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Where Can I Buy Xobc Wine

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How to Buy Your Boss Wine as a Gift

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Kit Singh Lauren Ashton Cellars

Interview with Dr. Kit Singh, Co-Owner and Head Winemaker of Lauren Ashton Cellars

Today we have a very special interview for you from a great name in Washington wine. Dr. Kit Singh is a highly talented winemaker and his wines are gaining more and more national recognition. Dr. Singh first became introduced into the wine world in college and he learned more throughout his travels to Napa and Sonoma. Dr. Singh had a thirst for knowledge and began taking viticulture and enology education at South Seattle Community College and then furthered his education from the illustrious University of California at Davis enology program. He then interned at South Seattle Community College, Seattle and spent two years interning at DeLille Cellars in Woodinville, one of Woodinvilles finest. These internships greatly helped in his education as winemaker. Like many winemakers, he began his winemaking journey making wine in his garage, but he knew that would lead to something much bigger. With his background in science, he has an upper hand in the winemaking process, as he is constantly measuring the wine and tasting for variances. In 2009 Dr. Singh made everything official by founding Lauren Aston Cellars, naming the winery after the names of his two children, Ashley Lauren and Ashton Troy. I think you will really enjoy hearing more about his story. Here is my interview with Dr. Kit Singh of Lauren Ashton Cellars.

WWB: How were you first interested in winemaking?

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Matt Seigel Eleven Madison Park

You guys drink your wine with or without the shell? : memes

Interview with Matt Seigel, Bartender at Eleven Madison Park, New York

While in New York I had the chance to stop by one of the nations iconic restaurants, Eleven Madison Park. Sitting at the bar there was an eye opener for me, as I watched craft cocktails be poured alongside Chateau Haut Brion. This was clearly the upper echelon of the New York bar scene. My tourguide for the night was bartender Matt Seigel. Matt had recently completed his Level 1 sommelier certification so we talked wine, cocktails and fine dining. A former DJ in LA, Matt has found his sweet spot with bartending and creating some incredible cocktails for Eleven Madison. I recently had the chance to talk wine and spirits with him and found him incredible interesting and insightful. For those interested in the Level 1 Somm Certification, he shed some light on obtaining his certification and also talked about the details in some of the incredible craft cocktails at Eleven Madison Park. For more info check out Here is my interview with Matt Seiegel, bartender at Eleven Madison Park

WWB: You have a background in music and were integrated in the LA music industry. Can you talk about what that was like and how you started getting interested in bartending?

WWB: You mentioned that you have recently passed the Court of Master Sommeliers Level 1 Sommelier Certification. Can you talk about that process and the challenges that comes with learning about the world of wine?

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Ashley Trout Vital Wines/brook & Bull

Happy Valentines Day to you all! One of the exciting young winemakers in Washington, Ashley Trout is the talented mastermind behind new winery projects Vital Wines and Brook & Bull and Vital Wines. A fellow Whitman College graduate, Ashley Trout got her start at Reininger Winery learning under legendary winemaker Chuck Reininger. In 2018 she was named by Wine Enthusiast as one of the top 40 under 40 tastemakers. I recently had the chance to review her new wines from Vital Wines and Brook & Bull which were all excellent. Wait until you try her beautiful new 2018 Vital Wines Rose , only $18.00 retail. I really think you will enjoy hearing more about her story. Here is my interview with Ashley Trout, winemaker/owner of Brook & Bull and Vital Wines.

WWB: Can you talk about your background in winemaking? How did you initially become inspired to become a winemaker?

WWB: What are some of the challenges with being married to another talented winemaker, Brian Rudin. How does your winemaking style differ from Brians? Do you both ever combine your winemaking talents?

WWB: You are a fellow Whitman College alumnus who majored in Anthropology while at Whitman and has since been involved in the wine industry for the past fifteen plus years. How did you decide to start Vital Wines. Can you talk about this special nonprofit winery?

WWB: What are some of your favorite Washington wines and producers? What are some of your favorite wines of the world?

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How Much Is Shipping

Shipping varies by state and will be calculated at checkout. We generally ship ground unless we are shipping June-September, when the weather is too hot to utilize ground shipping. During those months, we will utilize 2nd or next day air.*Please note that if you choose 2nd day air at checkout, your wine will not be delivered in 2 days. The order is processed on the next business day from the day you placed your order, and is picked up by UPS the following business day.

If you sign up for the Collectors club during the summer, unless you notify us otherwise, we will process your Spring allocation of BC Cabernet Sauvignon and your order may be held until temperatures cool in the Fall. Alternatively, we can ship immediately utilizing our UPS Next Day Air Summer Solution special rates. These rates are at an additional charge. If your order is placed on a weather hold, you will be contacted with more information about expedited options..

We kindly request that all Collectors sign up for UPS MyChoice to track and make adjustments to their deliveries.

