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How To Pack Wine Glasses

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Utilize Glass Kit Cell Dividers

How To Properly Pack Wine Glasses

One of the best options for packing wine glasses for a move is to add glass kit dividers to existing cardboard boxes. With dividers, each glass will have its own space in the box. This adds some cushion between glasses to prevent them from bumping into one another during transport, and it can keep glasses from tipping over while youre moving the boxes.

Bubble Wrap Protects Well But Be Careful

Bubble wrap is the go-to for protecting fragile items. If you plan to use it with wine glasses, make sure you never wrap them direction in bubble wrap. It should go above the tissue paper to allow you to tape the bubble wrap to the paper and not the glass. You don’t want to end up damaging your nice wine glasses when you pull tape off of them.

No Cell Box Solutions For Wine

What if you cant find a cell box or you have literally waited until the day before to start packing, and now no stores are open? Well, rest-assured that you do have options! First, wrap the glasses individually in brown paper lunch bags. This will give you plenty of crumply material to take up space in the box.

Now, to create the cells so the glasses dont rattle, you are just going to use Styrofoam plates. Dont forget cushioning in the bottom of the box, too. This will offer a little extra protection. Place a hoodie, a couple tees, or a soft sweater in the bottom of the box. Of course, you can always leave the packing to the professionals.

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Label Your Wine Boxes

Wondering how to pack crystal wine glasses ? Make sure fragile labels are on at least two sides and the top of the boxes containing glasses and/or bottles. If there is only one box and you have room in your car, you may want to just move the box with you. Then you know exactly where it is, and you can place it somewhere safe in the new home where nothing will get stacked on top of it.

How To Store Glassware In An Rv Or A Caravan

How to Pack Wine Glasses &  Bottles

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Ah, I know, this may not be the biggest problem in the world, but it really is a problem that needs addressing though! I love to have my wine from a proper wine glass and even for water, the plastic cup doesnt feel quite right to me.

So, my hunt to find the perfect way to store glasses in an RV or a caravan became surprisingly hard. In a world of gadgets, how come no one has addressed this problem properly before?!

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I found out that most people wrap their glasses in clean socks or a bubble wrap, but as a person of lazin-, erm, convenience, I wanted to find easier solution.

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How To Pack Wine Glasses For Moving

  • Wrap each wine glass individually – Start by stuffing the interior and make sure that you wrap the paper around the stem, it can be the most breakable part.
  • Place only wine glasses in the box â donât mix other glasses or kitchen wares in with your wine glasses. You can also purchase cell boxes which are specific to packing glasses like wine glasses and other breakable items.
  • Fill any gaps in the box with newspaper. You wonât want the glasses to move around when they are being transported
  • Seal the moving box and make sure to write ‘Fragile’ on the outside

How To Pack Wine Glasses And Other Delicate Items For A Move

According to Angies List, the most commonly broken item during a move is a drinking glass.

But dont panic that doesnt mean that all of your favorite wine glasses are going to be in shambles when you open the box at your new home.

Thankfully, there is a method on how to pack wine glasses so that they wont break. Well guide you through it here!

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How Moving Companies Pack Glasses

A team of movers and packers in San Jose, for example, will pack your glasses in much the same way. However, any moving company that offers a packing service will have the skills and knowledge to pack all your glasses carefully. They will know how much packaging paper, tape, and bubble wrap to use. In addition to this, your San Jose packers will know how to load your boxes of glasses onto the truck. Theyll also know the best place to store the glasses in the truck.

Whether youre looking for local movers or a long-distance moving company, if you want your glasses to be taken care of, its worth getting a professional to help. Theyll look after all of your belongings carefully, and theyll help to take the strain off the move.

Bundle Identical Pieces Two

How to Pack Fragile Stemware Wine Glasses DIY Moving Tips like a Professional Mover Elf Boxes

If you bought large sheets of packing paper, it would be best to use them to swaddle two identical pieces in one sheet. Bear in mind that you can do this only for the glasses of the same type and size. Follow the above directions, and continue wrapping until both objects are fully covered and protected, and stuff newsprint or another sheet into the opening of the second glass.

Make the best of your materials and bundle the same type of glassware together.

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+ Extra: Unbreakable Glasses

If you want to prevent the hassle of protecting your glass wine glasses altogether, you could look into unbreakable wine glasses. Maybe Im personally too snob to use anything else than glass, so I dont have personal experience of these, but I must admit that there are nowadays quite a few interesting options.

