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What Is A Wine Key

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Best Overall: Oster Silver Electric Wine Opener



  • Takes up minimal counter space

  • Long-lasting charge

  • Less durable than other options

  • Warranty only lasts one year

  • Small learning curve at first

Osters cordless electric opener is among the top-rated of its kind. Its simple, straightforward design, compact charging base, and approachable price point make it ideal for those who want to get the job done quickly, with no frills.

This opener comes with a foil cutter for easy removal and a clean, blank canvas for easy opening. Like most electric wine openers, all you do is place the device on top of the cork, switch it on and let the bottle opener do the work for you. With just a single charge , you can open up to 30 bottlesappropriate for large gatherings and parties.

Whats included: Electric wine bottle opener, foil cutter, charging base, power adapter, user manual

Ways To Open A Wine Bottle Without A Corkscrew

It has happened to so many of us: The guests have arrived, the food is ready, the party is just beginning, and the only corkscrew in the house ends up being either missing or broken. No need to run to the local drugstore to buy a new one, though. There are many ways to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew. Learning a few of them is a great way to be the one who saves the party and saves the day.

Understanding Wine Makes It Taste Better

Studies have shown that more complex descriptions of red and white wine actually make those wines taste better. Intuitively, this makes sense. If you have more vocabulary to describe what you’re imbibing, your brain is better able to discern subtler flavors.

So we’ve put together a beginner’s guide to different wine types that will break down the basics of what makes different wines, well, different, and the key descriptors you need to know to get the most out of whatever wine you’re drinking.

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The Basics: Wine And Food Pairing Guide

Topics:Wine Knowledge

The world of wine can be intimidating. From full bodied red wines to crisp dry white wines. The options are truly endless! However, when it comes to pairing wine with food there are quite a few tips and tricks to help you along the way. This guide is your one stop shop on how to pair food and wine.

The first step in gaining an in-depth knowledge into wine and food pairings, is an understanding of some of the most commonly used wine terms. These terms are used to describe all different aspects of wine. For a more extensive list of terms, check out our blog How to Taste Wine.

How To Use A Pocket Corkscrew:

Laguiole Wine Key // Deluxe
  • Start by cutting the foil under the lip of the bottle
  • Remove the sheath and slide it into the opening at the base of the corkscrew
  • Insert the corkscrew into the cork and turn until the worm is inserted into the cork
  • Once the worm is fully inserted, pull outwards on the handle to remove the cork
  • To remove the cork from the worm, reverse the corkscrew motion while holding onto the cork
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    Sparkling Wine & Champagne

    Sparkling wine and Champagne is commonly served in a flute, a glass with a long stem and a tall slender bowl. This glass preserves the drinks carbonation by reducing the its ability to escape. The shape keeps the bubbles in the bubbly.

    And though the Champagne saucer is still used today, with its shorter stem and shallow, UFO-shaped body, it’s more a novelty that captures the extravagance of the roaring twenties than it is a practical vessel for sparkling wine.

    The wide mouth and shallow bowl cause oxygen to deplete the bubbles and take the fizz away from Champagne, leaving you with a flat and lifeless glass of wine.

    What Is Dessert Wine And Sparkling Wine

    Red, white and rosé wines that have an alcohol by volume content of 14% or less are considered table wine in the U.S. . That excludes anything that is sparkling or fortified .

    Dessert wine gets its name because it tends to be sweeter and comes after a meal. Alcohol is added to a dessert wine so that it can retain more of its natural sugars, which are typically used up during the fermentation process.

    Popular dessert wines/fortified wines: Port, Madeira, Vermouth, Sherry, Marsala

    Sparkling wine is wine that has significant carbonation, which can occur as a natural part of the fermentation process or via carbon dioxide injection after fermentation. When reading sparkling wine labels, youll also encounter terms that indicate its sweetness/dryness.

    Sparkling wines from driest to sweetest:Brut Nature, Extra Brut, Brut, Extra Dry/Extra Sec/Extra Seco, Dry/Sec/Seco, Demi-Sec/Semi-seco and Doux/Sweet/Dulce.

