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How To Use A Wine Opener

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Using A Winged Corkscrew

Wine Advice : How to Open Wine With a Lever Opener
  • 1Lower the corkscrewâs levers. This type of corkscrew will have two long levers positioned on the sides of a center ring. Inside the ring there will be a long metal spiral , controlled by a tab at the top that can be twisted. Start by lowering the wings toward the center ring. The worm should rise simultaneously.XResearch source
  • 2Place the center ring over the cork. The center ring will be just a little wider than the opening of a standard wine bottle, so it should fit easily. The wings should stay down.XResearch source
  • If the opening of your wine bottle is covered in foil, remove this first.
  • 3Turn the center tab clockwise. The sharp tip of the worm will pierce the cork. As you turn the tab, the worm will continue to wind its way into the cork. Keep turning gently until the wings are raised all the way up toward the tab.XResearch source
  • 4Fold the levers back down. Grasp the levers with one or both hands and gently lower them back towards the sides of the corkscrew and the bottle. As you push them down, the cork will start to come out like magic! If the cork doesnât come quite all the way out, gently twist and rock it side to side until it is fully removed. Enjoy your wine!XResearch source
  • Use your free hand to hold the bottle in place if you have to pull the cork out at all.
  • Donât forget to to unscrew the cork from the worm before putting your corkscrew away.
  • How To Use An Electric Wine Opener

    The electric-wine opener is worked by one single switch. The switch has two capacities. First press the very lower-some portion of the change to expel a cork from a bottle.

    After you have expelled the whole cork from the bottle, press the upper-some portion of the change to discharge a cork from the mechanism. Before evacuating the plug, you should expel any foil from the jug utilizing the shaper gave.

    Spot the electric-wine opener over the wine-bottle ensuring that it stays as upstanding as conceivable consistently. On the off chance that you hold the electric-wine opener at a point to the container, it wont evacuate the cork appropriately.

    Make a point to hold the opener solidly and quit squeezing the lower-some portion of the switch. Now the worm should turn in a clock-wise-bearing and enter the wine cork, and after that gradually pull it from the wine bottle.

    When the entire opening procedure has halted the wine, the stopper has been expelled. What you need to do is lift the opener from the container. To evacuate the whole stopper, essentially quit squeezing the upper-part of the corkscrew switch.

    The winding will turn an anti-clockwise way and discharge the stopper. Continuously return the opener to the energizing stand when completed with it. This will ensure the component while it isnt being used.

    Can You Open A Wine Bottle With A Lighter

    You can open wines with lighter, this is how you do it. You light the wine, put it in your mouth, close your lips, hold the light over the top of your teeth, wait for it to warm up, pull back your tongue, blow out the candle, open the mouth wide, breathe in deeply, exhale slowly, repeat. If you dont have a light, youll need to use the torch method. Open the cap of a bottle of wine using a torch. Hold the tip of what youre holding over your nose, let it warm, inhale deeply and exhales slowly. Repeat. Use a candle to toast bread. Light the candles, place the bread on a plate, pour the oil over it and let sit for about five minutes.

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    How To Use A Waiter’s Corkscrew:

  • Start by cutting the foil under the lip of the bottle
  • Remove the foil from the bottle neck
  • Place the worm on the center of the cork and twist the corkscrew to insert the worm into the cork
  • Place the first, small boot lever notch on the lip of the bottle and hold it in place
  • Lever the handle up to pull the cork about halfway out of the bottle
  • Move the second boot lever notch to the tip of the bottle and pull the cork the rest of the way out of the bottle
  • To remove the cork from the worm, reverse the corkscrew motion while holding onto the cork
  • How To Use A Wing Corkscrew: : Buy 1pcs Stainless Steel Bottle Opener ...
  • Start by cutting the foil under the lip of the bottle
  • Cut the foil around the neck of the bottle
  • Remove the foil and insert the worm into the center of the cork
  • Twist the corkscrew lever to insert the worm into the cork. Continue twisting until the wings rise all the way up
  • Once the wings have risen, push down on them simultaneously to pull the cork out of the bottle
  • To remove the cork from the corkscrew simply turn the handle counterclockwise
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    Why Use Wine Opener

    Wine opener is a very important tool for every wine drinker.

    With the help of wine opener, you can open your wine bottle in a very simple way.

    In addition to this, you can also enjoy your wine with your friends

    and family members. Here are the reasons why you should use a wine opener:

  • You can save money.
  • You can enjoy your wine more.
  • You can be safe when drinking wine.
  • You can avoid any damage on your bottles.
  • You can easily clean your wine glasses.
  • You can keep your wine fresh longer.
  • You can prevent your wine from getting spoiled.
  • You can reduce the risk of injury while drinking wine.
  • You can enjoy your favorite wine anytime.
  • How To Use A Tabletop Corkscrew Puller

    A tabletop corkscrew puller can be attached to you guessed it a table or counter for sturdiness and support. It provides added torque and can remove screws faster and with less effort than any other types of corkscrews. The tabletop corkscrew is ideal for high-volume establishments like bars and restaurants.