1. 100% Tritan Traditional looking wine glasses made of plastic. // 2. Copper Coated Stainless Steel Wine Glasses // 3. Wine Glasses Made Of Stainless Steel // 4. Vivocci Stemless Glasses // 5. Stainless Steel Stemless // 6. Silicone // 7. Jewel Tones Stemless // 8. Colorful PlasticThanks for reading! I would absolutely love to hear whats your solution in storing glassware in an RV?

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Other Tips For Packing And Moving Glassware

  • Make sure you have insurance Worried about breaking or losing glassware during the move? Look into your homeowners insurance policy to see whether or not it covers items while they are being moved. If using a professional moving company, consider purchasing comprehensive valuation coverage. If youre planning to move a lot of glassware, you can always purchase additional insurance as well. For more information on moving insurance, check here.
  • Use small or medium size boxes Using large moving boxes to carry fragile glassware is never a good idea. The reason? Its easier to over-pack glassware when using a large box, making it harder to carry and the contents more likely to break.
  • Use washcloths and small blankets If you run out of packing paper, we recommend filling in the empty space with washcloths and soft blankets. This should provide ample protection for your items.
  • Wash glasses after unpacking After moving, we highly recommend washing your wine glasses prior to using them. After all, theyve been sitting on a hot truck in a cardboard box and could probably use a good clean to make them sparkle in your new bar cabinets.

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Use A Cell Box To Pack Wine Bottles For Moving

Most people wondering how to pack wine bottles for moving are going to use a cell box for their stemware. These cardboard boxes have thin dividers that prevent the glasses from hitting one another every time the truck hits a bump. You can buy these from a moving company or box store. If you are having packers handle this for you let them ahead of time that you will need a cell box.

Place Them Strategically Inside The Box


Once the wine glass is wrapped, you can then put it in the box.

If you have the glass dividers, make sure that it stands vertically in its own cell. If you dont have dividers, you should still stand the glasses up next to each other.

One common mistake people make is that they put the wine glasses on top of each other when packing, but this will cause them all to break if something happens.

Try and fill up as much empty space as you can in the box so that nothing can shift around too much and break the glass.

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Looking For Professional Packing Services

If you’re worried about packing fragile items like glasses then choose a removal company that offers professional packing services.

Trained packers will use specially designed packing materials to expertly pack and wrap all your fragile items to minimise the risk of anything getting damaged in transit to your new home.

How To Pack Wine Glasses And Breakables

Its important to pack wine glasses and other breakables carefully when moving house to avoid any nasty surprises when you open your boxes at the other end. Our professional packing team has put together a short video guide showing you how to pack wine glasses for moving and what packing materials you will need to do the job.

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Temperature Sensitive Packing For Wine Bottles

If your wine bottles get too hot or too cold, you may ruin the wine. If you plan ahead, you can order special wine shipping containers through your moving company. However, if you didn’t plan ahead, you will want to use a cell box for your wine and have the bottles travel with you so that you can control the temperature in your own vehicle. Let the movers handle everything else, but take your wine bottles with you, if possible.

Along with keeping the wine from getting too hot or too cold, the position of your bottles matters. Some red wines will need to be packed upside down to keep the cork wet and the sediment from settling. You should also avoid opening a bottle of wine immediately after moving. It needs at least seven days to adjust as it has been shocked.

How To Pack Wine In A Suitcase

How To Pack Wine Glasses & Coffee Mugs For Moving

Travel Fashion Girl help! A reader asks:

Does anyone know how to pack alcohol in checked luggage, specifically a wine bottle? If so, how?

As much as traveling is about the experience, we all love to bring home a souvenir or a gift for a loved one. A popular option is a bottle of wine, especially when its from a region famous for its wine .

The most important thing to note is that you need to pack alcohol in checked baggage due to liquid restrictions for carry-ons. But this can be tricky, as the glass bottle is delicate and can easily break during air travel. This can not only ruin the wine but also the clothing in your luggage.

We gathered insight from our readers and they shared their experienced tips on how to pack wine in a suitcase:

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The Stock For Success Method To Protect Your Favorite Crystal Glass

When it comes to crystals, it is essential not to overpack each carton to the top as it is crucial to opt for a cell box to protect their delicate stems. These dividers will keep the classes separated and prevent any movements. Layer each cell with a ball of crumpled sheets at the bottom, and start wrapping each crystal individually. Roll it in three sheets of paper and tuck in the excess as you roll, but make sure to protect and tape the stems first. Cushion the top with crumpled newsprint or bubble wrap and tape the box together.

