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How To Make Wine Slushies

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What Kind Of Wine Can I Use

How to Make a Wine Slushie…in 30 Seconds!

For this particular recipe we used a Pinot Grigio. We like this as it light and crisp and does not overpower the drink and blends in very well.

If you are not a fan of Pinot Grigio you can also use Moscato, Sauvignon Blanc, Sparkling White Wine, Chardonnay and even a Pinot Nior. It is really up to you and what flavor you are going for.

How To Make Homemade Wine Slush Mix

I feel silly having this as its own section, as its so easy – you measure the ingredients into a food processor, and let it rip until its a finer powder.

Thats it.

Also: The use of the food processor makes the sugar dissolve faster into the wine… but this Homemade wine slush mix works even if you dont process it down.

If you dont have a food processor, just mix the ingredients together and bag it until use. When you do use it, put another minute or so into mixing it, just to give it more chance for the larger sugar granules to dissolve.

Make Ahead Peach Moscato Wine Slushies

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Just three ingredients combine to make these ah-mazing wine slushies: moscato wine, frozen peaches, and confectioners sugar. Frosty and fabulous!

We moved into our home nearly 3.5 years ago, and Ive been very patiently waiting for a new deck and patio Im fairly certain that, with an eye toward increasing the sale price, the previous owners simply slapped down some paver tiles days before they listed the house without much thought to leveling or weed control. So now were left with broken, uneven, sloped tiles with lots of weeds to battle in other words, a mess.

Thankfully, it looks like my battle will be over in the near future! Back at the end of April we put a deposit down on a gorgeous custom deck and patio, complete with a to-die-for pergola, built-in bar, and stone seating walls, in the hopes that the project would be completed before our annual 4th of July gathering. Unfortunately, with the recent spat of wet, rainy weather, it wont be completed by then, but I have my fingers crossed that well be able to enjoy it very soon after.

I cant wait to share the plans with you all, but in the meantime, if I close my eyes while sipping one of these dreamy peach moscato wine slushies, it makes our current monstrosity imperfect patio just a little more tolerable. Im SO looking forward to making these for friends and family to celebrate our new backyard area!

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Ingredients / Shopping List

  • Sweet White Wine: I use a Riesling or Moscato, but you can use your favorite white wine. Keep in mind that if you choose a drier wine, you may need to add extra simple syrup.
  • Frozen Strawberries: if you have fresh fruit in season, you can wash/peel and freeze it for your slushie, otherwise just grab a bag of frozen fruit from the freezer section at your grocery.
  • Frozen Pineapple: I love using fruits like berries, stone fruits like peaches, mangos, and cherries, or pineapple chunks because they blend up the best.
  • Ice cubes: adds the slush to the slushie.

For The Simple Syrup

  • Granulated Sugar: the sugar not only adds sweetness to this drink but it also acts as an antifreeze so that a soft, wet slurry mixture is formed
  • Water: the slush texture is made by blending the sugar and water with the fruit and wine


How To Make Frozen Sangria

How to make Wine Slushies ~ Peach Moscato

Freeze the wine. Fill 1 ice cube tray with wine and chill the rest of the bottle in the fridge overnight.

Blend your wine slushies. Add the frozen wine to your blender with about 2 3 cups of frozen fruit, some orange juice, orange liqueur, and agave nectar.

The added sweetener is optional here, but recommended because the cold inhibits sweetness. Pour in the remaining wine and blend until smooth.

Garnish and serve. Pour the wine slushies into 6 glasses (or however many youre serving. Add an orange slices and serve immediately.

If you dont finish the full batch: You can get away with storing these in the fridge for later, but they will loose a bit of their frozen texture. Its not ideal, but I suggest popping an ice cube or two into your glass if youre driving leftovers.

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Ingredients For Red Wine Slushies

Full recipe and instructions can be found at the bottom of the page.

Pantry Ingredients

  • Red Moscato wine do not use expensive wine, this is time to grab a bottle of the sweet, cheap stuff. This Red Moscato is my recommendation, you can find it any grocery store aisle
  • simple syrup you can purchase simple syrup in a squeeze bottle where drink mixers are sold or you can make your own. I will include a recipe below
  • Grand Marnier an orange flavored liqueur, you can also use Cointreau

Fresh Ingredients

  • frozen raspberries

How To Make Homemade Wine Slush

Pour 1 batch of mix into a 1 gallon freezer bag . Add 1 750 ml bottle of wine, and 3 cups of water. Stir/shake well. Freeze for about 3 hours before serving in glasses of your choice.

A Note on Ice Crystals

As you made notice from our photos, the ice crystals in our wine slush are larger than the ice crystals in the wine slushie mix you get as samples at those trade shows, or when you buy the drink ready-made at restaurants.

Thats a matter of preparation, NOT the mix itself.

When youre making the mix as instructed on the bag – which is how we also suggest on this post! – you dont need any special equipment, and its not super labour intensive.

However, the resting freezing does allow larger ice crystals to form, than commercial means of freezing does. Those Slurpee type machines you see in restaurants and at the trade shows? Thats the key to a fine ice crystal.

