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What Food Goes With White Wine

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Sauvignon Blanc Food Pairing Guide

Pairing Wine with Food – Basic Video Tutorial Tips on How to Match Wine and Food

Minerally sauvignon blancs

For instance: Sancerre, Pouilly Fumé and sauvignon blanc from Tasmania

This is the style Id pair with simple, barely seasoned ingredients such as raw and lightly cooked shellfish like oysters and shell-on prawns, fresh crab and simply grilled fish such as sea bass.

They also go well with dishes that contain raw or barely cooked tomato such as gazpacho, tomato consommé or tomato vinaigrettes and young goats’ cheeses – or salads that contain goats cheese and have an affinity with fresh herbs especially dill

And this style of sauvignon is a good wine match with Japanese dishes such as sushi and sashimi, seafood-based steamed and fried dim sum and smoked salmon, particularly if the smoke is delicate.

Citrussy sauvignon blancs

For instance: unoaked white Bordeaux, sauvignon blanc from the Adelaide Hills and Chilean sauvignon blanc.

I like this more citrussy style with grilled fish , especially oily fish such as sardines and mackerel, big garlicky prawns and chargrilled squid. They also pair well with fried fish like goujons, whitebait and fish and chips and with simply grilled chicken or lamb

In terms of ethnic cuisines they work well with Greek and Mexican food and other fresh-tasting dishes with avocados, tomatoes, green onions, olives and sharp cheeses like feta

They also pair well with cheeses flavoured with garlic and herbs such as Le Roulé and Boursin. And this, in my view, is the best type of sauvignon blanc to drink with globe artichokes.

Snacks Salads And Appetizers

Greek Sweet Potato FriesRoasting sweet potatoes concentrates their sweetness and caramelizes their natural sugars, making these a fantastic match for a toasty, ripe Chardonnay. This pairing is a terrific way to kick off to a fall or winter dinner. Serve the fries as finger food, with lots of napkins.

Its Time To Set The Table With Your Sauvignon Blanc Food Pairings

Now youre all set for dinner with these fabulous Sauvignon Blanc food pairing ideas. Whether you want a refreshing salad, some spicy Thai or Mexican food, a smoky fish dish, or a tart dessert, there is a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc that will perfectly balance it all out.

Try a minerally Sauv Blanc from Loire Valley, or a tart, fruity bottle from Marlborough. And, if youre looking for a versatile hard-hitter, our very own 2019 Little Sister Sauvignon Blanc from Halleck Vineyard has both acidic and mineral qualities. Its even very slightly oaked making it the best of all worlds!

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Apple Pie And A Gewrztraminer

Gewürztraminer is still considered a dry white wine, even though it is a little sweeter than its counterparts. One reason is that the wine is highly aromatic, which makes it taste sweeter than it actually is. Gewürztraminer is also known for having a delicious balance of fruit flavors and spice.

That balance is why gewürztraminer works so well with apple pie. After all, apple pie tends to combine fruit and spice as well. You should have at least a little cinnamon present. Many apple pie recipes will contain other spices too.

Having a similar balance of spice and fruit in your wine and in your meal is simply excellent. Creating this type of parallel between food and wine can create an unbeatable combination.

Food Pairing With Torronts

pairing wine a complete how to guide> A Complete How” alt=”Pairing Wine >> A Complete How”>

Foods of the spice route match wonderfully with Torrontés wine and the sweet styles will cut spice. by Steel Wool

With its light aromatic style and Torrontés is an excellent match with the foods of the spice route . Torrontés makes a great match alongside coconut curries and Thai spice peanut dishes. In terms of intensity of food, opt for light colored meats such as poultry, fish and tofu because they wont overwhelm the delicate flavor, aroma and acidity in the wine.

Feta, Gruyere, Swiss Cheese, Paneer Cheese, Pecorino, Asiago, Manchego, Farmers Cheese
Cilantro, Thai Basil, Mint, Shiso, Parsley, Chives, Sichuan Pepper, Ginger, Shallot, Cayenne Pepper, Turmeric, Ajwain, Gram Masala, Coriander, Cumin, Lemon, Hot Sauce
Butternut Squash, Summer Squash, Yam, Potato Cucumber, Carrot, Zucchini, Snap Peas, Radish, Red Pepper, Green Onion, Onion, Cauliflower, Fresh Grapes, Citrus Fruits, Coconut, Mango

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Goat Cheese And Sancerre

This pairing is a great example of combining a regional wine with a local delicacy. The classical home of the now ubiquitous Sauvignon Blanc grape, Sancerre is also renowned for producing delicious, tangy goat cheese. The intense flavors and electric acidity of Sancerre cut through the creamy cheese, while its signature minerality mingles with the saltiness of the cheese. Its an ideal combo to kick off a meal, either as a pre-dinner aperitif or with the cheese starring in a simple arugula salad, which, in turn, highlights the wines grassy notes.

Bruschetta With Basil And Tomato Sauce

Bruschetta makes an easy base for countless finger foods and appetizers. Of course, its the toppings that you use on the bruschetta that determine the best wines to match with the finger food.

