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How To Sell Your Wine Collection

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Wine Forums Sell Locally

How to Sell Wine If You Own a Vineyard

Are you connected with other wine aficionados via forums or a club? If you are, this is another viable avenue to sell your wine. With websites like wineberserkers.com, you can ask if anyones interested in the wines in your collection, keeping your sale private.

But remember that shipping is still illegal without the proper licenses and permits. So you need to make sure your transactions are local and the buyers can pick up the wine. The problem with this option is that you may have to deal with people who want to haggle or who refuse to pay.

How Can I Sell My Wine In Canada

As a Canadian wine collector Iron Gate Wine can assist you with three options to sell your private collection outside of Canada

  • Sell your wine collection retail with Iron Gate Wines US sister company, IronGate.Wine
  • Sell your wine privately to buyers in the US, Asia and around the world
  • Auction your collection in Canada through Iron Gate Auctions Inc.

What People Are Saying About Cellaraiders

Cellaraiders has purchased wine from independent sellers and collectors around the globe. Heres what a few of them had to say about our process.

I was impressed at how easy it was to stay in touch with Ben from decision making through delivery.

Charlotte R.

Ben was incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating thought the purchase process. My bottle was in perfect condition and well packaged. I will definitely reach or to him for future wine needs. Highly recommend!

-Suzanne J.

I appreciate the communication in regards to the shipment. The weather was hot, but was able to secure the wine and make it at the appropriate temp with in time before the wine had a turned. This was the first time I ordered from cellaraiders. As a result I was pleasantly supprised as the the communication and shipment. Thank you.

-Michael S.

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How To Sell Wine At Auction

If you’re looking to sell wine at an auction, you should research if a similar wine or collection has sold recently. This will give you insight into the current wine bottle price of your wine, and if there’s enough interest. If you can’t find a price history for your wine, you may still be able to sell it. Ultimately, that decision rests on the auction house.

Next, approach multiple respected auction houses to find the best value for your wine. They will provide you with an estimate based on your collection, vintage, and condition. Once you’ve chosen the auction house, they will take over from there. You can expect to pay a seller’s fee of up to 18% when the sale is finalized.

Registering & Condition Reports

Selling Your Wine Collection  Rare Wine Buyers

Once your wines have arrived and have been processed into our account at our bonded warehouse, LCB Vinothèque, we will request that a Condition Report is produced by an in-house expert. This high-resolution photograph enables us to confirm the wines are as described and in excellent condition, which will speed up the process of finding a buyer for your wine.

Registering: 2 3 Days

Condition Check: 2 5 Days

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Will The Return Be Worth Your While

Many venues offer free appraisal of bottles you intend to sell. Make a list of your wines, where you bought them and how they were stored, and send it out. Meanwhile, consider when you want to sell the wines and investigate the other following costs you may incur:

SLIDING-SCALE SELLER’S FEE: The most important issue facing a potential consignor is the auction house’s seller’s fee, which can range from zero to 18 percent of the final bid. Acker Merrall & Condit and Morrell & Co. never charge any seller’s fee whatsoever. The remaining commercial auction firms impose a sliding scale that will vary according to the rarity, quantity, quality and condition of the consignment. If a collection is particularly valuable or noteworthy, the seller’s fee may be waived entirely. If the consignment is significant, a seller’s fee of about 6 percent is fairly standard. Since the final amount is negotiable, it’s worth shopping around in order to get the best rate. If an auction house is interested in your consignment, they will likely send you a provisional estimate along with a reserve price and the proposed consignor’s fee. Then it’s up to you to decide.

INSURANCE: Some houses impose an insurance charge that works out to about 1 percent of the estimate and covers your wine while it is in their temperature-controlled storage facility prior to the sale. However, if your wine is already insured under your homeowner’s policy, ask to obtain a waiver if your personal plan bears a better rate.

What You Need To Consider Before Selling Your Wine

Firstly, there are legal hurdles to overcome: primarily that you will find it very hard to sell wine without an alcohol licence. You also have an obligation to go through all sorts of other legal hoops to ensure that the person receiving the delivered bottle is aged over 18.

If you sell a bottle or a case of wine online, you also need to think of how you would get it to the purchaser. You could just sell to people who live locally, who can actually come and pick it up in person, but this severely limits the potential purchasers you can reach.

Offer it to everyone, regardless of distance, and youll have to pack it up and send it via courier to its destination. Every courier has different rules about carrying alcohol and liquids, but you can expect to pay a premium to guarantee safe delivery of delicate glass bottles, as well as having to pack it really well to avoid breakage.

