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Where Are Allavino Wine Coolers Made

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Best Place To Put A Allavino Wine Cooler In A House Or Building

Most Clearance of any Wine Cooler! NEW Allavino Flexcount Classic

Countertops are usually chosen for their rigidity, durability, and how easy it is to maintain them. However, with the wine cooler that has become very popular in many homes these days, this accessory will most likely not be suited for countertop placement. That is because they are made of glass and the material can break easily when dropped or exposed to strong impacts.

The best place to put an allavino wine refrigerator is in the kitchen or cellar. Because kitchens are rooms where ease of use is highly valued with all sorts of items being stored there, anywhere from spices to plates and knives it makes sense to keep appliances like wine coolers here so people can access them easily when cooking or serving food. And since cellars store wines and liquors, freestanding wine coolers will be perfect for this room as well.

However, there are cases where a countertop is still a suitable location for a wine cooler.

For example, if it has a metal exterior with tempered glass doors so it is more durable than its counterparts made of only glass, then an appliance like this can certainly be placed on the kitchen countertop as long as the care instructions are followed correctly.

Top 7 Allavino Vswr56

Did we save the best for the last? The Allavino VSWR56-1SSLN Wine Refrigerator wont disappoint you with its generous 56 bottle capacity and full range temperature control. This model has an intuitively designed control panel with an easy-to-use push-button control and a clear digital display, making setting or reading the temperature a breeze.

The appliance offers a wide temperature range from 41 64 degrees F to allow wine lovers to store reds and whites at optimal conditions. Like most products on this list, the Allavino VSWR56-1SSLN Wine Refrigerator features revolutionary thin metal shelves to maximize the storage capacity and deliver the much-needed support to hold your entire collection.

On top of that, its equipped with fan-forced cooling for even cooling throughout the appliance. Plus, its advanced cooling system delivers a low vibration and noise for perfect wine taste and flavor.


  • Cooling performance could be better

What Gives Allavino Coolers The Edge

Allavino is a wine storage expert known for its luxurious and unique designs. Theyve been around more than 20 years and, in that time, made a name for themselves in wine drinking spheres as a reliable brand with out-of-the-box storage innovations.

They dont compromise on anything, both in technology and in design. Wine is a beautiful art so they understand that preserving wine is crucial and doing it in style isnt just a bonus its a must.

Allavino has moved forward these past two decades by constantly creating solutions to problems wine lovers didnt even know could be solved.

They truly shine through their three wine refrigerator series their FlexCount, Vite, and Cascina Wine Fridge lines. They have another series, the Tru-Vino Series, which focuses on cooling technology rather than design.

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Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

This is a standalone wine fridge, so you cant build it into cabinets. That said, Wine Enthusiast sells other models that can be built in. The Classic 80 also has a rear vent, so youll need to install it somewhere theres ample ventilation space around the fridge .

All wine fridges hold less than what they say they will, and the Classic 80 is no different. Tilden told us that certain upgrade Wine Enthusiast fridges offer shelves with more space to fit larger bottles, and we cover these in the Competition section.

Technically, you can reverse the handle on the Classic 80, but you will lose the lock function because you essentially will have to turn the door upside down.

There arent a ton of reviews for this fridge, and people on forums like Wine Berserkers and Reddit dont have much to say about the line . If you have any feedback on this fridge, please let us know in our comments section below.

Top 1 Allavino Vswr172

Allavino FlexCount II Dual Zone 36

If you own a large collection of wine, the Allavino VSWR172-2SSLN Wine Refrigerator was designed with you in mind. It offers a 172 bottle capacity to solve most storage issues, especially for wine lovers with diverse collections.

With such a large holding capacity, its only right to expect the Allavino VSWR172-2SSLN Wine Refrigerator to come with two cooling zones with an independent temperature controller. Each zone features easy-to-use push-button controls and a digital display to set the optimal storage conditions.

The upper compartment has a temperature range from 40 55 degrees F while the other ranges from 55 to 65 degrees F. this way, you can store your reds and whites at optimal temperatures.

Allavino VSWR172-2SSLN Wine Refrigerator features an innovative metal shelf design to ensure they are sturdy enough to handle the weight of massive wine storage without sagging. However, these metal shelves are thin to reduce their footprint and create more storage space.

The manufacturer opted for stylish stainless steel fronts and wood slats to cradle the bottles to prevent vibration. This wine fridge features a stainless steel framed glass door, sleek black cabinet, an all-black interior to mimic the elegance of a wine cellar.


  • Versatile racks for diverse collections
  • 172 bottle capacity
  • Spells trouble after 2 3 of service life

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Bottle Capacity With 2 Cooling Zones

The VSWR56-2SL20 features 5 shelves that can fit 9 bottles each, as well as a bottom shelf that can fit 11 bottles, for a maximum storage capacity of 56 bottles. The maximum capacity can be reached with many different bottle sizes and is only affected when adding in larger Pinot or Champagne bottles.Store both red and white wines with this dual zone unit, which features “Red”, “White”, and “Sparkling” indicator lights to ensure that your wines are kept at their optimum temperatures.

