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What Is The Best All Purpose Wine Glass

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The Importance Of A Proper Glass

The Best Wine Glasses with New York Times Wine Critic Eric Asimov

These will be less complicated to preserve and will not provide you a conniption if they damage. You can additionally clean them in the dishwashing machine. You are unstable adequate to keep crystal glassware clean as well as sparkly. You must check out getting a set of 6 matching crystal wine glasses that you can make use of for years ahead.

The most effective red wine glass is the one in which wine preferences best to you. Look for slim glass, so you taste red wine rather than glass. Locate a glass that will certainly aid both reds and also whites show their ideal, as well as not so pricey that you’ll cry if it damages. What’s the very best glass for wine? The one you’re holding.

How Many Glasses Should You Buy

The number of glasses you should buy and the amount you should spend depends on how much you love wine and how often you entertain. “It all depends on the use and occasion,” said Christine Collado, the general manager at wine shop Parcelle and former wine director at Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare. “If you’re having a huge party and know that breakage is going to be an issue maybe just get something you’re not as attached to. If you’re wanting to make an investment, $15 to $30 per stem tends to be the average range.”

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Forte Red Wine Glasses

This is one of my favorite go-to glasses for an inexpensive solutionin the Tritan Forte line, the Red Wine glass is my favorite for all purposes , but the Burgundy stem is a great one for bolder red wines. Thomas Pastuszak, Wine Director at The NoMad in New York and founder of Vinny and Empire Estate Wine

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Features To Keep In Mind

Bowl Shape

There are endless shapes and sizes to choose from when shopping for wine glasses of any kind. Varietal- and style-specific wine glasses are designed to optimize the experience of drinking designated wines based on their aromas, flavor profiles, alcohol content and other characteristics, while all-purpose or universal glasses are designed to accommodate a variety of wines. An overwhelming number of the experts we interviewed recommended all-purpose red wine glasses as their go-to vessels.


Crystal is a specific type of glass that contains fortifying minerals , which ultimately translates to a thinner and more durable wine glass. As Thomas notes, the thinner the glass, the better the drinking experience. Thats not to say that you should never drink from a casual bistro-style wine glass with a beaded or rolled rim, but some occasions call for a more intentional glassware selection, such as opening a special bottle or pairing a wine with a specific dish.


Regular glass, as in noncrystal glass, is nonporous and usually dishwasher-safe. Some crystal wine glass manufacturers recommend washing their glasses in the top rack of the dishwasher, and some recommend washing gently by hand. We recommend going by the manufacturers instructions as a rule of thumb.

An Oversized Glass At An Unbeatable Price

Red Vanilla Vanilla Viola All Purpose Wine Glasses

Crate & Barrel

You can save yourself from needing frequent refills with this oversized red wine glass. When I’m lounging around watching my favorite Netflix show, I like to drink from my Crate & Barrel Hip Large Red Wine Glass, simply because the bowl is so big and regal, says wine culture expert Chasity Cooper. While they are red wine glasses, I enjoy white and sparkling wines from them too. The glass holds up to 31 ounces, and its dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

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Best For Champagne: Riedel Performance Champagne Glass

“The traditional ‘flute’ glasses you think of for champagne actually aren’t the best options,” says Ian Cauble, master sommelier and founder of SommSelect. He notes that flutes are “too thin to get the full aromatic experience,” which can affect the overall taste. “For a very good stem that still reserves the nostalgia of the Champagne flute and is very durable, the evolved Riedel Champagne stem is an excellent choice,” says Cauble. The glasses have more of an egg-shaped design compared to flutes, and customers describe them as “elegant, striking, and beautiful.”

To buy: $45 for two at

The Best Budget Glass: Stolzle Eclipse Wine Glass

The Stolzle Eclipse Wine Glass is a great pick if you frequently host large parties or events. The price per glass is extremely low, and the glasses come in sets of six, as opposed to two or four. This was the least expensive glass we tested, and it performed nearly as well as some of our other favorites. It is shaped very similarly to the other classic glasses we tested, but is slightly bulkier, heavier, and less elegant.

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Best Specialized Red: Luigi Bormioli Atelier Pinot Noir Wine Glass


  • May be too large for the dishwasher

High tech meets luxury and affordability in Luigi Bormiolis Atelier collection. Using SON.hyx, the brands own patented process, the Italian glassware company has created an impressively shock-resistant, highly brilliant, and crystal-clear dishwasher safe glass thatthanks to laser-cut rims, titanium reinforcement, and seam-free stemsis comparable as many of the more top-shelf options on the market. When stocking Pinot Noir glasses , this is an excellent place to start. These glasses offer a 21-ounce capacity.

Best For Reds: Ouverture Red Wine Glasses

Tuscany Classics All Purpose Wine Glass Set by Lennox

While the Zalto wine glass above is more of a statement piece, these red wine glasses from Riedel’s Ouverture Collection are best suited for everyday use. They work well with a wide range of red wines, and they’re compact enough to fit in dishwashers, cabinets, and hanging racks. They hold just about 12 ounces , but if you prefer an oversized red wine glass, opt for the 35-ounce Double Magnum version instead. “These are my favorite everyday wine glasses,” a customer wrote. “I buy replacements from time to time because they are, after all, glass, and do occasionally break, but pretty darn sturdy for such a useful and elegantly made glass.”