SO, if you have a home daiquiri / slush machine, you can use it with this mix to get the finer ice crystal structure – just follow the manufacturer directions on the machine!

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Alcohol Drinks Blackberry Wine Slushie

Delicious blackberry wine slushie you are going to love.

Easy frozen wine slushie alcoholic drink recipe that is so refreshing.

If you are looking for a red wine alcohol drink recipe this is the one to make.

Simple and quick mango, blackberry wine slushie that is tasty and delish.

Homemade frozen wine slushie that you can make today.

Make for a refreshing cocktail drink, parties, for sipping by the pool or just for a great drink.

Perfect wine slushie for wine tasting parties , bachelorette parties, pool parties, girls weekend or just because.

Blend up this yummy wine slushie in no time at all.

This is a favorite drink among all my family and friends.

No need to spend hours making the best alcohol drink when you can make this DIY wine slushie.

Get ready to learn how to make blackberry wine slushie.

Follow the step by step instructions for the BEST frozen blackberry wine slushie.

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How Do I Use Fresh Cherries To Make This Frozen Blended Drink

How To Make A Wine Slush

If you are using fresh cherries you will first need to pit them and you can accomplish this in one of two ways.

  • Use a chop stick and a bottle with an opening a little smaller than the circumference of a cherry. Put the cherry on the top of the bottle with the lid off. Using the tip of the chopstick push through the cherry until the pit falls in to the bottle. Freeze the pitted cherries overnight. *Note: If you dont have a bottle dont worry. Just hold the cherry between two fingers over a bowl and push the chopstick through until the pit pops out into the bowl.
  • To make it even easier to pit fresh cherries just use this instead.
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    How To Make Red Wine Slushies

    Step one: Add the wine, Grand Marnier, frozen strawberries, frozen blackberries, frozen raspberries and simple syrup to a blender.

    Step two: Blend until smooth.

    Step three:Strain the mixture through a fine-meshed sieve into a freezer-safe container. *If you dont mind the seeds from the berries being in your slushie feel free to skip this step.

    Step four:Freeze for at least 3 hours or overnight.

    Step five:Remove the mixture from the freezer and use an ice cream scoop to scoop the slushie into individual glasses. Alternatively, you can use a fork to scrape and breakup the slushie before serving.

    Step six:Top with frozen berries if desired.

    If you can boil water, you can make simple syrup.

    Homemade Wine Slush Mix Variations

    Sangria Slush mix:

    Measure sugar and citric acid into food processor . Zest one orange, one lemon, and one lime on top of the measured ingredients before processing.

    Flavoured Wine Slushie Mixes – Oils & Extracts:

    Measure sugar and citric acid into food processor . Add flavoring of your choice: About 1 teaspoon of flavor extract, or ½ teaspoon of a flavor oil will do it, but feel free to flavor to your taste.

    Process as directed above. Spread mixture out on a cookie sheet and allow to dry for about an hour. Run dried mixture through the food processor to break up any dried clumps you may have, then store per main recipe.

    When it comes to extracts or flavor oils, you can have fun with it, but you will want to label the flavor if giving it as a gift. Also, consider the wine to be used. Generally speaking, white wines will work better with flavored mixes than red will.

    As an example, banana extract would make a fun slush, but would definitely be better with a white wine. Also, peach flavor oil, combined with a champagne would be very tasty – like a frozen peach bellini!

    Flavoured Wine Slushie Mixes – Dried Fruit & powder:

    If you happen to have any freeze dried strawberries – or blueberries, raspberries, etc – you can crush some and throw a tablespoon or two of the powder into the mix. This works particularly well with white wines.

    You can buy powder that was made from freeze dried fruit, and save yourself a step!

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    Why This Recipe Works

    Before, if you wanted a frozen drink, you were limited to daiquiris and frozen margaritas. Those options are still delicious but the emergence of the slushy cocktail trend has exploded the options for me and my fellow frozen cocktail fans. And in the case of this wine slushy recipe, you dont have to indulge in hard liquor to get in on the fun.

    You can mix and match what kind of wine and frozen fruit you use, which is what makes this recipe so great. all you need from us are the measurements and then you can have fun mixing and coming up with new combinations of flavors to your hearts content!

    What You Need For Wine Slushies

    These AMAZING wine

    wine is the most important part of wine slushies because its where your slushie gets most of its flavor. This is why were using Cupcake LightHearted Wines. Theyre refreshing, flavorful, and seriously so perfect for wine slushies! PS: youre going to need an entire bottle.

    • Sauvignon Blanc
    • Rosé
    • Pinot Noir

    Frozen Fruit: instead of using all ice, we thought wed use frozen fruit to not only add more slush but to also add all-natural flavor.

    Ice: ice gives extra slush. We 100% recommend ice to make your wine slushies extra slushie.

    Add-Ins: add ins such as other liquors, flavors, and juices will enhance the flavors in your wine slushies.

