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How To Cut Wine Bottles

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Ways To Cut A Glass Bottle:

How To Cut A Wine Bottle In Half – Easiest Method

Before you begin:

Start with a clean empty bottle. Wash out all remaining liquid and peel off as much of the label as you can. To remove the rest of the label residue, use a razor blade and an adhesive removing solvent . The solvent will help loosen the adhesive, so you can then use a cloth or paper towel to wipe off excess paper as you run a razor blade down the side. The razor blade will not hurt the glass, but be wary of your fingers.

How To Cut Many Wine Bottles With A Wine Bottle Cutter

If you want to take your wine bottle cutting to the next levellets say you are a candlemaker and want to make a dozen or more cut wine bottles and then fill them with candle waxyou may want to make a few adjustments to the process. First, consider taking the entire process outside, onto a deck or patio. That way if you do drop a wine bottle, the mess is not in your kitchen. Then, consider the following:

How Do You Cut A Wine Bottle In Half Lengthwise

Take a cordless rotary tool with a diamond cutting disk. Start cutting the bottle while pouring/running the water on the spot youre cutting. It can get wet, so you might want to cover things near your sink with the plastic. First I cut one side of the bottle, then the bottom and then the other side.

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What Is The Best Blade For Cutting Glass Tile

Given the high cost of glass tiles and glass mosaic, when working on a bathroom or kitchen, it is always good procedure to use a professional diamond blade. If you dont you risk spending a fair amount of money to buy the material, you may end up with a poor result due the inappropriate cutting and laying procedure.

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Best Wine Bottle Cutter For Creative Diy Projects

How to Cut a Wine Bottle 101

If you are both a wine lover and a DIY enthusiast, you have probably accumulated a bunch of wine bottles that you wish to transform into original art. But to make new useful objects with your used bottles, you will need a wine bottle cutter to cut the glass.


A wine bottle cutter is nothing but a glass engraving tool that is easy to find in easy DIY store or even online. Glass cutters are manufactured in essentially two versions and there are many debates regarding their reliability.

If you are new to DIY projects or don’t have any tools, then it is time to find out how to successfully cut wine bottles and how to use a wine bottle cutter. Then, dont forget to check our selection of the best wine bottle cutters on the market.

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Cutting A Shape Into A Glass Bottle

The best method to cut a shape into a glass bottle is to first drill a hole in the bottle with a diamond core drill and then use a diamond cylinder burr or similar shape to grind away from the inside of the hole outwards in the shape you wish to make.

Recycled glass bottles can be turned into many creative and useful items, heres a few ideas for you:

  • wine bottle bird feeders
  • storage jars
  • tooth pick holders

The above work from left to right is of a recycled water carafe and tumbler by re-modern.com, slices of cut wine and beer bottle light strand by Jonas Merian. Bottom row is a recycled wine bottle candle by Lina Smith, engraved cut wine bottle wind chime by Stewart Neal and decorative glasses by Christine Majul on flickr.

Gotiteni Wine Bottle Cutter Tool

Another wine bottle cutter that can be used for all types of bottles and jars is the GOTITENI Wine Bottle Cutter Tool. This bottle cutter uses the same technique described above to cut the glass yet it provides two rubber bands that should help you with the glass separation if you dont want to use hot and cold water.

The tool uses double fixed screws to stabilize your bottle and provide a perfect cut. In addition to this, the high-quality alloy blades will help you separate the bottle effortlessly and with a smooth result.

To be more precise, the blade is made of a sharp metal-steel alloy and it has a tested durability.

Things We Liked

  • check Solid wooden base: the base on which the bottle if fixed for cutting is made of solid wood that is durable and scratch-resistant.
  • check High-quality blade: the blade is designed to cut through glass effortlessly and provide smooth cuts every time. Nonetheless, minimal smoothing is required.
  • check Money back guarantee: if you dont like the wine bottle cutter for any reason, you can simply ask for a full refund. No questions asked.
  • check Easy cutting method: just follow the cutting steps described above to obtain two perfectly cut halves of your bottle or jar.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • exclamation-triangle The bottle adjustment might seem weird at first and getting used to operating the cutter is a little more tricky than expected.

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How To Cut A Bottle With String And Nail Polish Remover

A wonderful use for a glass bottle is a container. However a container can only contain that which will fit in the hole. This solution to how to cut a reasonable good cut, quickly and effectively in a glass wine bottle will be instructed below.I do hope you enjoy and stay safe! as this can be quite dangerous!

To do this all you will need is:Some string1 Glass bottle Acetone Sink filled with cold water Igniting source

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How To Cut Wine Bottle With String And Nail Polish Remover

Wine Bottle Cutter 30 seconds Perfect Edge Glass Bottle Cutting GreenPowerScience Guitar Slide

As the video above shows, what youre basically doing is tying a string in 5 or 6 loops around the bottle, removing that string with the loops intact and soaking it in acetone , reapplying the string and setting it on fire, then plunging the bottle into cold water when the fire is almost out.

