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Is Dual Zone Wine Cooler Worth It

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Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Edgestar Wine Cooler Repair

This is a standalone wine fridge, so you cant build it into cabinets. That said, Wine Enthusiast sells other models that can be built in. The Classic 80 also has a rear vent, so youll need to install it somewhere theres ample ventilation space around the fridge .

All wine fridges hold less than what they say they will, and the Classic 80 is no different. Tilden told us that certain upgrade Wine Enthusiast fridges offer shelves with more space to fit larger bottles, and we cover these in the Competition section.

Technically, you can reverse the handle on the Classic 80, but you will lose the lock function because you essentially will have to turn the door upside down.

There arent a ton of reviews for this fridge, and people on forums like Wine Berserkers and Reddit dont have much to say about the line . If you have any feedback on this fridge, please let us know in our comments section below.

Nfinity S Dual Zone Wine Cellar

The NFINITY S Dual Zone Wine Cellar is an elegant, modern solution for storing and serving your favorite wines. Equal parts function and form, the S Dual Zone is as much a showpiece as it is a high-performing cooling unit. With a 46-bottle capacity, the NFINITY S is ideal for growing collections. It comes equipped with state-of-the-art Embraco compressor cooling technology, and boasts numerous features like handsome wood shelves, modern touchscreen controls, and a stainless steel door.

Who Make The Best Wine Coolers

The Best Wine Coolers and Fridges, According to Sommeliers and Winemakers

  • Wine Enthusiast 32-Bottle Dual Zone MAX Compressor Wine Cooler.
  • Ivation 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Red and White Wine Cooler.
  • EdgeStar CWF380DZ 19 Inch Wide 38 Bottle Wine Cooler.
  • Koolatron 20 Bottle Single Zone Freestanding Wine Refrigerator.

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What Brand Wine Fridge Is Best

Store your wine like a pro.

  • Best Overall: Frigidaire 38-Bottle Wine Cooler at Home Depot.
  • Best Compact: NutriChef 15-Bottle Refrigerator at Amazon.
  • Best Single-Zone: Kalamera Built-in Wine Cooler at Amazon.
  • Best Built-In: Wine Enthusiast Vinotheque Cafxe9 at Houzz.
  • Best Features: Ivation Built-In Wine Cooler at Walmart.

Upgradedaaobosi 15 Inch Wine Cooler

NewAir Silent Wine Cooler 32 Bottle Capacity Dual Zone ...
  • Exquisite DesignWith Seamless Stainless Steel Frame and Double Tempered Glass Door, the built-in or freestanding wine cooler looks classy and fashion,making it perfectly match any home décor,club,cafe or restaurants.
  • Quiet OperationBuilt-in professional & powerful compressor,the built-in wine refrigerator runs quietly with a low operating noise of 42 dB and energy saving.
  • Dual Zone Wine RefrigeratorYou can customize the temperature by touching the control panel.
  • 28 Bottles CapacityThe dual zone wine cooler can store up to 28 bottles of your favorite wine.
  • Upgraded ModelThanks to the temperature memory function, the set temperature is restored after it is back on from power lost.

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Wine Enthusiast Silent 32 Bottle Dual Zone Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator

Epicurious chose this wine fridge as their choice for the most affordable dual-zone cellar and a good choice for beginners. Although it is said to be almost as good as silent, you’ll lose that feature if you place it under a counter as the unit does require venting. The unit is split into two 16 bottle zones to keep red and white wines separate. The fridge is energy-efficient and CFC-free, although it cannot be sold to homes in California due to that state’s energy efficiency standards. The unit is attractive with smoked-glass doors and a stainless steel finish and LED lighting.

You can purchase the unit from Wine Enthusiast’s website for about $369. Shipping is free.

Wine Enthusiast Classic 70 Dual Zone Wine Cellar

With two cooling zones, the Wine Enthusiast Classic 70 is the ideal budget-friendly wine-serving solution. This cooler has a generous, 70-bottle capacity, making it perfect for serving from even the most diverse wine collections. It also features elegant, modern construction with blue LED lighting that makes it a fantastic showpiece. Tinted, triple pane glass means that this wine cooler offers both optimum performance and robust energy-saving technology.

