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Where Are Kalamera Wine Coolers Made

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Best Dual Zone: Lanbo Wine Fridge 160 Bottle Capacity

Kalamera 15 Wine Cooler 30 Bottle Built In Freestanding Review

The LANBO Wine Cellar Refrigerator has room for up to 160 bottles of wine and pulls that off with a sleek and modern design. Furthermore, the company assures buyers of energy efficiency and a laundry list of advanced features like precise temperature settings, improved energy efficiency, and near silent operation.

What We Like:

  • Energy Efficient: We measured and found that the unit does consume an average of 50% less electricity compared to a conventional fridge.
  • White and Red Zones: White wines can be stored on the top and the red in the red zones below. Plus the temperature is adjustable.
  • Wooden Shelves: At first we werent too sure about how practical wooden shelves were in a Wine Cooler, but it has grown on us. Plus they are removable.
  • Charcoal Filter: The use of charcoal filters makes it possible for fresh air to circulate through the unit, which helps in maintaining the right percentage of humidity.
  • Revisable Door Hinges: Thats something we appreciate because it makes life easier for left-handed people.

What We Dont Like:

  • Compressor Technology: We arent big fans of this technology, especially with wine coolers.
  • A Bit of A Vibration: The vibration is subtle, yet if you mount it on your table youll start hearing it when the compressor turns on.

Lanbo Twin Zone Wine Cooler Cellar

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The Lanbo Twin Zone Compressor Wine Cooler seems final on our listing, however because the cliché goes its actually not least when it comes to storage capability. The truth is, it delivers a whopping 160 bottle storage capability.

As you may think about, this isnt an under-the-counter equipment. At 6 ft tall its as tall as a daily fridge, so its actually for these seeking to retailer a mega assortment of wine of their kitchen or wine cellar.

As its also possible to think about, this unit is on the costly finish of the spectrum which shouldnt come as an excessive amount of of a shock contemplating its measurement and capabilities. Aesthetically, this unit options chrome steel trim end and a tinted double pane glass window door which retains these pesky UV rays and abrasive lights from damaging your wine.

There are 5 beechwood cabinets within the higher zone and 9 within the decrease zone, with the underside most shelf being ideally suited for storage of huge bottles. The higher zone will be set between 41-54ºF and the decrease zone will be set between 54-64ºF. Your temperatures can simply be set from a digital management panel

Although the unit is comparatively giant, it runs quiet with a most noise creation of 45 decibels due to a top quality compressor. All elements are backed by a 2 12 months guarantee and lifelong technical assist.

Issues We Like

Issues We Dont

Here Are Our Top Choices For Kalamera Wine Coolers On The Market Right Now:

Model: Kalamera 24-inch wide 20-bottle and 78-can beverage center.

Type: Free-standing, under-counter built-in, compressor-cooling system

Temperature Zone: Two separate cooling zones.

Temperature Range: Left: 40-66, Right: 38-55

Dimension: 33.1 H x 23.4 W x 22.4D 33.1 H x 23.4 W x 24.2D

Suggested built-in dimension:23.8 W x 22.4D x 33.2H

Notable features: This new Kalamera beverage center has two side-by-side chambers: a wine cooler on the left, a beverage fridge on the right.

  • Capacity for the wine cooler is 20 bottles capacity for the beverage center is 78 cans.
  • Fun note: A family friend has coined this beverage center as the perfect 20/20 platinum vision. How? Because as we know 20/20 vision is the perfect vision at 20 feet. And, 78 is the atomic number of platinum.
  • On the left, there are 7 beech wood shelves to house your wine collection. Beech wood is soft but strong no worries of your wine labels getting scratched.
  • On the right, there are 5 stainless steel wire shelves to keep your can beverages. You have options to store your cans vertically or horizontally.

Summary: This beautiful Kalamera french-door beverage center is perfect for a small wine collection of 20-bottles and six dozens of can beverage drinks . It has a front-vent design perfect for built-in and under-counter. The exterior is fully finished on all sides so you can install it as a free-standing unit if you prefer.

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Best Single Zone: Lanbo Wine Cooler 149 Bottle Capacity

One of the best Single Zones The LANBO wine Cooler keeps 149 bottles chilled evenly across all sides. The chiller or cooler is best suited for an office, home or even a business/commercial establishment.

We Like:

  • Gentle LED Lighting: Energy efficient white LEDs light up the cooler, offering a clear view of the wine stored inside.
  • Front Breathing: the fully furnished cabinet along with front breathing is perfectly suited for both built-in and freestanding installations.
  • Digital Touch: The digital thermostat comes equipped with indicator lights as well as a temperature display. Speaking of temperature, it maintains anywhere from 41 degrees to 64 degrees F.

We Dont Like:

  • Large Cooler: We’ll admit it, it’s NOT for everybody. It’s much larger than what most of us have space for in our kitchens or offices .
  • Design isnt Great: Not big fans of the bland design.

Placement In Your Home:

Kalamera 12

Think about where youre putting it in your home.

  • If you want to integrate it with your bar or kitchen, then you should invest in a built-in option.

  • If you have a basement or out-of-sight location where style isnt as much of a concern, choosing a freestanding wine cooler is the best option.