    Sparkling wine is made from a wide range of red and white grapes. Champagne proper is made from Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and/or Pinot Noir.

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    Waiters Corkscrew By Gitko

    If youre looking for the best waiters corkscrew for your money, then the Gitko Waiters Corkscrew is an ideal choice. The 3-in-1 corkscrew is a single solution that works as a bottle opener, a foil cutter and a wine corkscrew.

    The heavy-duty construction of the corkscrew, made of 420 stainless-steel with a wooden grip, makes it ideal for any hectic work environment that requires extensive use of the corkscrew and it can handle any kind of cork or metal cap effortlessly. The construction also makes the corkscrew sturdy, durable and offers excellent balance. The corkscrews compact and sleek design makes it ideal to keep in your pocket or drawer.

    The worm of the corkscrew features an inline groove, which allows you to cut through the cork smoothly and remove it without any squeaking. The double-hinge lever provides extra leverage and allows you to remove the cork very easily without destroying or bending the cork.

    The Gitko Waiters Corkscrew comes with a lifetime warranty and if there is any manufacturing defect or you are not happy with the product for some reason, the company will refund your entire amount, no questions asked.


    • Versatile 3-in-1 corkscrew that can be used as a bottle opener, for cutting foil and as a wine corkscrew.
    • Manufactured of stainless-steel that makes the corkscrew very durable.
    • Rosewood handle offers a comfortable grip.
    • Double-hinged lever offers extra leverage and comfortable handling.
    • Affordable.

    Where to Buy


    What Makes A Great Corkscrew

    wine key reviews

    As long as the cork comes out of the bottle without a hitch and the wine flows freely, most folks wouldnt complain about the nuances of corkscrew performance. In the absence of an appropriate tool, theres always the shoe method . Or another widely touted hack: using a standard house key .

    But since I was genuinely in search of the best corkscrew, each time I approached a new one I would ask myself a series of questions. Do I easily get the gist of how this device works, simply by looking at it? Is it cumbersome or awkward to wield? Does it have a comfortable grip? Can it successfully execute all steps involved, or are additional parts required? How smoothly does it extract, and does it inflict any noticeable damage to the cork in the process? How long does it take me to open the bottle?

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    The Best Corkscrews And Wine Keys According To Pros

    Finding a corkscrew or wine key that you vibe with can be difficult.

    Whats the difference between the two tools? A corkscrew has two arms that lift and a top pull that twists, allowing leverage to help pull up the cork. A wine key, sometimes called a waiters corkscrew, has a small knife and uses a metal fulcrum positioned on the lip of the bottle to create leverage to lift the cork up and out.

    A good wine key or corkscrew needs to be sharp enough to easily pierce through the cork, have a good grip and, above all, be easy to use. Often, poor quality corkscrews can damage corks, leaving little shards of wood in your glass, or can disintegrate your cork entirely, leaving you with little ability to open your wine.

    If youre in the market for a wine key or corkscrew, here are some that sommeliers swear by.

    Close Art Instructions Dialog

    You’re covered from every angle.

    Certain delivery

    It’s on time or it’s on us. If your event is missed because we didn’t ship on time, your order is free.

    Certain value

    If you find within 30 days of purchase that your order would’ve cost less elsewhere, let us know and we’ll refund double the difference.

    Certain happiness

    If you’re not 100% satisfied with your order, we’ll pay to pick it up and rerun it or refund your moneyyour choice.

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    The Best Corkscrew For Opening Wine

    • Even though we havent done new testing for this guide in a few years, we still believe the True Fabrications Truetap is the best corkscrew for most people.

    Although you can spend plenty of money on a gadgety wine opener, every wine expert we spoke to said they preferred a simple, double-hinged corkscrew. We especially like True Fabrications’ Truetap. Yes, it is a knockoff of the Pulltaps corkscrewthe corkscrew that most experts recommendbut in our tests, we found it to be similar in handling, one of the least expensive models we tried, and solidly built. And unlike the Pulltaps, it can ship from a reliable, local source.