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Why Buy A Wine Cooler Anyway

First of all, if youre serious about the wine you drink, then youll want to store your wines in the best possible way to ensure their longevity and flavor. Buying a wine cooler offers the best preservation of wines because the appliance itself is made specifically for them. You wont have to deal with the hassle of where youll store your bottles of reds and white, and instead, you can have a designated space for them, all while having a unique appliance that adds so much to your household.

Wine coolers themselves can be either built-in or freestanding, which means you can place one into an empty space under the counter, into an old trash-compactor spot, or up against the wall to fill a blank space! With other features that wine coolers have to offer, its much more than just a place for your wines its a great purchase to show others that you mean business.

Shop for Wine Coolers Here

Top 1 Akdy 12 Bottles Dual Zone Reversible Freestanding Wine Cooler

EdgeStar 26 Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel Built-In Wine Cooler- CWR262DZ

AKDY 12 Bottles

This 12 bottle Akdy wine cooler is the perfect storage for yourwines. It is equipped with an advanced thermoelectric system to keep theinterior and maintain even circulation.

This dual-zone unit is a better option for those interested inkeeping few red and white wines at optimal temperatures. And it comes at a reasonablyfair price.

The Akdy wine cooler is designed to add a touch of elegance to yourkitchen and other locations. This polished black cooler features a clearlayered glass door that further protects the interior temperature and keepsyour wines properly stored.

Even better, it features an interior LED light to illuminate yourwine selection for easy access even in the dark.


  • Not suitable for built-in/ under counter installation

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Wine Enthusiast 272 18 05 Silent Dual Zone Wine Cooler For 18 Bottles With Upright Bottle Storage

This Wine Enthusiast wine chiller is a beautiful, dual-zone wine cooler that can hold up to 18 bottles. Its sleek design matches any interior.

This wine cooler can be used as a standalone unit or in conjunction with other units. It is small enough to fit into tight spaces.

The wine coolers most wine coolers outstanding feature is its upright bottle storage. This will allow you to cool down wine bottles that have been opened.

Temperature zones are ideal for the preservation of red and white wine. They can be divided into a 10-bottle area with temperatures between 54-66degF and an eight-bottle region with 46-66degF.


  • Thermoelectric wine coolers: This wine cooler produces virtually no vibrations and is completely silent thanks to its thermoelectric cooling technology.
  • Touchscreen commands: You can set the temperature range you desire quickly using the touchscreen commands.
  • Proper bottle storage is ideal for keeping an open bottle at the right temperature.
  • This wine cooler is elegant: its stunning design can make any interior look more elegant.


  • The wine coolers bottom zone doesnt have light, so large bottles might not work well.

Reasons To Get A Wine Cooler

If youre not sure yet whether this is the new appliance your home needs, lets tell you why one of the best wine cooler products should feature in your home. Firstly, realize that your normal fridge simply isnt the right option anymore not if youre serious about enjoying wine optimally, or if youre embarking on a new hobby. A normal fridge cant store wine at the appropriate temperatures or cater for different wines that need different temperatures.

A wine cooler is also made to prevent your wine bottles corks from drying out. Did you know your refrigerator pulls out the moisture so the air is dry? In contrast, a cooler traps it inside, so your corks stay moist enough. It effectively manages humidity, such as the Ivation 24 Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel Wine Cooler mentioned above with its effective seals. So, you just need to open a bottle, dispence and aerate your wine and then enjoy a perfect drink.

In creating these ideal conditions, a cooler becomes the perfect place for your wine to age. You can see that it serves many functions, making it a good investment for anyone that enjoys a glass of white or red.

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What Types Of Two Zone Wine Coolers Are There

Once you decide buying on a dual zone, its important to understand the different types of wine refrigerators you can buy for your home. You will see these terms: freestanding, built-in, undercounter, and countertop.

