourself. If you are willing to get all the necessary permits and licensing, this is a viable option for you. We recommend it to people who plan on selling wine on an on-going basis. This option is not optimal for getting rid of a collection, but if you plan on going into business selling wine, this is the option that makes sense.

What Would You Pay Me For My Wines

Your bespoke offer will be emailed within 24 hours. If your goods are stored at home rather than a bonded warehouse you will receive a further email asking for your location so that we can put together the perfect logistics solution for you and your wines.

Once you receive your email offer, if you have a slightly better offer elsewhere don’t forget we have a price beat guarantee.

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Have A Wine Collection That You Want Or Need To Sell

  • Dont drink what you have in your cellar any longer?
  • Are you moving or downsizing?
  • Do you have too much wine?
  • Has someone passed?
  • Dont want or need the wine in your home?
  • Do you just need the money?

Whatever your reason, selling your wine has never been easier or more profitable. With Big Hammer Wines, you have a trusted expert who will offer you the best price. Our unique business model allows us to beat any competitors offer.

How Can I Sell My Wine In Canada

Can I Sell Wine On Social Media – My Answer To Wineries

As a Canadian wine collector Iron Gate Wine can assist you with three options to sell your private collection outside of Canada

  • Sell your wine collection retail with Iron Gate Wines US sister company, IronGate.Wine
  • Sell your wine privately to buyers in the US, Asia and around the world
  • Auction your collection in Canada through Iron Gate Auctions Inc.

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Why Can’t I Sell My Wine Collection On Ebay

By | Submitted On July 02, 2010

Since eBay’s inception, people have home-auctioned their possessions to “The World’s Online Marketplace”. eBay began by selling a single, broken laser pointer . The company quickly evolved into selling many other mainstream as well as outrageous auction items, including the “Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich”. People are willing to sell almost anything on the site. eBay groupies search the darkest regions of their homes for goods to sell. In addition to used items, companies use online auctions as a backdrop for driving revenues by selling new goods and personal services, things people have traditionally bought in a brick and mortar environment. A seller can sell almost anything on eBay however, for the most part all alcohol is banned. The question is: why can’t we sell our wine collections on eBay?

Varying state laws prevent people from selling alcoholic beverages, such as wine, online and across state borders without authorization. First-time and inexperienced wine sellers therefore cannot sell without going through a legal bureaucracy. eBay, however, allows “a small list of licensed and vetted sellers to sell wine according to strict federal, state, and local laws.” Still very few wine sellers are able to make it onto that list.

The best way to sell your wine collection.

Find a reputable wine buyer online request a quote and determine which wine buyer makes you feel most comfortable, and go with that one.

Selling Wine Bottles On Ebay In The Uk

You can, of course, quite legally sell a bottle of wine on eBayjust not its contents. And unless the said empties are of Bordeaux First Growths such a Mouton Rothschild or Petrus, the value will not make the effort of listing on the online auction worth your while.

Believe it or not, there really is a market for empties of these top wines: rare examples of Chateau Mouton-Rothschild are particularly popular, as each year since the end of the Second World War the Chateau has commissioned different famous artists to create a piece of art for the label, making the bottles exceedingly collectible. Even Prince Charles has had a go, producing a lovely piece for the 2004 vintage!

This trade in empty fine wine bottles does have a darker side attached to it. In recent years, top wine companies have taken to destroying the empties of leading Bordeaux and Burgundy vintages after tasting events, to remove the risk of forgers refilling them with fake wines and selling them on. Top branded empty bottles destined to be fraudulently refilled have reportedly changed hands for as much as £300 a piece.

Aside from eBay, there are other online trading platforms, some of which even specialise in selling wine. Yet they still have to cope with the same issues theyre not designed with the seller in mind. There is no proactivity, they just list the wine and hope

Try finding that on eBay.

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Free Collection Or Transfer

After receiving a confirmed quotation and accepting an offer , we will assist you in organising the transfer or collection of the agreed wines into our Bonded Warehouse account at LCB Vinothèque so that we can carry out a Condition Report. We cover the costs and your wine is fully insured during this process.

Releasing: Check with storage provider

Collection or Transfer: 3 5 Days

Relax And Enjoy The Pursuit

Selling My Mini Collection USSR And Other Alcohol Before ...

These are just a few of the numerous options you have when considering selling your wine collection. Whatever it is you enjoy collecting, from wine to baseball cards to rare coins, its nice to know theres a variety of options available if you need to sell. Setting your mind at ease will make you a better collector. Relax and enjoy the pursuit.

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Our Wine Valuation Service

Selling fine wine is made easy with The London Wine Cellar. It is designed to be transparent, offering our clients the best price in the shortest time frame with the least hassle.

Over the past 8 years, The London Wine cellar has built an impeccable reputation, becoming one of the UKs best known wine buyers.