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    Wine Slushies Made Two Ways: The Ultimate Summer Refreshment

    Meet your new go-to summer beverage. The wine slushy! At the vineyard, our slushy machine is super popular in the summer, but you can easily make wine slushies at home too. You only need two to three ingredients: red or white wine, strawberry daiquiri or piña colada mix, and fresh or frozen fruit . Below are two different ways to make slushies. You can make them either in the freezer or in the blender.

    Enjoy a wine slushy and you’ll instantly feel like you’re at our vineyard in the Champlain Islands on a warm summer day!

    How To Make This Wine Slushies Recipe

    PRO TIP: If you are serving this for guests, you can make as many fruit flavor choices as you would like and allow party guests to create their own favorite fruit combinations.

    STEP ONE: Make the simple syrup by heating ½ cup water in a microwave-safe bowl for 1 minute. Remove the bowl from the microwave and add ½ cup of sugar and stir to dissolve the sugar. Set aside and allow to cool while you gather your remaining ingredients.

    PRO TIP:If you are using a dryer white wine, like a Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc, we would suggest that you increase the amount of simple syrup to ½ cup per flavor blend. That would mean doubling your Simple Syrup recipe.

    STEP TWO: In the container of your blender add 1 cup chilled white wine, 2 cups frozen strawberries, 1 cup ice, and ¼ cup simple syrup.

    STEP THREE: Blend on high for 2 minutes or until smooth, and no chunks of fruit or ice remains.

    STEP FOUR: Pour your slushie into a pitcher, or large glass jar, rinse out your blender container and repeat with your second fruit flavor. Combine the frozen pineapple, wine, ice and simple syrup until smooth.

    STEP FIVE: In the bottom half of a wine glass, spoon ½ cup of your strawberry slushie, then top that by spooning a ½ cup of pineapple slushie on top. You can garnish your glass with a piece of fresh pineapple and a fresh strawberry.

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    Choosing The Best Wine For A Wine Slushy

    For my wine slushy, I used straight up Pinot noir because it’s the bottle I already had open .

    At first I was hesitant to use it, thinking that type of red wine would be too strong and not fruity enough.

    Then I thought, Pinot noir is my favorite wine so, alright, if it sucks I’ll just let it melt and then drink it as regular wine .

    No worries because my slushie was everything a frozen wine drink should be, so refreshing and delicious, and the perfect summer drink.

    It was simple and easy to crush the wine cubes too, as they don’t fully freeze due to the alcohol.

    A few pulses of my immersion stick blender and my slushy was really to drink. Party on!

    Faqs And Tips For Making Wine Slushies

    Peach Moscato Wine Slushies ~ Make these asap!!

    Can you freeze wine?

    Yes. Because it has a lower alcohol content than liquor, it will freeze. I wouldnt recommend freezing wine for storage purposes alone, but for blended recipes like this one, its perfect.

    Does freezing wine affect alcohol content?

    No. Freezing wine doesnt affect its alcohol content. Wine will still contain the same amount of alcohol wether its frozen or not.

    What can I mix with wine to make it sweeter?

    Agave nectar, or simple syrup, will sweeten wine. Ive used agave nectar in this recipe because it doesnt seize up when its cold like honey does, and its also vegan-friendly. If you want to make simple syrup, that will work too.

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    I Am A Huge Wine Lover But Find It Hard When The Temperatures Rise To Really Enjoy It Now I Have The Perfect Recipe For Red Wine Slushies That Solves That Problem

    If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know I am a wine lover. There are few pleasures that I enjoy more than sitting down to relax with a glass of wine in the evening. On a free weekend, you will most definitely find us at one of the local vineyards with a picnic.

    Some days, though, even a glass of crisp white wine is just not enough to cool me down. After visiting a local place that served Red Wine Slushies , I knew I had to learn to make them at home for those super hot days.

    Now, before the wine aficionados start shaking their head and liking this to throwing ice cubes in wine, I want to make it clear that this should really be view more as a cocktail than like a glass of wine.

    Heck, even drink it something other than a wine glass if you are worried about the backlash from fellow wine lovers. But, you will definitely want to try itI promise!

    Now, these Red Wine Slushies are geared to those folks who just dont do sweet drinks. Sure, this is going to be sweeter than a glass of red wine but it definitely isnt sweet like a Moscato or Riesling. My favorite version was when I used Cabernet Sauvignon.

    I totally understand that some of the prices on Cab Sauv can be high and you wouldnt want to waste a bottle on a slushie so feel free to substitute with a similar but lower priced wine.

    Doesnt that look so refreshing?! I keep a bag of the red in my freezer now for when the temperature is topping out close to 100 and I want a cool drink while relaxing on the deck.

    What Kind Of Wine Should You Use In A Wine Slushie

    I like white wine in my Wine Slushies and other than that, the field is wide open! You see, Wine Slushies take on the taste of whatever your fruit you blend with the wine . This isnt the time to break out your sommolier skills! Save that for wine that cost more than two dollars per bottle! Or, lets just say you tried out a new box blend and didnt care for it dont discard the wine! Save it and use for wine slushies! Waste not, want not!

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