    Our pick

    Just a few bucks gets you a reliable and easy-to-use manual opener. The double-hinge makes pulling the cork out of a bottle a simple process.

    Buying Options

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $6.

    Unlike wing corkscrews, the True Fabrications’ Truetap is compact, slim, and affordable, which means you can buy a couple and keep extras in your desk, glove compartment, or backyardso youre always ready to open up a bottle.

    The OXO is similar to the Truetap, but for a few bucks more, you get a soft grip that some might find more comfortable.

    Buying Options

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $15.

    Also great

    Easy to grab, easy to use, and inexpensive, you cant go wrong with this electric opener. It placed at the top in every category in which we tested it.

    Buying Options

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $20.

    The Bunny Ears Lever Corkscrew

    Printed Double Hinged Wine Key Corkscrews

    Easy to use but expensive.

    This is the best corkscrew for true beginners. Its easy to use and has the satisfaction of the pop of a cork included. The only real drawback to this opener is that lever corkscrews take up a lot of drawer space. And if you live in New York City, you understand that drawer space comes at a premium.

    Ogle at a 100-dollar corkscrew

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    How Do You Use A Wine Opener

    Your standard wine opener works by inserting a metal worm into the cork to pull out the cork smoothly, giving you full access to your favorite wine. A wine opener comes in many forms, though. A waiters key stabilizes the cork to help you remove it, while more automated wine openers will pop the cork without any effort from you.

    Present The Wine List

    Not every restaurant needs to serve dozens of wines or hire an in-house sommelier to be successful at selling wine. As long as you create a balanced wine list with a range of price points, you can make it work for you. For instance, if you own a casual eatery with a busy lunchtime crowd, a smaller wine list is appropriate. If you offer full dinner service, your guests may expect a more diverse wine list. Check out our wine list guide to learn more about creating the perfect list of wines.

    When all guests are seated, follow these steps to present the wine list:

    • Hand each guest a wine list – Present the wine list to each guest from their right side. Never place a wine list on the table. Instead, hand a list to each guest personally when they are comfortably seated.
    • Help guests with questions – Be prepared to answer any questions related to food pairings, wine quality, and wine vintages.
    • Take the order – After the table has chosen a wine, repeat the order back for confirmation.
    • Wines by the glass – Orders for individual glasses of wine are sent to the bar. After the bartender pours the wine, deliver the single glass to the table along with any other beverages. Single glasses don’t require the full wine service.
    • Wine bottles – Depending on the method of wine storage your restaurant uses, a manager may need to unlock a wine cabinet to retrieve full bottles.

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    Best Splurge: Turquoise Laguiole En Aubrac Waiters Corkscrew Wine Opener

    Courtesy of Amazon

    • Very expensive

    • Must be cleaned and maintained properly

    This beautifully designed classic corkscrew isnt just a great way to open wine in styleits also a stunning conversation piece to elevate your dining room décor. Youll want to prominently display this top-of-the-line wine opener from the iconic French artisan knife brand Laguiole, founded in 1829.

    The brand matters because quality matters, and Laguiole wine openers are outstanding and durable, says Chad Arnold, manager of Paul Marcus Wines in Oakland, California. Sure, its pricey, but Arnold adds, Im happy to pay for a quality product, and a quality wine opener is one that will get me through … lots of anniversaries, graduations and Tuesday afternoons.

    Featuring an eye-catching turquoise stone handle and durable Sandvik stainless steel, this masterpiece is handmade by a single master cutler from start to finish it’s adorned with the signature accents of the individual craftsman. The easy-to-use waiters corkscrew comes in an attractive storage box that makes it the perfect gift for the serious oenophile in your life.

    Whats Included: Corkscrew, storage box

    What Is Wine Service

    Wine Education & Pairings : How to Use a Double Pull Wine Key

    Wine service is the ritual of serving a whole bottle of wine to a table of guests. If a guest orders a single glass of wine, the full steps of service are not required. Most wines available by the glass are kept behind the bar, and the bartender pours the single glass for the server to deliver. Proper wine service by the bottle is performed at the table by the server.