  • If you only have tight space, then go for a compact wine cooler. Also, remember to check how much space around the fridge is required for ventilation before you make your purchase.

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Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

This is a standalone wine fridge, so you cant build it into cabinets. That said, Wine Enthusiast sells other models that can be built in. The Classic 80 also has a rear vent, so youll need to install it somewhere theres ample ventilation space around the fridge .

All wine fridges hold less than what they say they will, and the Classic 80 is no different. Tilden told us that certain upgrade Wine Enthusiast fridges offer shelves with more space to fit larger bottles, and we cover these in the Competition section.

Technically, you can reverse the handle on the Classic 80, but you will lose the lock function because you essentially will have to turn the door upside down.

There arent a ton of reviews for this fridge, and people on forums like Wine Berserkers and Reddit dont have much to say about the line . If you have any feedback on this fridge, please let us know in our comments section below.

What Makes A Refrigerator A Wine Fridge

Wine refrigerators, or chillers, can run on two different types of generators, or motors: compressor or thermoelectric.

It’s generally best to go for wine fridges powered by thermoelectric generators. The short of it is that thermoelectric generators are solid-state with no moving parts, so they’re quiet, don’t vibrate, and tend to not overheat as much. Thermoelectric fridges are also cheaper to purchase, but less efficient and more expensive to operate.

Compressor fridges, which are really just miniature fridges, vibrate and are less environmentally friendly, but also less expensive to operate. While compressor fridges can reach colder temperatures, that’s not necessary for a wine fridge, which really doesn’t need to go below 55 for storage, or 49 for chilling white wines. However, if you live in an extreme climate, a compressor fridge might be your best bet thermoelectric fridges tend to run better if they’re kept in ambient temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees.

To read more on how wine fridges are made, we suggest this extremely thorough article from refrigerator blog New Air.

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What To Look For In A Wine Cooler

Choosing the right wine cooler involves more than just choosing a brand. In fact, the brand you choose will likely depend on what you need out of a wine cooler. There are three important factors to consider when buying a wine cooler: cooling method, cooling zones, and capacity. The right wine cooler for you will fit your preferences for these three factors, not the other way around.

Th Best Single Zone: Akdy With 20 Bottle Touch Panel

Kalamera 15â? Wine Cooler 30 Bottle Built in or Freestanding Review

The AKDY Touch Panel Single Zone Wine Cooler is made for people who want to keep their wine at a fixed temperature. Though it is easily adjustable similar to how the lights can be adjusted via the touch panel. The Wine Cooler is comparatively vibration free, so you dont have to worry about it disturbing the fine sediments in the bottle. Whether you are a brewer, wine connoisseur or just want to keep a few bottles around the office, this is the best choice.

What We Like:

  • Removable Shelves: We always love wine coolers that can be modified to suit what we want. The five shelves can easily be removed to make room for a couple of odd sized or shaped bottles.
  • A Place to Keep Bottles Standing: Right at the bottom, there is a shelf which permits four bottles to stand. It is meant to store mainly open bottles, but weve had success storing beer bottles too.
  • Easy to Lock: Being able to lock the bottom of the cooler help to keep the wine safe from intruders and teens alike!
  • Temperature Display and Touch Screen: We always appreciate a Wine Cooler thats easy to operate, and with a touch screen, it does not get any easier.
  • Competitively Priced: In our experience, a Wine Cooler cant get any cheaper than this.

What We Dont Like:

  • Compressor-Based Technology: A compressor does a good job of keeping our refrigerators cool, but the technology isnt as efficient for dedicated wine coolers.

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Take A Look At The Door

The door could make or break a product. Aesthetically, its the factor that our eyes work together with essentially the most, particularly with built-in models. You need a door that appears good, with prime quality trim and handles.

Most doorways have a glass viewing window as a way to proudly showcase your wine, which is a good design characteristic. Nevertheless, you have to ensure that prime quality glass was used, ideally double or triple layered tempered glass, which blocks UV rays. UV rays and different abrasive lights can injury your wine and bottle labels in case your cooler is protected by low-cost glass.

Our Opinion About The Kalamera 24 Wine Fridge

A quick look at the opinions of the people who have used it reveals that the common consensus is that it is one of the most versatile appliances of its type. The easily accessible trays which can be pulled out and different temperature zones which allow the wine to be enjoyed at different temperatures. The LED lighting which can be customized to quite an extent also is a great hit with its users. With an overwhelming 81% of buyers rating it 4 stars or more, this refrigerator is definitely worth considering if you are on the lookout for a wine refrigerator. I will look at all the features in detail now so that you will get an idea of what you will be getting in return for your money.

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Avallon 24 Twin Zone French Door Wine Cooler

Verify Worth on Amazon

The Avallon 24 Twin Zone French Door Wine Cooler is undoubtedly one in all my favourite merchandise available on the market. Lots of its rivals characteristic a single door configuration we discover the french door set as much as be each aesthetically pleasing and extremely practical.

You may need observed that most of the single door merchandise allocate way more shelf house to the underside temperature zone, which is often arrange for crimson wines. Moreover, the 2 temperature zones have utterly completely different temperature setting capabilities .