Can I Watch The Livestream On My Tv


While we currently don’t have a way to watch directly from your TV, there are multiple ways to get the stream to your TV. This includes:

· TV casting with Apple AirPlay / Google Chrome

· Connecting your device to your TV via an HDMI chord

· Screen-mirroring with your Android Device

Please reference this article for troubleshooting and instructions on how to cast to your TV: TV CASTING INFORMATION

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Dr Kevin Pogue Whitman College

Interview with Dr. Kevin Pogue, Professor of Geology, Whitman College

Originally from Kentucky, Whitman College Professor, Dr. Kevin Pogue, is one of the foremost experts in Washington terroir. Dr. Pogue moved to the Pacific Northwest following the completion of his bachelors degree at the University of Kentucky and has been enchanted by the unique geology of this region ever since. Dr. Pogue has his PhD from Oregon State University and has been teaching at Whitman College since 1990. While I never took classes from Dr. Pogue while at Whitman College, I have several colleagues that raved about him and I did not actually meet him until recently. He is a downright awesome guy to talk wine and terroir with and I think you will very much enjoy his story. Here is my interview with Dr. Kevin Pogue, Whitman College Professor of Geology

WWB: What were your initial inspirations in Geology? How did you decide to pursue your PhD in Geology?

WWB: You began your professorship at my alma mater, Whitman College and have been teaching there for almost 3 decades. Can you talk about how you became an expert in Washington terroir for wineries?

WWB: One of the most exciting emerging regions in Washington state is the region along the North Fork of the Walla Walla River. Can you explain how this unique terroir in this emerging region contributes to novel and complex wines? How does this terroir influence the wine?

WWB: What are some of your favorite terroir-driven wines in the world?

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Steve Robertson Delmas Wines

Interview with Steve Robertson, Owner of Delmas Wines and the SJR Vineyard

WWB: Can you talk about your plan to set up SJR Vineyard?

WWB: How did you acquire the land for the SJR vineyard?

BR: We are able to turn on every single row of every block at the same time if we wanted to. Of course, each varietal has its own requirement for water. We turn the valves and done deal. We get to work with a fine edge at SJR Vineyard all to the inevitable benefit of wine flavor. That is a very rare thing. More often vineyard compromises must be made affecting the ability to deliver water to the vines in a timely fashion. I wish I had our capability in many of Napa Valleys iconic vineyards I have been fortunate enough to work in. Thankfully, there is plenty of clay in Napa soils and, therefore, water holding buffer capacity.

SR: Interestingly, there are some striking disparities between the Rocks District and Chateauneuf du Pape having to do with water. CNP is the poster child of cobble strewn vineyard and is often referred to when discussing the Rocks District…albeit CNP cobbles are 24 deep before clay and other sub-soils take over. Unlike Chateauneuf du Pape , we have the ability to irrigate. However, we must irrigate in short sets of water due to the tremendous drainage capability of our deeply cobbled soils . The last two vintage years of excessive and steady heat made timely irrigation a critical element.

#steverobertson #sjrvineyard #sjr #wallawalla

Dan Wampfler Spring 2015 Dunham Cellars

I adore this wine (when I can buy it by the bottle for a ...

Interview with Dan Wampfler

I was recently able to taste the new Dunham Cellars lineup with head winemaker Dan Wampfler. Dunham Cellars was created in by Erik Dunham 1995 and is one of the older and most prestigious wineries in Walla Walla. Wampfler came onto the Dunham team and has been crafting some incredible wines, as Ive been impressed with his recent releases that combine richness with great terroir. Dunham wines include Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Trutina , Three Legged Red , Riesling and the “Shirley Mays” Chardonnay. They also have an offshoot project called Pursued by Bear and Baby Bear, that are impressive releases. Dunham wines have been heralded by two of the most prominent wine publications, Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast. In fact, Dunham wines have received scores of 96 and 97 by Wine Enthusiast, which is exceptionally rare. Some of their older wines have shown incredibly well, including their 2007 Lewis Vineyard Merlot and the 2007 Syrah. Here is my recent interview with Dan Wampfler, followed by my reviews of recent releases from Dunham. #dunhamcellars

WWB: Can you talk about your new value wine release, the 2013 Dunham Three Legged Red?-

Wampfler: This is Cab, Merlot, Syrah and is Cab dominant. It has 10 months in experienced oak and there is some Cabernet Franc, Sangio on any given year and we are trying to create this Wednesday afternoon soft burger and pizza wine. This is our entry level and attractive so that you can just pour a glass.

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What Are The Benefits Of Joining The Membership And Being Part Of The Community Of Collectors

There are so many! In addition to being part of an incredible group, and receiving epic wine twice a year, we reserve access to our family of wines for Collectors club only. That means as a Collector, you have the ability to log into your account at any time and order more wine! . Plus, you receive a discount of over 30% on our new XO Sparkling Rosé, and youll be the first to know about exciting XOBC news! However, the absolute, most amazing part?… Youll be doing good, while drinking great wine! Your membership directly benefits the Looking Out Foundation.

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