A freestanding wine refrigerator is just that, it stands on its own. It can be placed anywhere in your home. You just plug it in and you are done. This is what we had in our condo in the US. A built-in wine cooler slides into an open space in a cabinet. Normally these care undercounter wine fridges. This means they fit into the space between the countertop and the floor. A countertop wine fridge is one that is generally smaller and meant to fit on top of a kitchen counter or other table top.

Choosing between these types of wine refrigerators, most of them just require you to measure the space you have available. The exception is a built-in wine cooler. If you plan on adding a wine cooler into an existing cabinet space it is important to buy one that is meant to be a built-in wine fridge. There are certain considerations for a built-in fridge, most notable is the type of cooling system.

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What Temperature Should A Dual Zone Wine Fridge Be Set At

Best Dual Zone Wine Cooler Reviews

Dualzone wine refrigeratorswinetemperaturesSettemperaturewinesetwinewineswines

. Furthermore, what temperature should a wine fridge be set at?

Typically, white wines should be stored in the temperature range of 46°F to 56°F and red wines will be stored between 58°F to 68°F. The best way to accommodate both wines within the same unit is to purchase a dual zone wine cooler.

Subsequently, question is, what temperature should a drinks fridge be? It is usual for wine coolers to run at a higher internal temperature of between 6 – 8 degrees . Recommended serving temperatures: White wine – 7-14°C. Red wine – 10-19°C.

Then, do I need a dual zone wine fridge?

The rule of thumb is the lighter the wine, the colder it should be served and the bigger the wine, the warmer it should be served. So these dual zone units allow you to have a section for white wine service and an additional section you can use for either storage or red wine service.

Is a wine fridge worth it?

That’s why a wine refrigerator, where you can control the temperature of your wine is a worthy investment.

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Vinotemp Wine Storage Credenza

If you’re not sold on the idea of having a freestanding wine fridge in your home, and you don’t have room to do a built-in, why not one that fits in with your decor? Vinotemp makes a 38-bottle wine storage credenza that has two independently controlled fridge sections. Aside from being a cool piece of furniture, it holds 18 wine glasses in the central stemware racks and includes three storage draws to place all your wine accessories in.

It has three pull-out service shelves, dual compressor cooling systems, and a beautiful wood exterior with a mahogany finish. Dual-paned glass doors and soft interior lights help protect and display your wine collection.

Available directly from Vinotemp for $1,995 plus $439 in shipping costs.

Newair Dual Zone Wine Cooler Built In Refrigerator With 29 Bottle

  • Designed to fit compactly under standard kitchen counters, this best dual zone wine cooler has 29 standard wine bottle capacities with dual zone cooling for both reds and whites. A discreet front venting compressor system keeps it working silently while an elegant stainless steel finish blends in seamlessly with your cabinetry or stands alone.
  • Make your kitchen the heart of entertaining by storing fine wines at their perfect drinking temperature in this stylish, compact wine refrigerator. The front-mounted compressor means you can keep it out of sight or let it stand alone without compromising on space, so it stays cool and out of the way.
  • The NewAir 15 Built-In Dual Zone 29 Bottle Wine Fridge offers professional-level temperature control, glass doors with UV protectants to keep wines fresh for longer. The classy design transitions well in any type of kitchen or wine cellar. The strong cooling system has an ultra-quiet operation that will not disrupt your events or chores. Store up to 29 bottles of wine independently at their personalized serving temperatures with the NewAir professional-quality wine cooler!

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How Many Bottles Can Be Stored In The White & Red Wine Zone

The two temperature zones have equal storage space. The top section designed to keep red wines in it between 41 55°F can accommodate 15 normal size bottles .

The lower compartment has space for 15 white/sparkling wines . here you can adjust the temperature between 41 55°F.

The shelf size differs in this zone: the bottom shelf is larger so you can place bottles in two rows, while the upper shelf is a bit tight due to the closeness of the control panel.

