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How To Make Wine Glass Charm

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Themed Wine Glass Charms

How to Make Wine Glass Charms | I Made This

Charms that are in the affordable but not cheap category are the light, colored stamped metal charms. These are often stamped into fanciful themed shape. The themes can be anything from flowers to sports. Themed charms are attached to a small ring with an opening in it. The opening allows the ring to fit around the stem of the wine glass and the charm dangles on the base. You can also find wine charms that are decorated with beads and other accents. There are many themed charms to check out and add to your collection.

Sterling Wine features a large selection of charm sets priced around $20 in fun themes such as:

How To Make Bottle Cap Wine Glass Charms

I have been collecting bottle caps for quite some time and have used them in various crafts. Since I am trying to come up with some unique ways to decorate a Thanksgiving table, I thought I would try to incorporate bottle caps into this years table. Bottle cap wine glass charms seemed to be the logical choice. Bottle caps are a good size to mark a wine glass and when they are dressed up a bit with some glitz and Fall decor, they are perfect for a Thanksgiving glass of wine.

I made a set of six with bottle caps that had a base of black and silver. I figured this was a good starting point to add the rest of my decor. The colors that you will have on your table will help you to determine which color bottle caps that you want to use for this craft.

To embellish my bottle caps and give them a flavor of Fall, I used the wings off of a pine cone and some colored wooden leaf decals.

What Are Wine Glass Charms

Before going into detail and learning how to make wine glass charms, we should have a word about what these items are.

If you never heard of them, wine glass charms are small jewels used to decorate the stem of wine glasses.

Apart from the decorative characteristic, glass charms often have a functional aspect too. They are particularly useful during parties, as they will help guests identify their glass at any moment.

Moreover, glass charms can be used as small gifts or favors during events such as Christmas, wedding, or engagement parties.

Because of their different uses, these small items come in all shapes and sizes. Moreover, they can be made of precious metals, beads, felt, or anything else you might think of.

There are many ideas you can draw inspiration from before deciding which glass charm is the best for you. On the other hand, many manufacturers and crafts artists propose loads of ready-to-use charms. Nevertheless, if youd like to make your own, here are two simple ways to do them.

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Make Your Own Wine Glass Charms Kit

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    How To Make Wine Glass Charms

    Wine Cork Wine Glass Charms · How To Make A Glass Charm ...

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    Wine glass charms, also called wine glass markers, are often used at parties because help keep track of which glass is whose. Charms, beads, or a combination of both are attached to a wire ring that fits around the wine glass stem. Crafters can make elegant or whimsical additions that dress up plain wine glasses. There are lots of ways to make wine glass charms, and they are all very easy. Once you get the hang of it, you will have a whole set of charms in no time!

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    Alternatives To Name Charms

    Additionally, you could do names but it would also be fun to do other things! You could do:

    • city names
    • types of wine

    Cut Out the Circles and Punch a Hole in Them

    As mentioned above, you want to cut the circles out as perfectly as you can. As they shrink, the uneven circles really show up.

    Definitely dont forget to punch that hole in them!

    Now they are ready to go in the oven! Just pop them in and keep an eye on them. If they start to flip in on themselves you want to pull them out and pull them apart. Otherwise they will stay stuck to themselves after cooking.

    How To Make Wine Charms

    Anyone reading this blog for longer than a minute will figure out that I am a girl who enjoys her vino. Red, white, bubbly, and even the rare occasion of pink doesnt matter! As long as it is delicious, Im in.

    So how ridiculous is it that a connoisseur such as myself is lacking in the simplest of wine accoutrements?

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    Easy Mulled Wine Recipe

    A traditional recipe for easy mulled wine, also known as glühwein. Its a perfect, warm spiced wine for cozy winter days and holiday parties.

    Its made on the stovetop with spices, red wine, and apple cider. The flavors beautifully, blend together, creating the perfect warm cocktail to enjoy by the fire.

    If you love to relax with a glass of wine at night, then youll love this easy mulled wine recipe!

    For those of you who are fans of deep wine flavors, mulled wine offers the perfect blend of sweet, spicy, and oaky. Even if youre not usually a red wine drinker, mulled wine can bring you around to its relaxing, full-bodied world. Its almost like a warm version of sangria but filled with winter spices like cinnamon and cloves.

    Its perfect to serve if youre hosting any fall or winter gathering, especially outside as a cup of this warms the soul. Another benefit is that it cooks very slowly on the stovetop and creates the most beautiful aromas throughout the house.