There is also the risk of your purchaser not being happy with what they receive. What if there is a breakage? or the wine turns out to be corked? Maybe the purchaser decides he or she doesnt like what they bought? These are all complications you could happily do without. The London Wine cellar removes all of these niggling hurdles, making selling wine effortless from the free nationwide collection to speedy payment.

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Best Place To Sell Wine Online

If you want to expand your wine sales across the largest possible area, itâs worth learning more about where to sell it. Thanks to the ever-growing market for online food and drink sales, there are numerous options available to you.

Here are some channels through which to sell wine online:

  • Your own website or eCommerce platform
  • Wine trading websites
  • Online auction houses
  • Wine forums

now to learn how you can sell your wine to over 95,000 buyers on our platform.

Personalized Packing And Shipping Services

How to Sell My Wine Collection for More Money

Our Cellar Team can be on your doorstep within 24 hours of contract completion, ready to catalog and pack your collection. We can take your cellar to market in just days no waiting for weeks or months until the next live auction while you watch the wine market change on a daily basis.

Brentwood handles all door-to-door logistics, transportation scheduling, and for larger collections, on-site inventory.

Regional representatives can personally meet with you, discuss options, and make recommendations based on your needs. We currently have representation near:

  • Pacific Northwest

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Frequently Asked Questions How Do I Sell My Wine Collection

There are several other companies that purchase private wine cellars, why should I sell my wine collection to Veritas Wine Buyers?

  • Highest Prices Paid Veritas Wine Buyers represents private wine collectors who seek to obtain large inventories of premium wines. Our network of private wine collectors enables us to price our wine acquisitions more competitively than most other buyers of private wine cellars, resulting in a higher pay out to you when you sell your wine.
  • Simple, Convenient and Quick Transactions We believe we have one of the simplest, most convenient and user friendly purchasing processes in the industry when you sell your wine collection. Our ability to perform a thorough appraisal of your wine within 24 hours, together with our ability to pick up your wine at your place of storage and to pay you immediately upon receipt of your wine makes it easy to sell your wine collection. We do the work, you get paid!
  • Experienced, Customer Friendly Wine Consultants Our wine consultants have been involved in collecting wine, drinking wine, visiting vineyards, appraising, valuing and purchasing wine from public and private vendors for more than 30 years – they have an excellent understanding of nearly all wine regions of the world. One of our consultants has completed coursework in enology at UC Davis as well as at Wine and Spirit Education Trust . Our consultants make it easy to sell your wine collection.
  • How To Sell My Wine Online

    Receive Live Market Prices and a Full Online Quotation for your Fine Wine Collection in just a few minutes.

    • Receive an Online Wine Valuation & Quotation In 3 Simple Steps
    • A FREE Service with NO Obligation to Sell Your Wine
    • Quotations Display the Final Amount You Will Receive
    • Low Commissions, No Hidden Fees & All Costs Covered by JF Tobias
    • 5-Star Rating on Trustpilot for our Processes and Services

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    Have A Wine Collection That You Want Or Need To Sell

    • Dont drink what you have in your cellar any longer?
    • Are you moving or downsizing?
    • Do you have too much wine?
    • Has someone passed?
    • Dont want or need the wine in your home?
    • Do you just need the money?

    Whatever your reason, selling your wine has never been easier or more profitable. With Big Hammer Wines, you have a trusted expert who will offer you the best price. Our unique business model allows us to beat any competitors offer.

    Evaluate Your Wine Collection

    How to Sell Your Collection of Fine Wine

    If you are an appraiser or a knowledgeable collector, evaluating your collections value should be easy. If you arent, however, this might be quite a challenge for you. To start, research some wine valuation databases to determine the average selling amount of your collection.

    After that, find a reliable vintage chart to determine the peak maturity of your wines. To make the most out of each bottle, make sure to sell them when theyve matured enough to get the most excellent quality. Take note, however, that doing so reduces your selling timeframe.

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    How To Sell Your Wine At Auction

    You have a stack of wine and youre wondering, should I sell some? Are my wines worth anything? How should I go about it? Never fear, because we have the answers here.

    We think wine is a great investment , but there are a couple of factors to consider. If you want to buy wine specifically to turn a profit, the bad news is youre going to have to wait. Five years is a long time to be patient, especially when its so tempting to just drink it. There is a vibrant secondary market for aged wine, and if you have bought the right wine at the right price, you can do well financially. If you dont end up selling it, well, you can always drink it.

    Have a cellar thats already overflowing with wines that youre not possibly going to get through in this lifetime? It might be time to liquidate those liquid reserves. Nick Stamford, Managing Director of MW Wines, Australias largest independent wine auction house, gives us the lowdown on how to get started and what to expect.

    Who can sell my wine?