Make sure you dont breathe the fumes coming from the burning acetone, and turn the bottle as it burns so that the bottle is cut evenly. If you dont have nail polish remover handy, you can also buy pure acetone in most hardware stores in the paint section and it is also commercially marketed as a superglue remover.

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Interesting Diy Designs You Can Easily Get From Cut Wine Bottles

Have you ever thought of using your wine bottles instead of throwing them outside? Dont be surprised. You can re-use the bottles in a number of ways. We live in a society where money and assets or property are the main concerns. There are many people who regard the old things useless whenever they invest their money in something new. But we should try to find out several creative and unique ways to reuse those products. You would be surprised to find that you can make candle holders, different food plates and much more with old wine bottles. Just let your imagination flow and discover your creative self to make beautiful objects out of the abandoned wine bottles.

Apart from imagination, die cutting tools are another thing you need to carry out your creative experiment.

Begin with cutting glass bottles:

Though it seems to be difficult to cut the wine bottles, if you apply the proper methods, it would not be so terrific for you. There are two methods that you can use to cut the glass such as:

Use a flame to cut the bottle:

Use a yarn to cut the bottles:

How I Cut Wine Bottles For Perfect Rings

I am cutting the heck out of wine and beer bottles these days as I create recycled bottle art. There are several ways to approach this task. You can score the bottle with one of the many bottle cutting jigs available, or you can go the tile saw route. Today I am going to show you the best wine bottle cutter I have found, and how I separate the glass cleanly after making the score line. You will learn the best way to cut a wine bottle, as well as how I make the rings, then fuse them in my kiln to get the smooth donut like the one I made for the pictured necklace.

Creators Bottle Cutter

This is the cutter I use. I love it. I have tried several, and this one gives me the best score line with the least hassle.

PROS: It is easy to get an even score line all the way around the bottle since the bottle is supported well and you have both hands free to rotate it. It is great for cutting several rings of the same height from a bottle because you can easily adjust the blade location an even amount using the ruler on the blade guide.

CONS: I wish I could cut the bottle neck with this cutter, but sadly, I cant. The blade doesnt reach high enough for that.

This video from Delphi Glass shows you how easy it is to cut with the Creators Bottle Cutter. After making the score line, the video shows heat applied to the score line with a candle. I started out that way, but then found a quicker way that produces very clean breaks.

I showed you my first microwave kiln project here:

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Diamond Tech Crafts G2 Bottle Cutter

If you believe Diamond technology is better, a wine bottle cutter to consider is the Diamond Tech Crafts G2 Bottle Cutter. The manufacturer is committed to being part of a Green World, and for this reason, it manufactures this tool from recycled aluminum.

The G2 wine bottle cutter is lightweight yet somehow complicated to use. Nevertheless, it separates all bottles and mason jars in a matter of minutes and in three easy steps.

Furthermore, the 6-turreted cutting head is designed for longevity. The glass cutter will resist for a long time providing the same superior cutting quality every time you use it.

Things We Liked

  • check Made with recycled aluminum: as DIY lovers, it is easy to understand why a green glass cutter appeals to us. This wine bottle cutter is made of recycled aluminum and it provides an excellent cutting quality.
  • check Works on most types of glass: wine, beer, whiskey, or vodka bottles, mason jars, and numerous other types of glass containers can be easily cut with this reliable glass cutter.
  • check Accessories included: a score tapper, two emery papers, and an instruction booklet are included in the package for added convenience.
  • check Made in the USA: the manufacturer produces this glass cutter in the USA, guaranteeing the precise engineering and the reliability of the make.

Things We Didn’t Like

Ii: Scoring The Bottle

How to Cut Wine Bottles to Make Vases

With your jig created, youre now ready to score the wine bottle.

If you created a wooden jig, place the bottle in the jig so that the bottom of the bottle butts up against the scrap wood, and rotate the bottle so that the glass cutter you have installed in the jig can score the glass.

If you opted to use the hose clamp method, take the glass cutter in your dominant hand and start your line along the edge of the hose clamp. Rotate the bottle slowly as you score the glass until youve completely gone around the entire glass.

The deeper your scoreline, the cleaner you can expect your cut to be. So, you may want to go back over your line another time or two to make sure its deep and well defined.

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Rotate The Bottle To Create A Score Line

Check the score line on the bottle it should be a faint white line that goes all the way around the object. If any section of the line is missing or too thin, the bottle will not break properly, so put it back into the cutter and score it again. Ideally, you should score the object only once, but you might have to practice a few times to get the hang of it.