When you use basil and tomato sauce, you end up with similar flavors to a margherita pizza, with much less effort. Because the finger food is Italian themed anyway, you could easily pair it with an Italian red wine blend. Or, if you want something different, how about a cabernet sauvignon or merlot?

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All About Pinot Grigio

Pinot grigio, known as pinot gris in France, is a crisp, refreshing, dry white wine, with popular varieties grown in Italy, France and the USA. One of Americas favourite wines, this light, zesty grape pairs beautifully with fish, chicken and mild creamy cheeses.

Younger pinot grigio grapes yield notes of lime, green apple, and lemon, changing to pear, white nectarine and white peach as they ripen. Depending on where the grapes are grown, they may offer hints of almond, honeysuckle, honey, salinity, cloves, ginger or other spices. These wines also have a medium-high to high acidity, which cuts through the fruit, keeping things clean and crisp.

Although most commonly associated with Italy, the pinot grigio grape actually originated in France, where it is thought to have been a mutation of the pinot noir grape. Unlike most white wine grapes, it is not green, but a shade of bluish grey, which is where it gets the name grigio or gris. Pinot gris grapes, as they are known in France, have been grown in Burgundy since the Middle Ages, and the wine is said to have been a favourite of Emperor Charles IV, ruler of the Holy Roman Empire from 1355 to 1378.

French pinot grigio, or pinot gris, is richer and more full-bodied, with notes of honey and spices. It also tends to have greater cellaring and ageing potential.

Finally What Grows Together Goes Together

Food & White Wine Matching, Wine Pairing Tips – Back to Basics

Its a very romantic idea the notion that wines made in a particular region will go spectacularly well with ingredients grown in, or dishes unique to, the same place.

But while this rule certainly isnt a bad place to start it doesnt help much when pairing with foods from non-traditional winemaking countries. The good news is that whether youre experimenting with kimchi, sauerkraut, Levantine cuisine or Peruvian ceviche the basic rules of balancing flavours remain the same, so have fun by experimenting with different texture and flavour combinations.

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Chardonnay And Shrimp Scampi

Heres a fun example of using a dry white with shellfish. Shrimp scampi is a buttery pasta dish that gets some flavor from the sauce and the rest from the shrimp. Chardonnay is a perfect pairing for both of these aspects of the dish, helping to highlight the creaminess of the meal without overwhelming any of the flavors.

You could even turn to a white burgundy, which is a specific type of chardonnay that comes from the Burgundy region in France. White burgundy is often thought to be the best type of chardonnay, so once you try it, you might not want to go back.

Pairing Wine And Cheese

We dont think there are too many surprises in our guide to pairing wine and cheese. The list below mainly obeys the principle: if it grows together, it goes together. Cheese and wine is like many other food and wine pairings, there are so many types of cheese from all around the world. And the cheeses all have unique characteristics in terms of fat, flavour and texture. Use our basic pairing rules to try out your own wine and cheese pairings at home.

Wine and Cheese

Wine and cheese pairing basics:

  • If it grows together, it goes together.
  • Fatty cheese prefers a tannic wine
  • Acidic/salty cheese prefers an acidic wine

Chablis vs Chardonnay. The Best Wine to Pair with Camembert

Best resources for pairing wine and cheese

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Dont Be Afraid Of Age

Sweet wines can be some of the most age-worthy options around, bolstered and preserved by bountiful sugar. As wines age, they typically gain tertiary flavors like mushroom, nuts, and forest floor, which can integrate a sweet wine into a savory pairing more naturally. Thats what allows an old white Pineau des Charentes to pair beautifully even with a light, raw oyster dish, for instance.

Cabernet Sauvignon Pairs With Steak And Other Red Meats

Some Of The Best Foods To Eat With White Wine

Although any red wine tastes great with red meat, theres nothing more decadent than Cabernet Sauvignon and a nice cut of beef. This wine is high in tannins and has a bold, fruity profile. Since red meats are rich, the fats can help balance the flavours.

If youre looking for a well-rounded meal, you cant go wrong with this pairing. The sweet wine will lighten the heaviness of the meat. Youll walk away feeling perfectly satisfied.

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On Finding Great Torronts Wine

Torrontés is an that originated in Argentina. Torrontés is an ideal wine to match with Asian and Indian cuisine due to its sweet floral aromas of rose petals and flavors of white peach and lemon zest. The wine smells sweet, but is usually made in a dry style and the best Torrontés wines come from the high elevation vineyards in Salta, Argentina. Find out more about this rare and special wine


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White Wines And Lighter Foods

When youre having a lighter dish such as fish or a simple salad a bottle of white will pair nicely. Here are a few ideas to pair with your dry and sweet whites:

  • A dry, light white wine, such as Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, and Vermentino, pairs well with herby, spicy food. It also pairs well with beans and peas as well as dark, leafy greens such as kale. For meat, stuck with a mild flavored fish like cod, trout, or bass.
  • A rich, slightly sweet white wine like Chardonnay or Sémillon works well with mushrooms, soft cheeses, lobster or shellfish, and poultry.
  • With a sweet Moscato or Riesling, you want to stick with starchy food and sweet flavors like caramel and fruit. A cured meat like prosciutto or bacon also plays well with a sweet white.
  • You know what goes well with any food? Champagne or any sparkling wine especially cheeses, oysters, mussels, and clams.