Buy a cell box divider and secure each of your delicate items carefully to prevent any movements during transport.

How To Pack Drinking Glasses For Moving

How do you pack drinking glasses? Luckily, inexpensive glassware pieces like everyday drinking glasses are easier to pack than wine glasses and champagne glasses not only because they lack super fragile stems, but also because they are usually thicker and less prone to breakage.

  • Step 1. When packing drinking glasses for a move, follow exactly the same logic of the above step-by-step guide to packing glasses. Of course, you only need to skip step 3 as drinking glasses dont have delicate stems in needs of adequate protection.

Our tips for packing glasses for moving end with one important piece of advice: if youre packing drinking glasses and wine/champagne glasses in one single box, make sure the lighter and much more delicate stemware are always arranged along a top layer.

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Pad The Glasses With Bubble Wrap But Only Once It Has Been Wrapped With Tissue Paper

Using bubble paper to wrap your wine glasses definitely adds another layer of protection for the vessels, but do remember that if you dont use tissue paper first, this can lead to an increase in the chance of your glasses breaking. This is because due to certain mysterious physical conditions, the bubble paper does not cushion the glass adequately when used alone.

The Correct Way To Pack Wine Glasses For A Move

How To Pack Dishes And Glass wares For Moving

Prevent toasting to your home from a plastic cup by saving your delicate wine glasses with these packing techniques.

Guest post by Co-Founder NorthStar Moving Company Laura McHolm

If you are one of the lucky folks on the move this month, you are probably up to your knees in boxes and packing paper. Youre trying to figure out how to pack everything so it ends up in one piece in your new home. Well, let us help you with one of the most difficult items to pack: wine glasses. Because of their odd shape they are often packed incorrectly and their delicate glass and long stems get broken in the moving process.

We have seen too many new homeowners sipping out of plastic cups after a move. Let the plastic frat house red cups be gone! Lets put some elegance into that new home from the start. Heres a simple step-by-step guide on how to properly pack wine glasses to keep them in one piece and easily accessible after move day

  • Select the Proper Box: One of the key factors to keeping your wine glasses from breaking or getting crushed is using the proper box. You need a box that is big enough and secure enough for your glasses. We recommend a dishpack box because its 5.2 cubic feet high and has double thick walls for extra protection.
  • Gather the Right Materials: Once you have the proper box, gather the packing materials to wrap and protect the glasses. Here is what you will need:
  • Packing Paper
  • Cardboard Inserts
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    Gather The Right Packing Supplies

    The best way to pack wine glasses and any fragile items for that matter always begins with the highest-quality packing supplies. If youre having trouble finding specifics, check in with your moving company to rent or purchase the newest and most trusted professional materials on the market. Your local liquor and hardware store may also have the specific separators necessary for packing wine glasses.

    For both packing wine glasses and bottles, youll need:

    • Heavy-duty cardboard packing boxes
    • Materials for inventory list

    Sort Out Your Glassware

    How to pack glasses in a box safely and quickly? Before learning how to pack glasses in a box, take some time to figure out if all of your glassware pieces are worth your packing time, packing energy and transportation costs. In other words, its time to inspect all the kitchen glasses you own and see whether or not you can optimize their number to make things easier on yourself.

    For this purpose, arrange the entire glassware collection onto the kitchen table and initiate the inspection. Dont hesitate to throw away any glasses that you find to be considerably stained, cracked, chipped or damaged in any other way unless a glassware piece has sentimental value for you. Remember that you can save valuable time by choosing to recycle inexpensive sets of glasses instead of packing and moving them to your new home.

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    How To Pack Wine Glasses And Other Fragile Goods

    As experienced Boston movers, we get asked many questions about the best methods, strategies, and practices for residential moves. Moving can be a very stressful process for families. So, its no wonder that we hear many of the same questions year in and year out. Whether its how to pack wine glasses or tips for traveling with pets, were here to help.

    People who enjoy wine are very concerned about how to pack wine glasses and how to move wine safely. We get it! Who doesnt enjoy opening up a bottle of Cabernet after a long day of moving? Some homeowners spend years accruing a beautiful wine cellar collection not to mention beautiful stemware.

    Delicate family heirlooms, such as stemware, pottery, and glass decor need to be handled with attentiveness and care. There is just no excuse for breaking beautiful wine glasses, wine, or an inherited collection of the crystal during a move.

    In this article, we are going to provide some tips and strategies to best preserve your wine glasses and other fragile goods for your next move.

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