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    Which Type Of Wine Bottle Opener Is Right For You


    Whether youre throwing a cocktail party or opening a bottle to enjoy this evening, having the right kind of wine opener for you is key.

    Youre probably thinking, Ive opened hundreds of bottles before, whats the big deal? Well, were here to tell you that not all corkscrews and wine openers are created equal. Some might open bottles in a cinch, others might fit in your pocket for travel there are many different types of openers and were to help you find the best one for you.

    How To Use Air Pressure Wine Openers

    How to use a Screwpull Lever Wine Opener | Williams-Sonoma

    A more expensive option that delivers great results is the air pressure wine opener. A hollow needle needs to be inserted down the cork and at the press of a button CO2 will be released from the inner cartridge and push out the cork from the bottleneck.

    Minimal physical force is required to operate such a wine opener. And it is also capable of removing the cork with insane quickness when compared to other wine openers. The downside that is very obvious is the fact that it can only be used a limited amount of times before you need to replace the cartridge. It lasts anywhere between 80 to 100 uses making it a more expensive option. If you drink a lot of expensive wine, then you wont think twice before getting yourself an air pressure wine opener.

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    How To Use A Corkscrew Without A Lever

    A corkscrew without a lever is also called a pocket corkscrew or a travel corkscrew. It is a subset of the screwpull corkscrew category and is one of the most affordable options youll find. Instead of a wide handle to grip onto, it has a simple circle thats big enough for you to slip your finger into to pull up. This type of corkscrew includes a cover, so you can slip it into your purse or pocket and take it with you wherever you go.

    The corkscrew without a lever mainly uses a driller and a cylindrical container. The cylindrical container of the driller is placed on top of the driller, creating a T-position. The container then serves as a handler for twisting the driller downwards.

    How Do You Open A Corona Without A Bottle Opener

    Just slip both sides of this thin piece of metal under either the lid or cap, lift up until you see the opening, slide the top of your bottle out, turn the screw down, unscrew the caps, pour the contents into a glass, enjoy! This article is about opening a corona bottle with the help of only a single prongs. If you want to open the coronas with two pricks, please read the article below.

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    What Is Waiters Friend

    A waiters friend is designed to be used with the corkscrew of a wine bottle. This is done by placing the blade against top of bottle and pulling the handle toward the user. Once the tip of blade is inserted into the mouth of glass, there is no need to hold the knife in hand. Instead, holding the wine glass in both hands, simply rotate the wrist to pull the lever. As the glass is rotated, pressure is applied to remove the cap. No special tools are required. However, since the design is quite simple, many people have tried to make their own waiters friends. Some of them are quite impressive.

    How To Use A Durand Wine Opener

    Top 10 Stainless Wine Opener in 2020 Review
  • Take the corkscrew piece of the Durand and insert into the wine cork in the same fashion as a typical corkscrew.
  • Twist the corkscrew straight down and continue until the entire corkscrew is inside the cork, and the metal handle reaches the lip of the bottle.
  • Insert the ah so perpendicular to the corkscrews metal handle, and then shimmy the two prongs in between the cork and the bottle neck. The handle on the corkscrew and the ah so will form an X.
  • Twist both pieces together clockwise or counter-clockwise while pulling slowly up.
  • Pour your old wine and enjoy.
  • You can see the Durand and the ah so cork puller in action in our Jordan Uncorked video series.

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    For Home Or Business/restaurant Use

    Just as people prefer different wine styles for different occasions, where a corkscrew is being used will also matter. If you only open a wine bottle during special occasions, even a simple pocket corkscrew will do. However, if multiple bottles need to be opened consecutively like in a restaurant situation, then an electric model becomes your best option.

    Look As Cool As A Wine Connoisseur Next Time You Open An Older Wine

    The biggest challenge with opening a bottle of wine is making sure the cork doesnt break. The older a bottle of wine is, the harder it is to keep that cork from breaking. Why? When corks get old, they crumble. Wine corks are simply the natural, fibrous tissue of a cork tree just below its bark, and they cant hold their near-impermeability for eternity. A wine corks lifespan is typically shorter than a bottle of fine red wine, as a corks structural integrity will start to degrade after about ten years. Thats why there is a special wine cork extractor specifically for old wines called the ah so. This video by Jordan Winery demonstrates how to use an ah so wine openera two-prong wine opener that uses one longer and one shorter prong to extract the cork rather than a spiral corkscrew. Follow these steps to open a bottle like a pro with an ah so.

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    What Is The Best Wine Opener To Use

    The best wine opener is largely dependent on your preferences, style, and budget. Where some wine lovers prefer smaller, portable wine openers, others may prefer bar-mounted corkscrews. Where some people love electric openers, others may prefer a more traditional approach. To find the wine opener that best matches your lifestyle, jump to the list below.