Pairing Wine With Food: A Simple Guide

6 Basic Rules For Pairing Food With Wine (Video)

Ever wondered which white wine to match with your pasta? Or curious as to the best reds for steak night? Get clued-up with our handy guide to food and wine pairings.

This useful infographic is brought to you by our BBC Good Food Wine Club and simplifies pairing food with wine to show you popular flavour combinations that work well. Make your favourite BBC Good Food recipes at home before using our guide to decide on the best bottle of red, white or sparkling wine to pair with your food.

Everyones perceptions of wine flavours are entirely different. Whether you enjoy a full-bodied red or a dry white wine, the characteristics of each tend to match certain food groups. For example, the bright and acidic notes in a bottle of sauvingon blanc go wonderfully with the sharp, salty taste of goats cheese so pairing with a goats cheese tart will taste delicious. Similarly, the full-bodied nature of malbec leaves behind notes of black plum in your mouth and such sweet flavours balance perfectly with a well-seasoned sirloin steak.

To get the best out of this guide, choose your favourite wine and then type the name of the paired dish into the search bar on BBC Good Food to find your favourite dishes. Weve also rounded up the best wine racks for safely storing your bottles.

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The Most Iconic Food And White Wine Pairings And Why They Work So Well

When holding a wine list at a restaurant, the pressure is on. Picking the right wine to pair with a meal can be a daunting scenario for many diners.

Heres the good news: As someone who worked as a chef for several years, and who now works with wine, I strongly believe you should drink what you like to drink with whatever it is youre eating.

That said, certain dishes can be infinitely improved with the right wine pairing. Like a gastronomic Johnny Cash and June Carter, these iconic couples are ones every budding gourmand should try at least once, if only to understand why food and wine pairing is such a common topic.


When it comes to matching food and wine, there are two schools of thought. Both achieve wildly successful results, though they cant always be applied interchangeably. In each case, food is the North Star guiding the selection of wine.

The first philosophy works by doubling down on the main flavor profile of the dish. So, if youre eating something thats highly acidic, such as ceviche, you might pair with a similarly acidic wine, like Sauvignon Blanc. The same thought process applies for drinking sweet wines with dessert.

Ready to sample some gastronomical matches made in heaven? Here are five of the worlds most iconic food and white wine pairings, and why they work.

Riesling With Vegetarian Food

Vegetarian food and wine pairing is often a little bit tricky, but there are many good lovely pairings. An off-dry Riesling is especially good with many Indian vegetarian and vegan dishes. The Indian cuisine is known for its many flavourful vegetarian dishes. A refreshing Riesling is good options for these dishes.To learn more about the best wine for vegetarian dishes, we recommend our wine guide for vegetarian food.

Tips! When it comes to salads and vegetables, it is better to choose a dry Riesling.

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Sangiovese Pairs With Pizza And Other Tomato

Since pizza, pasta, and other tomato-based dishes are Italian, it only makes sense to pair these foods with a glass of good Italian wine. The reason why Italian wines work well with tomato is because they help complement the acidity. Other wines have the potential to leave a metallic aftertaste in your mouth.

The older the Sangiovese wine is, the fruitier it gets. Before you take your first sip, take some time to appreciate the subtle scents of figs, cherries, and roses.

Our Top 10 Unmissable Portuguese Food And Wine Pairings

Wine &  Food Pairings: White Wine

As you probably know by now, we’re big fans of Portugal! Whether you’re visiting either of her major cities, Lisbon or Porto, we’ve created guides to help you experience the wine culture there to the fullest. One thing we haven’t touched on is something integral to Portuguese culture the food and most importantly, what to drink with it! Portugal has a remarkably diverse diet for such a small country, having adopted many exotic herbs, spices and foods from around the world throughout its history. Portugal combines the best of the Atlantic Ocean with strong Mediterranean influences and the aforementioned variety of spices, chilies and herbs from the rest of the world. Better yet, Portuguese people love to eat! So whether you’re visiting Portugal itself or trying to recreate something you tried on holiday, read on for some advice on which wines will bring out the best in the dish.Visiting Lisbon? Make sure to read our Essential Wine Guide to Discovering Portuguese Wine in Lisbon

Portuguese Seafood and Wine Pairings

The Dish: BacalhauThe Wine: EncruzadoThe Dish: Arroz de TamborilThe Wine: Vinho Verde AlvarinhoThe Dish: Grilled FishThe Wine: Arinto

Portuguese Meat Dishes and Wine Pairings

The Dish: Wild Boar StewThe Wine: Red Douro BlendsThe Dish: Porco Preto SausagesThe Wine: BagaThe Dish: Posta MirandesaThe Wine: Castelão

Portuguese Desserts and Wine Pairings

The Dish: Queijo da SerraThe Wine: Vintage PortThe Dish: Bolo ReiThe Wine: Moscatel de Setubal

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