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Cutting The Wine Bottle Into Two Parts

  • 1Pick out a wine bottle suitable to your choice and taste.
  • 2Use a glass cutter to draw a neat and straight line in whichever direction and area of the bottle you desire. Avoid overlapping lines.
  • 3Light a candle. Place the wine bottle with the drawn line over the lit candle. Make sure that the fire is pointed up to the drawn line or angle on the bottle, so that the flame only meets the line on the bottle.
  • 4Rotate the bottle, letting the flame heat the line all around. How you position it depends on where the line you have drawn is around the bottlelet the flame of the candle heat whatever line you have drawn. Do this for a minute, rotating the bottle through the heat of the fire.
  • 5Pour cold water or normal temperature water on the now heated line on the wine bottle. Repeat until you start to hear the bottle crack bit by bit a cracking sound of glass will be heard.
  • 6Wait for the bottle to crack in half. The half of the bottle will either fall off or crack into two parts. If neither happens, lightly pull or tug on one half so that the exertion will cause the bottle to part into two pieces.
  • Do not hit or screw the bottle to into two parts, as this will cause the bottle to crack into more parts or may not part evenly.
  • 7Sand the break line. Using sandpaper or a glass file, smoothly file down the glass evenly. This will allow you to handle glass without worry about being cut. Advertisement
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    Thoughts On How To: Learn 30 Second Wine Bottle Cutting

  • ggreenbsays:

    Where can you buy and who is the manufacturer of the exact bottle cutter shown in the video

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  • Nice work Dan Rohas. Very informative 🙂 Plus youre pretty easy on the eyesadded bonus.


  • Ive not tried this method and it looks interesting but probably not something Ill try since I dont have a sink in the shop and my kitchen sink is cast iron and I dont want to have to fish broken glass out of the garbage disposal again. The least messy and safest way to cut bottles Ive come across is to score the bottle and then tap from the inside, just above the score line. A 1/4 mild steel rod with a 90 degree bend along the last 3/4 or so works really well. Stick that through a wooden dowel to use as a depth stop and youre all set. Just set the end of the steel rod to tap about 1/8 above your score line and start tapping, a crack will soon appear along the score line, just chase it with the tapper all around the bottle. Takes about a minute and gives a clean break without having to mess about in the sink. I can do about five or six glasses an hour or so,from bottle to clean usable drinking glass.

    I wrote up some bottle cutting instructions here:

  • Adam Flahertysays:
  • Thank you. Your video was very informative and easy to follow. You inspired me to try this. Thanks again.

  • jiggysays:

    There is a not insignificant energy savings by reusing glass instead of recycling it after just one use.

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  • tomsays:

    how would u cut a square wine decanter?

  • Use Sandpaper On The Edge

    How to Cut Glass Bottles | 3 ways to do it

    Once your bottle is fully cut, wrap the unwanted portion in paper or plastic and throw it away. The edge of the remaining section of the bottle might be rough and jagged, so use the sandpaper to smooth it out. Also, clean it very well to remove any tiny shards of glass that may have been created by the cut. Wipe your work area with damp paper towels and throw them away to minimize the chances of embedding glass into your skin.

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    Cutting The Bottle Using A Flame

    Score the bottle. Use a glass cutter or a glass drill bit to score a line.Find a support system to hold the bottle in place and draw a perfect line or just freehand it if you have a steady hand.

    Heat the bottle. Heat the line that you made with the glass cutter. You can use a small candle or a small butane torch. Focus the heat directly along the score line, and constantly rotate the bottle to get even coverage.

    Dip the bottle in cold water. After 5 minutes of heating the bottle, dip the end you are breaking off in cold water. Add optional ice to the water.

    Repeat the process. The bottle might not break on the first try so repeat the heating and cooling process until you get the bottle cut.

    Sand the edges. Use a rough square of sandpaper to clean the glass edges until you are certain you will not cut yourself on those edges.

    Saving The World One Small Step At A Time

    During what feels like another lifetime, I went to winery that served water in glasses made from upcycled wine bottles. I thought this was the coolest idea ever, and I wanted to try making my own. I promptly bought a glass cutting kit and began hoarding empty wine bottles like they were made of gold. And then I did absolutely nothing with them.

    Almost two years have passed since I went to that winery, and I finally decided that its time to do something with the collection of wine bottles gathering dust above my kitchen cabinets, or recycle them and move on with my life.

    Since I loathe waste of any kind, I chose the former. I whipped the glass cutting kit out of storage, and read the instructions. Thats when I realized its actually more of a glass scoring kit, than a glass cutting kit, which made the process a little more complicated.

    Nevertheless, Im actually really happy with the final result, especially since I rarely do DIY projects! These glasses are unique, versatile, and make a thoughtful gift. And of course, they are a great way to reduce waste! Although the kit I bought came with some bare-bones instructions, they left a lot to be desired, so I thought Id share my own, more detailed instructions, in case youd like to try making some yourself!

    Heres what youll need:

    Clean, empty wine bottles. I never have a shortage of these, but if youre not a wine drinker, you can always ask a friend to save some for you!


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