Our experienced team have worked hard to build an enviable network of global buyers and sellers, meaning were strategically placed to provide the most efficient and dependable wine valuation and wine buying service in the UK.

Our wine valuation service is proudly individual each valuation, large or small, is carefully hand managed by one of our team. We do not only use the very best, up-to-date global market data, but the competitive prices we offer to our clients also benefit from our ever-expanding network of industry contacts.

Importantly, we never use automated services our in-house experts are there to provide you with a personalised quote. Therefore, our valuations are not just quotes but also a firm commitment to purchase your goods. When you receive an offer from The London Wine Cellar, the price quoted is the NET figure you will actually receive into your bank account.

How To Sell Wine Online: Wine Ecommerce Tips

Wine eCommerce is experiencing robust year-over-year growth and isnât expected to slow down any time soon. The United Statesâ market is over $3 billion with an expected online wine industry growth rate of 15-16%.

Wine is also a great direct to consumer market to be in, similarly to selling coffee online. Millions of people buy wine for parties, graduations, engagements, and gifts, not to mention regular dining. Wine pairs well with dozens of foods and presents good cross selling opportunities, especially if youâre also learning how to sell food online.

If you love wine and are considering starting an eCommerce business around it, weâve got all the strategies you need. Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of selling wine online.

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Sell Wine Collection: At Auction

We will study your collection and illustrate how you your sale will look on various auction platforms or comparing offers. We also negotiate on your behalf, and we can manage the entire process of selling your wine at auction. We will leverage our relationships to get you the best possible price for your collection, even considering our rates and auction house commissions. We will make sure you understand all possible fees and commissions, the timing of sale and payments.

Great Ways To Sell Your Wine Collection

How Can I Sell My Collection?

Every collector will experience that point in time where you ask yourself,is it time to sell? Whatever type of collection you own, sometimes its time to get out, or at least reduce your holdings. Wine collectors are no different. One thing to keep in mind is the number of resources out there to help when the time comes to sell your wine collection.

Wine collectors often turn to auction houses such as Sothebys, Christies, or Bonhams to sell a wine collection. However, most of the larger auction houses have specific requirements to enter their auctions. Some only accept extensive collections valued at particular price points. Theres an ever-increasing amount of resources out there as an alternative.

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Wine Forums Sell Locally

Are you connected with other wine aficionados via forums or a club? If you are, this is another viable avenue to sell your wine. With websites like, you can ask if anyones interested in the wines in your collection, keeping your sale private.

But remember that shipping is still illegal without the proper licenses and permits. So you need to make sure your transactions are local and the buyers can pick up the wine. The problem with this option is that you may have to deal with people who want to haggle or who refuse to pay.

How To Sell Wine Online Safely Legally And For The Best Price

Auction sites like eBay aren’t the right place for selling your fine wines

Picture the scene: youre clearing out the spare room, and you cant believe the amount of stuff that you didnt remember you owned. What are you going to do with all the books, trinkets and long-forgotten holiday souvenirs? Trudge to a car boot sale or stick them on eBay and see what happens?

Auction sites like eBay are fantastic for selling curios, knickknacks and the like but as a platform to sell wine online in the UK, especially bottles with some real value, youre just not looking in the right place. There are practical and legal reasons for this but also more importantly youll find it tricky to realise the true value of your wine.

We find it hard to believe that youd take your wine collection to a car boot sale and similarly, you shouldnt sell your fine wine on a site like eBay.

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These Are Qualities That Tend To Increase The Value Of Wine On The Market The More Of These Your Wine Has The More Valuable Its Likely To Be:

A wine that doesnt have any of these qualities likely isnt worth selling on the secondary market, whereas a wine with all of these qualities will be among the most valuable vintages in the world. For instance, grapes that come from the best terroirs in Burgundy sell for five times the price of grapes grown in less desirable vineyards in the same region. Additionally, critics who give a wine a perfect score will increase that wines value by as much as 45 percent, sometimes more. You can highlight these factors to pique a buyers interest.

Most auction houses and professional wine sales platforms prefer to sell bottles that come from good storage conditions and have excellent provenance. This is why storing your wine professionally is better for your investments than storing in a home cellar. Wines stored under bond will give you an even greater profit. When you store under bond, you not only prove that your wine is authentic, but you avoid taxes after the sale. VAT and duty tax for wine can reach more than 20 percent of your bottles total value. This means that youll make at least 20 percent more profit by selling your wine under bond. However, its not as common to store wine under bond in the United States as it is in Europe.

Faster To Marketfaster To Pay

Selling My Mini Collection USSR And Other Alcohol Before ...

A Benchmark Cellar Team can be on your doorstep within 24 hours of contract completion, ready to catalog and pack your collection. We can take your cellar to market in just days no waiting for weeks or months until the next auction while you watch the wine market change on a daily basis. Savvy consignors can take advantage of fleeting market conditions and have a check in hand before the next available auction.

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