What Are The Product Lines Of The Allavino Brand

The FlexCount Series offers a wide range of bottle capacity up to 354 bottles. They come with a vibration dampening system and energy-efficient cooling technology.

The Cascina series suitable for people with small wine collections. This line of products can only accommodate up to 48 bottles.

The Allavino Vite Series is a great choice for commercial use and massive-capacity home use. They can hold up to 610 bottles with extra thick shelves.

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Which One To Buy: Whynter 92

In short: if you need two individually controlled climate zones for cooling/storing reds and whites then you should pick the 92-bottle model .

However, if you are perfectly fine with a single-temperature section, the 100-bottle option is the winner . especially if you can get it at the same or lower price as the 92-bottle wine fridge.

Overall, both models worth the price considering the

  • great size,
  • reliable operation at low noise level,
  • favorable energy consumption, and
  • appealing look.

These two Whynter wine fridges are definitely recommended to anyone thinking about expanding on their wine storage and cooling capacity at acceptable cost.

Best Wine Coolers & Refrigerators

Allavino Wine Fridge Not Cooling

Single zones can be set to a single temperature, and that temperature is maintained across the entire appliance. They’re best for people who only drink and store a certain type of wine .

For instance:

  • If you only buy and stock white wine, then your entire stock can be stored at a precise 52 degrees.
  • If its red, then 60 degrees is ideal. .

The temperature with all the best models below is adjustable and well maintained.

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What Type Of Wine Fridges Does Allavino Manufacture

The company has a varied selection of wine fridges, with a selection of freestanding and built in wine fridges. All of the units that weâve seen are compressor-powered, due to the bottle capacity and required temperature settings.

All of which vary in bottle capacity, being between 56 and 177 bottles. Therefore, they donât provide small wine coolers, but only mid-sized and large wine fridges.

All of their wine coolers fall into two different aesthetic types which they have available. The first one comes with a dark black outer casing, stainless steel trim door, with beechwood shelving. The next comes with a dark black outer casing with a black door, and beechwood shelves.

The brand offers both single-zone and dual zone capacity units, so youâll be able to store both your red wine and white wine collection within one physical unit if required.

Taking a look at their range, they provide the following wine coolers:

  • Single zone winecooler
  • 56 bottle â 177 bottle

Freestanding And Built In Wine Refrigerators

Allavino offers options for both freestanding and built in wine cabinets. With options for black metal or stainless steel cabinet finishes, our wine coolers can be seamlessly integrated into any home or business. Our cabinets are offered ina variety of shapes and sizes to suit your space.

Freestanding wine refrigerators can range from counter top wine coolers to larger units that stand on the floor. They are ideal for homeowners with limited space in their home bar or kitchen. They can also great options for business with limited space or smaller selections.

One thing to keep in mind is that freestanding refrigerators require several inches around the unit to ensure proper ventilation. Freestanding units require little to no installation and often simply plug into any standard home electrical outlet.

Built In wine units are ideal for those looking to seamlessly incorporate a wine refrigerator into kitchen, bar, or restaurant. These built in coolers are designed to fit perfectly under a counter or placed directly up against a wall without ventilation issues. These refrigerators require installation and can be difficult to move after installation.

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Allavino Flexcount 172 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

Allavino FlexCount 172 is all about versatility. The unit has a 172-bottle capacity, it comes with 14 total shelves, and the maximum capacity is only affected by larger bottles such as Champagne or Pinot.

This storage unit is ideal for all wine lovers who look for a more budget-friendly alternative to EuroCave Artevino II.

This electromechanical refrigerator boasts a dual-zone temperature control with an upper zone set between 40°F and 55°F and a lower zone with a temperature range between 55°F and 65°F.

This versatile solution allows you to preserve all wines at 55°F or bring reds and whites to serving temperature as needed.

The only limitation to this is that you cant actually set both zones at the same temperature. The lower zone has to be set at least 4 degrees higher than the upper zone, which is quite limiting. However, you could reach a compromise by storing whites and 53°F and whites at 57°F.

Apart from this, the unit presents itself as a sleek wine cabinet with a stylish all-black interior enhanced by innovative features such as a cool blue LED lighting and built-in versatility.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The environmental temperature influences the cooling capability of this unit.

Th Best Single Zone: Freestanding Tavata

Allavino FlexCount Dual Zone Wine Fridge/Beverage Center ...

The Tavata Wine Cooler prides itself on keeping your wine at a constant and consistent temperature throughout the unit. Not only that the specially coated front glass keeps your wine safe from UV light and other elements. Plus, it is designed and built from the ground up to ensure zero vibrations something thats very important for those who enjoy getting the most out of their wine.

What We Like:

  • Zero Noise: The Tavata Wine Cooler uses whats called a Peltier array to keep the unit cool. The array, unlike a compressor, does not have any moving parts and hence zero noise.
  • Zero Vibrations: One of the perks of zero noise is zero vibrations! If anything that means better tasting wine.
  • Well Designed: We especially like the way this unit is designed. Unlike others, weve tested it is stable and compact enough to be stored anywhere.