To buy: $32 for two at

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A Modern Geometric Glass Thats Perfect For White Varietals


This wine glass from Zwiesel is specifically designed to complement white wines, particularly sauvignon blanc, pinot gris, rose, riesling, soave and chablis. The set of six is made from Tritan crystal glass, and the silhouettes sharp lines give the glasses a geometric appearance.

The Zwiesel wine classics are a gourmet glass series focused on straightforward and concise design, explains Timo Torner, founder of Cocktail Society, a website dedicated to cocktail recipes, tips and more. The goblets have a high, curved chimney and a slightly lipped mouth rimthis allows the aromas to be perceived particularly authentically and intensively.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

A Libbey Kentfield glass did break in our 2019 drop test, but so did the Korin Sena Bordeaux, the other stemmed model we tested under $10 per glass. Otherwise, it was easy to load the Libbey into the dishwasher, and we were even able to fit it comfortably on the bottom rack, unlike more expensive glasses, which were too light to stay in place. And since the Libbey glasses are so inexpensive, you wont be heartbroken if one does break.

The Kentfield performed best with the wines we tried in the $10 to $20 range, amplifying generous fruit flavors. Taylor noted that it hid flaws better than the less expensive Korin Bordeaux glass on the $10 red, but with the $25 pinot noir it concentrates sulphur and sweetness and is a better glass for inexpensive wine. If you regularly enjoy wines that cost more than $20, you may want to spring for the Gabriel-Glas StandArt, our upgrade pick, which performed beautifully with all the wines we tasted.

While the stem on the Libbey glass is long enough to hold comfortably without touching the bowl, its not quite as thin or elegant as more expensive glasses. The Libbey also weighs more than our other picks, at around 5.8 ounces, though our testers said they didnt find it distracting. The stem has a slight bulge where it meets the bowl of the glass, but again, our testers didnt comment on it. What the Libbey lacks in elegance, it makes up for in price.

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Best For Champagne: Riedel O Stemless Champagne Glasses

Traditional stemmed Champagne flutes can tip over pretty easily, but these Riedel stemless Champagne glasses are elegant enough for toasts with much less of a chance of being knocked over. As one person puts it, “They still ‘clink’ just like stemmed flutes.” Customers really appreciate how stable and sturdy the glasses are and praise their narrow shape that’s “ideal for concentrating the delightful scents of a dry bubbly.” One thing to keep in mind is that the glasses might feel like they’re on the smaller side if you’re used to stemmed flutes, but a handful of shoppers say they’re still the perfect size for their drinks. “After receiving them and using them for several weeks now, they’ve become one of my favorite glasses for sparkling wine,” one wrote.

To buy: $31 for 2 at

A Guide To The Four Shapes Of Wine Glasses


You dont need a glass for every region or grape but depending on what and how you drink, there are four standard glass shapes you should consider. The combination of these shapes plus the cost, fragility, washability, and comfort in holding and drinking will be the keys to getting the best wine glass for you.

Shaped like a tulip, this glass has a round bowl and goes straight up before tapering slightly at the top. The bottom of the glass allows you to swirl without spilling, but the real magic of a white wine glass is that it concentrates aromas of the wine at the rim and traps them slightly so we can sniff the delicious things the wine has to offer.

The standard white glass is a bit smaller than the red: Because whites dont need as much aeration , theyre smaller. Also, whites are almost always served colder than reds. Pouring smaller quantities into the glass will ensure that what you have in the glass always stays at a cool temperature. This glass type will work for almost all white wines, except for fuller whites like oaked Chardonnay and white blends from the Rhône Valley, for example.

We did not include any stemless glasses in our tests of the best wine glasses simply because we do not feel they belong in that elevated tier. Because there is no stem, the drinker holds the bowl of the glass in their handand that direct contact can possibly increase the temperature of the wine, and that increase in temperature can mess up the flavor of the wine.

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Why Are Crystal Wine Glasses Better Than Glass Ones

Crystal, whether lead-free or not, makes it possible to produce wine glasses that are razor-thin yet still durable. Lead-free is usually ideal when it comes to drinkware, but lead is only really of significant concern for vessels designed to hold liquids for extended periods of time, such as spirits decanters, as the lead can leach into the liquid after prolonged contact.

The Best Universal Stemless Wine Glasses

If youâre partial to stemless wine glasses, this affordable set features wide bowls that do a great job of showing off reds, as well as big whites like chardonnay and Viognier. Even better, the set also works well for cocktails, so you can use these for Old Fashioneds, too. Theyâre made from shatter-resistant glass with a base thatâs less likely to tip over than stemmed wine glasses, so thereâs less risk of spilling. However, if youâre worried about temperature affecting your wineâs taste, these may not be the best choice because your hand will warm the glass as you drink.