    Online auctions provide one of the best ways to find a buyer in Australia. There are thousands of people active in our wine auctions and access to that audience will give you a leg up. As well as that, expert insights from auctioneers will ensure you secure the best price possible.

    What is my wine worth?

    How many wines do I need to start selling?

    What will influence the price received for my wine?

    When should I sell my wine?

    How quickly will I see the results of my wine investment?

    Which Wines To Sell

    Remember that the only wines with significant investment or resale value are premium wines. That means you need to invest in first or possibly second growth Bordeaux grand cru and/or some premier cru red and white Burgundies top Rhone Valley wines, such as well-rated Chateauneuf-du-Pape vintage Champagne top dessert wines, such as Chateau dYquem sauternes and prestige reds from Italy, Spain and Australia. There is a devoted market for German Riesling and Portugals best dessert wines, but the markets are limited compared to the demand for the internationally famous reds.

    Cult wines are another story. The most famous cult wines sell on the secondary market for 100% or more of their release price. Cult wines include such famous Cabs as Screaming Eagle and Harlan, and nearly anything produced by Sine Qua Non.

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    How To Sell Wine Online Safely Legally And For The Best Price

    Auction sites like eBay aren’t the right place for selling your fine wines

    Picture the scene: youre clearing out the spare room, and you cant believe the amount of stuff that you didnt remember you owned. What are you going to do with all the books, trinkets and long-forgotten holiday souvenirs? Trudge to a car boot sale or stick them on eBay and see what happens?

    Auction sites like eBay are fantastic for selling curios, knickknacks and the like but as a platform to sell wine online in the UK, especially bottles with some real value, youre just not looking in the right place. There are practical and legal reasons for this but also more importantly youll find it tricky to realise the true value of your wine.

    We find it hard to believe that youd take your wine collection to a car boot sale and similarly, you shouldnt sell your fine wine on a site like eBay.

    How To Sell Your Wine Based On Your Needs

    Exploring My Wine Collection | How can you track your wines too! ð?·

    The way you sell your wine depends on the type of collection you have, and who your ideal buyer is.

    Collectors who only invest in the most iconic bottles in the world need to market their wines to the same type of collector. For these types of collections, Vinfolios Fixed Price Auction is a good choice. This platform is designed for collectors who own high-value bottles worth at least $10,000 combined, which have high critic scores. Experts help you determine the best price, and the fees are based on a sliding scale.

    If your own collection is somewhere in-between a casual drinker and a serious investor, an online wine marketplace will offer the most options. With Vinfolios marketplace, you can set the price or starting bid for your wine, and theres a 15 percent fee for this service.

    Knowing how to sell your wine isnt complicated once you consider your needs. The key to any successful wine sale is to focus on whats important to you, whether thats replacing older bottles with new ones or making the most money back on your investment.

    Selling your high-end wine collection is a simple process with Vinfolio, your partner in buying, selling, and professional storage. Contact us today to liquidate your finest bottles, and get access to the worlds best wine.

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    Think About Your Branding

    Wine is an industry with a lot of opportunity, but because there are so many wine sellers already, you need to stand out. Itâs no longer enough to have a great product when customers can easily browse hundreds of wine brands at the grocery store. You can use Americaâs wine lists to jumpstart your branding if youâre feeling stuck.

    Your case of wine should have one or more distinct characteristics. Flavor is important, but so is your eCommerce packaging. Some customers will select a wine because the bottle or packaging looks exciting to them.

    Many wine drinkers tend to be higher income, interested in excellence, and focused on quality. Use these characteristics and those found in the best wine lists to guide the type of wine you want to sell. You can also use the following to clarify how you want to be seen by customers:

    • What kind of imagery and wording best represent my wine?
    • What type of experience are those who buy my wine looking for?
    • What wine price is a good fit for my products?
    • Is there anything about my wine or its packaging that conveys a message thatâs inconsistent with my branding?

    Your brand doesnât need to be fully materialized before you launch your website, but it should be represented clearly. Using a consistent color scheme, hosting an easy-to-use website, and providing answers to FAQs are important factors to include.

    Bottle Inspection & Payment

    Once your collection has arrived, our cellar team will inspect each bottle by hand to confirm identity and condition. After inspection, our acquisitions team will send a final quote and any payment terms agreed upon in the sales contract will begin at that time. For more information or to speak with our acquisitions team about a unique situation, e-mail or call 503.638.9463.

    Through our partnership with The Wine Market Journal and Benchmark Wine Group, we have access to unparalleled wine market data which allows us to show you exactly what our competitors can offer, and why Benchmark & Brentwood is the best option.

    Using the best wine market data available, we can price your collection for maximum return in todays market conditions.

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