Thats not the case in any respect right here as each of the temperature zones characteristic equal quantities of house for storage. Moreover, the 2 left and proper temperature zones can BOTH be set wherever inside the wide selection of 40-65ºF. Both sides can maintain 21 bottles for a grand complete of 42 bottles for the complete unit.

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Internally, a high-efficiency compressor and two circulation followers work in congruence to make sure cool are distributes evenly all through the cooler.

12 wood roll out cabinets function easily and will also be eliminated if you have to customise your configuration. The 2 glass viewing home windows are made of top quality, double paned low-E glass which protects your wine from UV rays and different harsh lights.

Issues We Like

Issues We Dont

How Long Does Wine Last In The Fridge

Kalamera 12

When stored properly, unopened wine bottles can be kept for years. If youre opening a bottle and plan to store the bottles remnants in your wine fridge for later, just be sure youre using a bottle stopper with a strong seal, as most wine fridges store bottles horizontally, and dont wait too long to finish the rest of the wine as it will lose its freshness over the days that follow. Alternatively, use a system like Coravin to tap into your bottles and enjoy them for months to come.

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Fun Stuff About Kalamera Wine Coolers

Now you know all those wine cooler basics, youre probably wondering what makes Kalamera and their coolers so special?

For starters, Kalamera is a popular brand that designs wine and beverage coolers, as well as special portable freezers for travel. They started this journey because they noticed the lack of quality wine coolers on the market that come at accessible prices. Since then, Kalamera has developed a durable and cost-effective cooling technology and has become a go-to for the wine-loving world.

This isnt to say that Kalamera coolers are low-end, because thats definitely not the case. Their products feature many details for wine preservation and display that bump up their prices. However, these features are often seen in high-end coolers that come at a much higher cost. While its not inexpensive, for what it is, its a great investment.

Their wine coolers come in many capacities, sizes, and zone variations but some things remain constant throughout it all. These are the two markers of Kalamera wine coolers.

First off, these coolers run super silently. These run on advanced compressor cooling systems.

While many compressors have been designed to run silently and without all the clunking, these tend to still work with a low humming noise. These could grow gradually louder with age.

This quiet and vibration-free cooling technology is present in all Kalamera wine cooler models, making it a great option to place in common areas.

Koolatron Urban Series 6 Bottle Wine Cooler

  • Its contemporary design is compact and clean, perfect for putting stylishly into any modern space. With the thermoelectric technology powering this appliance there are no vibrations or greenhouse gases it only runs on electricity! From the beautifully mirrored glass door protecting against UV rays shining, into the softly lit spaces youll want an excuse to display them all in again and again.
  • And if your chosen vintages arent feeling quite cold enough at 2 am when browsing through our neatly arranged bottles weve got a quick fix: just press the digital display button and effortlessly adjust it with ease!
  • The interior light helps showcase the collection in an elegant setting, and the mirrored glass door protects it from UV rays and damage. The thermoelectric cooling unit is both powerful and efficient helping maintain your preferred temperature without vibration or off-gassing typically associated with convection cooling methods. With this sleek 6 bottle unit, any small space can accommodate the perfect selection for parties or impromptu tastings alike!
  • The Koolatron Urban Series 6 Bottle Wine Cooler, Thermoelectric Wine Fridge is a compact wine cooler for six bottles that provides 46° to 66° of cooling. Efficient thermoelectric technology cools without vibration or any hazardous CFCs so you can reliably enjoy a perfectly chilled bottle of wine whenever you want with the comfortable temperatures provided by this product.

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Nutrichef 15 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator

  • This eco-friendly 15 bottle capacity wine cooler includes 4 chrome racks and a bottom standing rack with space for safely holding your fifteen favorite bottles. The durable stainless steel interior will keep your bottles secure while keeping them chilled with its adjustable temperature settings between 41-64 degrees Fahrenheit .
  • The Nutrichef Wine Cooler is perfect for white, red, champagne & sparkling wines. It has contoured, polished chrome 4 wine racks and 1 bottom standing rack to hold up to 15 bottles of wine securely.
  • The 15 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator is a dual-zone wine fridge small wine cooler occupying a maximum of 3.5 cubic feet, perfect for white and red wines. The interior of this unit features mesh dividers which offer on shelf customization to hold your favorite bottles from vertical to horizontal position from beverage dispensing to chilled storage the possibilities are endless!
  • This add-on refrigerator can be positioned wherever you want on your countertop or buffet table that has easy instructions with hot/cold settings on the digital soft-touch buttoncontrol panel located door so theres no need wait for it cool down before opening its energy efficient so start chilling already!

Should You Put Wine In The Fridge

Best Kalamera 15 Inch Wine Cooler 30 Bottle | Products Square Online

The ideal temperature for all wines is around the 55 degree mark, according to the experts. This means that any wine bottles you plan to keep long-term, whether white, red, or otherwise, should ideally live in a controlled environment designed to maintain their integritythats where a wine fridge comes in. Lets just say theyre pretty handy for those times when you just cant seem to find continuous, long-term access to a wine cellar.

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