The set of four glasses arrives in gift-ready packaging, but one note: If you tend to to favor more light-bodied whites like pinot grigio and sauvignon blanc, it might be worth considering Libbey’s classic stemless wine glasses, which have smaller bowls.

  • Capacity: 15 ounces
  • Dishwasher-safe: yes
  • Available in sets of 4

According to a wine enthusiast: âThey hold a generous amount of wine and with the flat bottom are very sturdy. The shape lends itself to either red or white wine so you don’t have to worry about picking the right glass.”

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Does Your Glass Need A Stem

Stem versus no-stem is a personal choice however, Rudzinski, notes While I am not opposed to stemless models of glassware I would always select a wine glass with a stem. The main reason here is keeping the temperature of the wine constant. Additionally, a stem allows for more control to swirl and aerate the wine – which displays more aromas.

The Best Affordable Modern Glass: Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Cabernet Glass

Wine Glasses 101 – Get the Best Wine Glasses, Drink Like a Pro

The Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Cabernet Glass is a great, relatively inexpensive glass. This glass has sharper angles than the other glasses we tested, which feature traditional curved shapes leading to tapered openings, and also stands slightly taller than many of the others, giving it a modern feel. While this glass was rated well by most testers, its height and build might make it impractical for those with less storage space.

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How We Tested The Wine Glasses

At the risk of sounding like a total lush, we tested, and tested, and tested these glasses. We used, among others, the following benchmark wines: Left Bank Bordeaux, White Burgundy, Barolo, California Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Zinfandel, Chilean Pinot Noir, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, white Bordeaux, northern Rhône Syrah, Aglianico, Argentinian Malbec, Austrian Grüner Veltlier, and dry German Riesling. It should be noted, of course, that we had a few weeks to do the testing! The best and only way to compare glassware is to pour a small sample into each glass, and compare the following factors.

How does the glass enhance or suppress the aromas of the wine. There was a marked difference in the experience of the wine depending on the glass, so the answer to the age-old question does glassware matter? is YES!

Although it really followed the line with aroma because most of flavor is driven by our sense of smell, we did check to see if the flavor differed based on the glass and if that was different from the aroma. Spoiler alert: No, so that means aroma alone was enough to make a judgment on quality of the glass.

But First Why So Many Options

Before we tell you the experts pick, lets backtrack and take a look at how the stemware bonanza began. According to Andre Mack, formerly the head sommelier at Thomas Kellers Per Se and the founder of Mouton Noir Wines, we have Riedel to thank for the myriad options out there.

The Austrian glassware manufacturer really pioneered the theory that different shapes of glasses enhance the flavors in wine in the early 90s, says Mack. is still a front-runner in the industry, touting their glasses as wine tools.’

Indeed, you can find a Riedel wine glass for Bordeaux and Burgundy, and oaked Chardonnay and unoaked Chardonnay . The Loire glass covers sancerres and sauvignon blancs, while the Hermitage/Syrah shape is best for grenache, zweigelt, and, naturally syrah .

It can all start to feel a little bit ridiculous and, while there is some science behind all those gorgeous glasses, theres also a lot of hype. Wines do show slightly differently out of different glasses, says Master Sommelier Dustin Wilson. However, I believe this to be more of a marketing ploy than anything else. It drives people to think they need the perfect glass in order to experience the wine in the best way possible, therefore pushing people to buy more glasses than they actually need.

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A Sommeliers Final Thoughts On What To Buy

In terms of shape, I recommend buying one set of white glasses and one set of red glasses. Although Zalto has challenges because it is so delicate and thin, the absolute pleasure and improvement of each glass is worth every moment of stressbut only if you can handle being overly cautious with the glass. My advice: Get one or two Zalto Burgundy glasses for special occasions and buy the Riedel Veritas or Spiegelau Vino Grande for your everyday enjoyment.

The Final Word On The Best Wine Glasses

Bella // All Purpose Wine Glass // Set Of 4

The best wine glasses will be suited for your lifestyle and enhance the experience of enjoying your specific preferences . Whether you are looking for a glass designed to enhance the flavor of your favorite bottle, or whether you want a simpler all-purpose style wine glass, there are plenty of beautiful wine glasses on the market to choose from, as weve shown.

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What Is The Best All Purpose Wine Glass

The best wine glass for everyday use is the Libbey Signature Kentfield Estate All-Purpose Wine Glass. We particularly recommend this inexpensive, 16-ounce tulip-shaped glass if you mostly drink bottles of wine in the $20 or less range, enjoy entertaining, or simply want a set of stemware that doesnt cost a fortune.

Best Set: Gabriel Glas Gift Box Set

Courtesy of Amazon

Gabriel Glas produces an excellent universal glass and with gorgeous, upscale packaging, this set makes for a perfect gift. The lead-free crystal glass from Austria is machine-molded, bringing the price-per-glass down compared to hand-blown glassware. It still offers plenty of the design advantages of pricer goblets and feels fancy enough for a special dinner party.

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