    Before we share the recipe below, lets dive into mulled wine a little more so youll know everything about this delicious drink.

    Curl Wire To Make Vines

    How To Make Wine Glass Charms

    Next, I take my needle and stick it into the hole in the leaf bead. This helps me keep it in place while I wind the green wire around it.

    Wind the green wire around the needle. I wind it tight at first, then do a couple of spaced/looser twists, and then tight again.

    Then once Ive done about an inch and a half of twisting, I clip off the extra.

    Repeat on the other side.

    You can twist these little vines into whatever shape you think looks good.

    See, its so cute already!?!

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    How To Serve Mulled Wine

    While most wines use glasses to help you best appreciate their flavors, mulled wine is best served in mugs because they protect your hands from the heat. Mugs made from ceramic, porcelain, or glass are especially effective.

    If youre hosting a house party, you can serve wine directly from a pot or slow cooker and let guests ladle some for themselves. Or you can save it directly with appetizers like fresh cheese, toasted nuts, and mince pies.

    Helpful Tips For How To Make Charms

    • I used wood beads, but you can use glass beads
    • If you dont use copper wire, you will need to have some wire cutters for this project. Copper wire is softer and therefore can be cut with sharp scissors. Silver wire would need wire cutters unless you are using very thin wire.
    • Try getting wire like picture hanging wire. Get something that isnt too thick and hard to work with.
    • You can use different charms to make everyones wine glass look different so they can tell which one is theirs. Or, you can make a matching set.

    You now have a completed wine charm, ready to put on your glasses for a party. Party guests will love picking out a unique charm to help them identify their glass throughout the night.

    Check out these for another great gift to make for friends.

    Want more party ideas? These DIY Confetti Poppers are super easy to make!


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    Oh Im A Blogger Too So I Guess A Tutorial On How To Make Wine Charms Is In Order

    Step One: Visualize Your Design.

    First, figure out what you want them to look like. I grabbed a stash of jewelry supplies that I had yet to touch.

    This pretty assortment of pearls and beads and pendents has been sitting around waiting for a crafty touch. You can find them online here for your own charms if you like!

    After mulling over the selection, I decided to make a pretty springtime garden set of charms. I grabbed the round beads, the flower pendents, the dragonfly pendents, and the heart pendents.

    Step Two: Start Assembling Your Charms.

    You could easily use any jewelry wire you like, but I tend to be on the lazy side. I chose to use wire hoop earrings to thread my charms onto.

    I threaded on two beads of the same color, then my chosen pendent, then two more beads to cap it off. Using needle nose pliers, I bent the straight end of the hoop back around to create a loop, and widened the small circlet on the other end to create a hook.

    How To Customize Your Wine Glass Charms

    Learn how to make these DIY Thanksgiving Wine Glass Charms ...

    With generic, store-bought wine glass charms, you need to remember which color or shape youve been assigned. Which is sometimes not the easiest thing to do!

    But with this DIY version, you can customize them any way you like. You can include a persons name, nickname, number, or fun shape or character!

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    Attach Memory Wire And Magnetic Beads To Charm

    Next, slip one of the coils of memory wire through the green hole you created on top of your grape bundle.

    Then, slip a magnetic bead onto each end of the memory wire coil. When youre done, the magnetic beads will hook together and help each other to stay in place.

    Then, taking the needle nose pliers, grab each end of the memory wire coil and twist the end under, into a tiny loop. The goal is to prevent the magnetic bead from sliding off the end of the coil.

    The final product will have each end of the coil twisted under, with the beads above that.

    See?? Thats it!

    Repeat with whatever combination of fringe beads and leaves for as many charms as you want to make!

    Viola! You have a set of dainty, darling wine glass charms that will spruce up your own wine glass collection. They also make wonderful gifts!

    Enjoy this project!

    If you make some of these, Id love to see the finished product!

    xo! Laura

    Twist Green Wire To Make A Stem

    After you twist the beads into a grape shape, twist the green wire around itself to create a stem.

    Once the wire is twisted, use your needle and wrap the stem around it, creating a little loop at the top of your grape cluster.

    Wrap the long ends of the green wire around the loop you just created, right above the cluster of grapes a couple times, leaving the green wire ends hang free. The end result will be a little loop at the top of the bundle of grapes.