TIP: Browse our list of the Best Dual Zone Wine Cellar in 2021!

How Long Will Wine Last In A Wine Fridge

Best Wine Coolers Review

All wines have different shelf lives if kept at cellar temperature, says Thompson. A well-maintained, working wine fridge should be able to keep bottles fresh for as long as they need to be kept. It really depends on the type of wine and your personal preference. Beautiful rosé wine should be drunk within a year of release for optimal freshness. Light white wines such as Soave and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc should be drunk within 2-3 years. White wines such as Chablis, Napa Chardonnay, Sancerre, or Gavi di Gavi, can be very long lived and will only get better with age, Thompson says. I like to drink light red wines like Pinot Nero, Schiava, or Etna Rosso within five years of release, depending on the vintage that year. Medium to full bodied reds range from 5 years to 50 years. Cronk, whose winery Mirabeau produces Provencal rosés, says that rosé in particular will certainly do better in a wine fridge due to its sensitivity to light and temperature. She recommends storing any particularly beloved rosés in a wine fridge where they can age with grace.

Ready to choose a fridge to house your burgeoning wine collection? Weve rounded up some of the best wine fridges for every budget.

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From Left To Right Youll Find These Buttons:

  • Cabinet Light Switch tap it to turn on or off the LED interior light
  • °F/°C Selector press it to set the cooler to display temperature in the desired unit: Fahrenheit or Celsius Degree.
  • Temperature Icon
  • DOWN
  • Power Switch press it to turn on/off the fridge.

The buttons on the right side control the bottom zone while the left side buttons and screen belong to the top zone.

You can distinctly see the numbers in white on the LED readout.

What Is A Bordeaux Wine Bottle

Most people are familiar with the term Bordeaux to the extent that its a famous wine region in France. But a lot of the wine coolers reference Bordeaux wine bottles what does that mean?

Bordeaux wine bottles are a standardized wine bottle size that hold 750 ml of fluid. Its the most commonly used bottle type and is thin and elegant.

This is important because most wine cooler manufacturers will tell you how many bottles their units hold in terms of Bordeaux bottles. That means you wont be able to store as many if you have a bunch of larger bottle sizes in your collection.

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Single Zone Vs Dual Zone Wine Fridges

Single zone fridges have the entire cooler set to the same temperature. Consider it if you only want to store one type of wine.

If you foresee yourself storing a mixture of red and white wine or even champagne, youll need a dual-zone cooler. Here you can set different temperatures for the separate storage sections. Below is a brief guide on the preferred storage temperatures for wines:

  • Light to medium red wines at 54°F and 61°F .
  • Full-bodied wines at 63°F and 66°F .
  • Dry whites at 46°F to 54°F .

Consider the dual cooler Phiestina Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator if you need a multi-type wine cooler. It holds 33 wine bottles.

What To Look For In A Wine Fridge

Ivation 29

If you’ve decided you’re the type of wine drinker that needs a wine fridge, there are a few things to consider. First, of course, is price. Wine coolers can run as low as $100 and as much as a used car depending on the make, size, and features.

If Im looking for a wine fridge for everyday wine such as Picpoul, Albariño or Soave, cold is the key. Sure, these are fine at proper temp, but they are super refreshing summer crushers when icy cold, says sommelier Aaron Thompson of Osteria Stella in Knoxville, TN. If thats your style, then you dont need to spend a lot. Youre essentially purchasing a more elegant version of the drink fridge your friends parents had in the garage. Its a dedicated wine fridge that holds bottles at a drink-ready temperature. With that in mind, Thompson says, Id keep the red wine out of cheap fridges and just set the temp to 45-50 degrees for rosè, white, and sparkling.

If, on the other hand, you want to keep red wines at a cellar-appropriate temperature, then, youll want a dual temperature zones as opposed to a single-zone fridge. People who are a little more than casual drinkers should look into dual-zone fridges, which allow you to set one part at 45 degrees and another at 55, says Slover. Keep your red at the higher temperature and your white at the colder temperature so they are ready to serve.

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