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    Top White Wine Varietals And General Tasting Notes


    Tasting Notes: Wide range depending on stye lemon, apple, pear, bright fruits mango, pineapple, peach, tropical fruits vanilla, butter, baked goods, coconut

    Body: Medium

    Notable Growing Regions: France , Italy, California, New York, Australia

    Food Pairings: Fish, lightly seasoned chicken, soft cheeses

    Sauvignon Blanc

    Tasting Notes: Green fruits, lime, green bell pepper, pear stonefruit, kiwi, peach oaked, vanilla, coconut, butter

    Body: Medium to Medium-heavy

    Notable Growing Regions: France , Italy , New Zealand , California, Chile

    Food Pairings: White meats, chicken, pork white fish, shell fish, lobster, clams soft, sour cheese

    Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris*

    *The same grape, called Pinot Grigio in Italy, Pinot Gris in France

    Tasting Notes: Italian, lime, pear, sour apple France, lemon, honey, honeysuckle U.S., white nectarine, ripe stone fruits

    Body: Medium to Medium-heavy

    Notable Growing Regions: Italy, France, U.S.

    Food Pairings: Fresh fish, green salads, shellfish


    Tasting Notes: Varying styles Light, rose petal, underripe strawberry, limestone Medium, strawberry, summer fruits Heavy, ripe fruits, floral, spice hints

    Body: Light to Medium-heavy

    Notable Growing Regions: France, Spain, California, Italy

    Food Pairings: Dependent on style anything from light salads to barbecued meats

    Fruit Wine Market In : The High Demand For Fruit Wine Which Is Used In Various Applications Such As Household Commercial And Others Will Drive The Fruit Wine Market

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    The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

    Nov 08, 2021 —According to this latest study, in 2021 the growth of Fruit Wine Market will have significant change from previous year. Over the next five years the Fruit Wine Market will register a magnificent spike in CAGR in terms of revenue, In this study, 2020 has been considered as the base year and 2021 to 2026 as the forecast period to estimate the market size for Fruit Wine.

    Global Fruit Wine Market” 2021 Research Report provides key analysis on the market status of the Fruit Wine manufacturers with best facts and figures, meaning, definition, SWOT analysis, expert opinions and the latest developments across the globe. The Report also calculate the market size, Fruit Wine Sales, Price, Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share, cost structure and growth rate. The report considers the revenue generated from the sales of This Report and technologies by various application segments and Browse Market data Tables and Figures spread through 111 Pages and in-depth TOC on Fruit Wine Market.

    The Impact of COVID-19 on the global Fruit Wine market:

    Sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic had led to the implementation of stringent lockdown regulations across several nations resulting in disruptions in import and export activities of Fruit Wine.

    Final Report will add the analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on this industry.

    Top Key Players Operative in Fruit Wine Market

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    How Long Does Wine Last After You Open It

    This depends on the type of wine. Sparkling wines will go flat within a few hours of being exposed to air, while wines with more acidity will last up to five days in the refrigerator. A rule of thumb: The higher the acid, the longer the wine will last. That said, wines made in natural styles will have shorter lives once open because they generally do not contain preservatives.

    Glossary Of Wine Terminology

    Printed Double Hinged Wine Key Corkscrews

    We created this glossary of wine terminology for all wine lovers, especially our wine students. In this wine dictionary, you can find the most important wine terms and their definitions.

    Our Wine Dictionary

    acidity the liveliness and crispness in wine that activates our salivary glands

    aeration the deliberate addition of oxygen to round out and soften a wine

    aging holding wine in barrels, tanks, and bottles to advance them to a more desirable state

    alcohol ethanol , the product of fermentation of sugars by yeast

    anosmia the loss of smell

    appellation a legally defined region known to produce fine wine. See wine regions of the world.

    aroma the smell of wine, especially young wine

    astringent tasting term noting the harsh, bitter, and drying sensations in the mouth caused by high levels of tannin

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