What We Dont Like:

  • Consumes a Lot of Power: Compared to the other Wine Coolers of a similar size weve tested the Tavata Wine Cooler tends to draw more power for some reason.
  • No Locking Mechanism: Wed have appreciated if there was a way to lock the door, but unfortunately for those with underaged teens this isnt going to be the Wine Cooler for them.

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Does Allavino Offer A Return Policy/warranty

So we hear this question a lot, âWhat is the Allavino return policy?â.

From looking at their warranty information which is described on their FAQ page, it says that the company provide a 12-month labor warranty, with a 5-year parts warranty.

We always advise reading warranty information so that youâre aware of the most up-to-date policy.

Bottle Capacity With 4 Cooling Zones

The 2X-VSWR56-2B20 features 10 shelves that can fit 9 bottles each, as well as two bottom shelves that can fit 11 bottles each, for a maximum storage capacity of 112 bottles. The maximum capacity can be reached with many different bottle sizes and is only affected when adding in larger Pinot or Champagne bottles.Store both red and white wines with this four zone unit, which features “Red”, “White”, and “Sparkling” indicator lights to ensure that your wines are kept at their optimum temperatures.

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What Makes Allavino Wine Cooler Special

Allavino likewise consolidates its shrewd structure ideas with cutting edge innovation to give an ideal storage arrangement. They guarantee that their hardware is 25% more energy productive and that they utilize a Modern cooling framework that diminishes power costs as well as commotion and vibration as well.

Theres something else I truly like about the Allavino wine cooler and that will be that it very well may be incorporated right with your kitchen cabinetry or bar territory. All you need is sufficient space for the wine cooler itself to fit in. Not all wine coolers can be worked in because of their fumes necessities.

You would prefer to place it far from the wall as you may need to clean the cooler zones or wall behind the cooler easily.

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In the event that the fit is excessively close, it resembles attempting to escape those pants you realize you shouldnt have put on, in any case.

Its in every case best to include somewhat more space than you might suspect youre going to require with the goal that you can without much of a stretch draw the machine in or out as required.

A ton of wine coolers went out the back, making them not exactly perfect for making that dazzling implicit look, where Allavino wine coolers has venting out of the front of the unit. That fits perfectly with your cupboards and some other apparatuses in the room.

Rd Best Dual Zone: Aobosi 24” Dual Zone Fridge 46 Bottle Capacity

The Allavino Cascina Series CDWR16-1SR Wine Refrigerator

The Aobosi 24” Dual Zone Wine Cooler 46 Bottle offers an elegant and convenient design to showcase your wine collection. It is designed to more than just an appliance, which is why we think it serves perfectly as part of your bar or home décor. Best suited to the avid wine collector who loves storing various types of wine, the 46 bottle capacity should be more than enough.

What We Like:

  • Low Operating Noise: The company claims to be using some sort of advanced cooling system which ensures that the unit is quiet and saves energy. During our testing, we only ever heard the cooler hum during the afternoon for some reason and didnt feel that it vibrated much either.
  • A Seamless Design: The use of LED blue right coupled with a stainless steel glass door makes it the best freestanding Wine Refrigerator for any sort of room. Plus the front venting system ensures that the cooler can be easily built into cabinetry or any other location for that matter.
  • Remembered Our Temperature Settings: The Wine Cooler was turned off briefly, and when it was turned back on, it remembered our temperature setting in both zones.
  • Child Lock: We think this is a must-have feature because our kids tend to open the door and never close it properly.

What We Dont Like:

  • It Vibrates: Now this isnt a zero vibration Wine Cooler which is ideally something wed lean more in favor of if you have the budget.

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How Do You Put Wine In The Fridge

In general, wine bottles should always be stored on their sides and not upright. The point of this is to prevent the cork from drying out by maintaining contact between the corks surface and the wine inside the bottle. If a cork is allowed to dry out, this means that oxygen will find its way into the bottle, and this is bad news for the wine .

The 15 Best Dual Zone Wine Coolers

Wine is one of the easiest drinks to sip, but storing and preserving wine presents a number of challenges.

When youre just starting your wine journey, you might assume you can just store unfinished wine in the refrigerator.

Now, storing the occasional bottle of wine this way in the short-term might be acceptable, but the quality of the wine will be impaired over time. Why is this, though?

Well, if you keep the bottle upright in a regular fridge, the cork will dry out and shrink. When the bottle is laid on its side, by contrast, the cork remains in contact with the liquid and stays moist. As the cork shrinks, so air can penetrate the bottle. This will ruin the taste.

Beyond the cork issue, kitchen fridges dont keep your wine at the right temperature more on that in our guide below.

Luckily, theres a simple solution, and all you need to do is find the best dual-zone wine cooler. Were here to walk you through every step of that buying decision today.

Before we press ahead, though, you should ask yourself if you really need a wine cooler. If you grab a random bottle of wine off the shelf at the store once a month and drink it with a BBQ, theres likely no need to invest in a wine cooler. If youre reading this, however, chances are that you buy a variety of carefully chosen wines, and youre looking to store them long-term.

Dive in!


  • Built in or freestanding
  • 23.4 x 33 x 22.4 inches
Things We Like
  • Built in or freestanding
  • 15 x 22.7 x 34.2 inches

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