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    Styling A Wine Glass Marker

    Its not a new concept. Styling a wine glass marker is something that has been around for a long time.

    Some use straws or lipstick marks, others use markers.

    Theres no right or wrong way to mark a wine glass stem, but, you should do it.

    Obviously, when you select your wine of choice, you dont want someone else sipping it right?

    Well, this concept works great, unless you have the friend whos just drank too much wine and does not even notice the stem marker! LOL!

    Stemless Wine Glass Charms

    How to Make Your Own Wine Glass Charms & Markers with Simple Beading Supplies

    This is the missing jigsaw piece to the puzzle. Stemless wine glass charms are the best and easiest way to label your glass in a trendy yet fun way. You can give your glass its own identity and make sure it does not get confused or mistaken for someone elses.

    Charms can also complement the theme of an evening, for instance if you are hosting a bridal shower wine tasting party you may purchase heart shaped charms with each persons name engraved diagonally across. Or alternatively you may use a selection of wedding themed charms such as a ring, a heart, a bride and groom or flowers.

    VacuVin Glass Markers/Charms Party People

    Available in a variety of themes

    If you have eleven friends with identifiable characteristics then this set of 12 glass markers is ideal for a party, celebration or small gathering . In the Party People set youre able to choose your friends wisely based on these traits: curious, jolly, devilish, deep, mysterious, veggie, cuddly, sneaky, honest, macho, naughty and cool.

    We have wine glass markers available for Christmas and football too.

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    Cut 5 Pieces Of The Green Zebra Wire

    Dont use a scissors to cut the wire. Ive done it plenty and learn from me. Itll ruin your scissors. Luckily, my needle nose pliers has a special wire cutter part in the center of it. My other pliers was more flimsy and the wire cutter part was weak the wire dented that too. Look for pliers meant to cut wire.

    I usually overestimate the length Ill need for the zebra wire and have some leftover that I snip off. I really should just measure it so I dont waste it, but oh well.

    Id estimate youll need about 18-20 inches.

    Thats When It Started The I Can Make These Wine Glass Markers

    Our glasses were getting mixed up and the DIY gal in me popped into action!

    The next time we met, we were no at my house, rather, my friend Alices home.

    I carried in a carton of supplies.

    Gems, rings, trinkety charms and a 12 pack of stemware.

    That night, before we played, we took about 15 minutes and created our own wine glass markers.

    No more glass swapping by accident.

    After all, if you didnt wear lipstick you dont want to apply it via a wine glass right?

    Vintage is not cool when it comes to sharing used wine glasses.

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    Wine Glass Charm Ring Ideas

    • Wine glass charm rings can be personalized for wedding shower and baby showers. Adorable charms such as baby bottles or rattles make adorable and memorable favors for a mother to be.
    • Personalized bottle caps with photos and messages make great conversation pieces and wine glass rings.
    • Charms from children’s jewelry make cute wine glass rings.
    • Scrabble tiles that spell out messages for guests can be added to wine glass rings. You can spell out guest’s names or other words for a great conversation starter.
    • Scrap charms from old or vintage jewelry can make elegant additions to wine glass charms.

    How To Make Wine Glass Charm Tags For Party Guests

    How to Make Easy, Custom, Personalized DIY Wine Glass ...

    If you are a lover of wine like Merlot or the best Cabernet Sauvignon, you may be organizing a party or gathering where wine will be served, so youll to use wine glass markers to differentiate glasses among guests. Thats why you may need to know how to make wine glass charm tags for your party guests. Keep reading to learn how!

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    How Do You Store Wine Glass Charms

    We tend to reuse our charms here because they get used by the same people over and over again. We keep them in a kitchen drawer with other liquor or alcohol related things like the bottle opener, beer cozies and wine bottle stoppers.

    Of course, if youre truly concerned about germs, you could simply toss or recycle the DIY wine charms below, as they are extremely low cost and fairly recyclable.

    Wine Glass Charm Alternatives

    If you want something that’s easier to see than a tiny charm, then consider some of the following alternatives to wine glass charms.

    • Stem wraps spiral bright colors around the stem for quick and easy identification of your wine glass.
    • Emoji charms stick to your wine glass with a suction cup, and you can use them on stemless wine glasses.
    • Wine-Os are small, merino wool discs that fit around the stem of a wine glass.
    • Silicon wine makers are brightly colored and can perch on the rim of the glass, so they work for stemless glasses.

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