    How To Use A Wine Opener

    How To: Use a Two-Step Corkscrew

    by Ema | Nov 29, 2018 | Wine, Wine Openers

    Not sure which wine opener to go for? Or you have inhereted a few awkwardly looking corkscrews and you are not sure how to use them. Whichever one it is, below we have outlined detailed instructions on how to use 11 different wine openers.

    Similar to any buying decision where lots of options are available, information gathering, and analyzing whats available against your needs will certainly lead to a solution that is not only functional but satisfying. Lets take a walk through different types of corkscrew wine openers available in the market today.

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    How To Open A Bottle Of Wine With A Winged Corkscrew

    Winged corkscrews are simple to use. If you have a foil cutter, use it to remove the foil or simply use your hands to twist, loosen and release the whole thing. Avoid using a paring knife or dinner knife because both could easily slip.

  • Place the tip of the corkscrew onto the center of the cork and use your hand to stabilize it and the bottle while using your other hand to twist the top of the corkscrew into the cork.
  • Once the wings fully lift, use both hands to push down the wings and remove the cork.
  • How To Open A Wine Bottle With A Knife

    Hereâs how to open a bottle without a wine bottle opener in a very similar way to the key method above.

    Youâll take a relatively sharp steak knife . The goal is to skewer the middle of the cork downward and at an angle. So insert the knife just off the edge of the cork, angled toward the center. Push it down about an inch. Then youâll have a good enough grip on the cork to start pushing or pulling it circularly.

    Eventually, the cork will loosen and come up a bit. Itâs basically the key method but with a knife.

    There are a few considerations to make based on more unique styles of wine, however.

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    How To Use A Lever Corkscrew:

  • Start by cutting the foil under the lip of the bottle
  • Remove the foil from the bottle neck
  • With the lever in the up position, place the corkscrew on top of the wine bottle
  • Push the lever down to insert the worm into the cork
  • Once the lever is all the way down, pull the handle back up to remove the cork from the wine bottle
  • To remove the cork from the worm, lift the corkscrew off the bottle and flip the handle up and down a few times
  • How To Use An Ah So Wine Opener

    How To Open a Bottle of Wine Using a Wine Key Corkscrew ...
  • Use a foil cutter or waiters corkscrew knife to remove the foil. There is no wine foil cutter on an ah so cork puller, so youll need one of these tools first.
  • Insert the long prong first into the tiny crease between the lip of the bottle and the cork. Watch above video for demonstration.
  • Insert the shorter prong and start wiggling the ah so wine opener back and forth down the sides of the cork.
  • Be careful not to add downward pressure as the ah so handle gets closer to the top of the cork. This could push the cork into the wine bottle.
  • When the prongs are inserted down the side of the cork about an inch, and theres about a half-inch of space between the ah so handle and the top of the cork, start to slowly twist the ah so and the wine cork out of the bottle.
  • Move two fingers down to grip the ah so prongs and cork as you twist to help guide out the cork.
  • There are many different types of corkscrews, which work great for younger wine corks, but the ah so wine opener is strongly recommended for any bottle of red wine aged more than 10 years.

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    Why Trust The Spruce Eats

    Kate Dingwall is a sommelier and spirits writer, who has her BarSmarts and WSET certification. She personally tested seven wine openers on this roundup.

    Céline Bossart, who originally wrote this article, is a wine and spirits writer for The Spruce Eats. While she’s opened her fair share of wine bottles, she also enlisted the help of Linda Trotta, Director of North Coast Winemaking at WX Brands, and D.C.-based blogger and wine pro Alicia Chew to round up the best wine openers for whatever your needs and preference may be.

    Best Value: Tablecraft Chrome Wing Corkscrew

    • Wing handles are thin

    Winged corkscrews are a bit old-school, but they have their perks. Theyre also relatively affordable, generally speaking . Chew recommends a winged-style corkscrew for a few reasons: an additional lever, and this is a popular option because it’s easier to use than the standard wine key, she says. It’s almost impossible to angle the lever incorrectly with a winged corkscrew.

    To use, simply secure the corkscrew onto the neck of the bottle after removing the foil, double-checking that the screw itself is aimed straight down at the center of the cork. Then, twist the top clockwise to drive the worm downward and into the cork. Once its fully inserted, the wings will have risenjust push those down with both hands and itll do most of the work to pull the cork out for you with the help of your leverage. This version by TableCraft is a budget-friendly, no-frills model with a plastic ring to protect the bottle in addition to sturdy chrome construction, and best of all, its dishwasher safe.

    Besides its affordability, it is easy to use, and requires less skill than a waiters friend. If youre not one to drink a lot of wine but desire an opener for when guests swing by, this option is an excellent all-purpose option. However, there is no foil cutteryou will have to use kitchen scissors or a paring knife to open the foil.

    Dimensions: 6.8 x 2.44 inches | Weight: 0.5 pounds | Material: Chrome

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