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How To Buy Good Wine Cheap

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How to Find Good, Cheap Wine

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Red Wine For Cooking Versus Red Wine For Drinking

First, lets talk about what happens when you cook with wine. Adding wine to a hot pan will cause a few reactions. The alcohol will burn off, leaving your dish with beautiful flavor but none of the booze. This means that its safe for everyone, whether they drink or not . The remaining wine left in your dish is a cornucopia of flavors. It intensifies the natural essence of your dish without over-powering it.

A surprising fact is that great wine does not necessarily make great cooking wine, especially when it comes to red wine. When cooking with red wines, we recommend you choose a wine with low to moderate tannins and oak influence. Avoid super grippy, high tannin wines with lots of oak influence as these will cause your dish to develop an undesirable, bitter aftertaste. Not sure which wines are best? Sit back and let us guide you.

And dont forget that when it comes to cooking with wine of any type, youre going to burn off a majority of what can differentiate an expensive bottle from a less expensive one. When selecting a bottle to cook with, your dollar is going to go a lot further than it does with drinking wine. That said, there is a thing as too cheap. Avoid wines labeled as Cooking Wine as the poor quality will be reflected in your finished dish.

Bodegas Borsao Tres Picos Garnacha $17

Real talk, this is the first bottle I bought when I decided to dive into wine and start my own wine blog . Its as solid now as it was then. Its deep and dark, with a smooth palate that is sweetened by high alcohol. But that heat is blended well so you can enjoy the smells of spicy vanilla. BBQ, please.

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Be Careful With The Sale Shelf

While shelves, sections, and bins offer discounted products and can often be a great place to get some good deals on other types purchases, when it comes to wine, it could be a little risky finding a good bottle of wine. “Avoid the bargain unless you can ask some wine expert what those wines are like,” advise most wine specialists. Discover our top wine under $20

French Wine Is Usually A Safe Bet

Buy Wine In Bulk #8WineCooler #RedWineGlasses

“When buying wine, my go-to is always France,” Marissa says. France has a a classification system called the AOC system, which essentially makes the rules about how wine must to be made and ensures quality. “No matter where you are, you can almost always find something with AOC certification, so you know it’s made with a certain level of quality even if you have no idea what the wine is,” Marissa explains. Natural “Vin de France” wines â which are wines without AOC certifications â can also be delicious, and they are usually at a good price point, she adds.

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Best California: Rutherford Hill Barrel Select Red Blend 2016

Courtesy of Vivino

  • ABV: 14.5%
  • Tasting Notes: Plum, oak, chocolate, cherry, raspberry

Napa Valley outfit Rutherford Hill has for many decades specialized in making their fantastic merlot. That top-notch merlot makes a splash in this 2016 red blend, an excellent representation of Napa Valley ingenuity from their celebrated winemaker, Marisa Taylor. Bold and fairly dry, this wine is packed with pleasant acidity and limber tannins.

The Basics Of Good Wine

Choosing a good wine is completely subjective. How each person defines a good wine is unique to them and their taste buds. Whether you prefer delicate, bold, sweet, tart or even spicy flavors, it is possible to find a wine you adore. These essential characteristics that define each variety of wine can be helpful to keep in mind as you navigate picking a bottle.

Everyone will have different preferences for each of these characteristics of wine, but with the right care, you can find a bottle that fulfills your taste preferences.

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Sparkling: Martini Rossi Asti 375 Ml

Approx. price: $6.99Region: Piedmont, Italy

This is about the best your can do for a cheap sparkler. Most bottom-shelf sparkling wineslooking at you J Roget and Andréare pure sugar bombs. You typically won’t get anything good for less than $10 in this category, unless you get a half-bottle. Thus, the Martini & Rossi Asti 375 ml. Here you get a blend of fall-harvested Moscato grapes, giving it a distinct light and fruity taste. Don’t feel guilty about mixing it with juice for brunch.

White: Alsace Willm Reserve Pinot Gris

How to buy good inexpensive wine

Approx. cost: $14.99Region: Alsace, France

For everyday drinking, grab white wines from Alsace to break up the monotony of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. You don’t have to step too far out of your comfort zone to love Alsatian white wines. They offer pleasant flavors of honey-tinged fruit, primarily peach, apricot, and a little pear. This one’s a perfect medium-bodied fruity wine to match with shellfish or lighter cuts of fish.

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Next Time You Taste A Bottle Of Wine That You Love Pay Attention To The Importer

Wine importers taste thousands of blends and work with vineyards all over the world to hand select their favorite wines. “I am a big fan of purchasing by importer, Marissa says. You’ll always find the importer listed on the back of a wine label, and you can start to get a feel for which importers you like and trust.” Plus, remembering of a handful of importers is far easier than remembering the names of a million wineries, Marissa added.

Once you find an importer you love, try more of their wines. “My favorite value bottles for summer are from a line called La Boutanche, says Marissa. They’re created by a bunch of different winemakers who work with the importers at Selection Massale. All the wines are under $20 and they come in liter bottles â AKA more wine.”

Get To Know The Perfect Production Areas For Your Favorite Wines

Knowing the growing conditions and perfect regions for the grape varieties you prefer will help you find wines from areas that may be underrated and less expensive, but are still high-growth regions for that variety, in this way we can get the best place to buy cheap wines. In coastal regions, you can get a great Mediterranean climate, great winds, granite soils, and the proximity to the ocean means it’s the perfect climate for grapes like chardonnay and pinot noir. Discover our top wine under $20

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Red: Decoy Sonoma County Pinot Noir

Approx. cost: $19.99Region: Sonoma, California

To stereotype Napa vs. Sonoma: Napa wine owners drive from vineyard to vineyard in their Range Rover, while Sonoma winery owners drive from vineyard to vineyard in their Toyota Tacoma. Sonoma’s wines benefit from the hands-on down-to-earth nature of their makers. The Decoy Sonoma Pinot Noir is silky smooth, with aromas of fresh-picked strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry, with hints of violet and white pepper.

Best New Zealand Shiraz & Syrah Under $25

5 of The Best Cheap Wines

Pair the best Shiraz & Syrah with these foods:

New Zealand Syrah offers elegance and roundness, making it delightfully juicy and supple. Great with spaghetti bolognese, steak with black or green peppercorn sauce and meat-lovers pizza.

The Aussie version, Shiraz, packs more oomph and richness, ideal with BBQ veggies and meats, roast lamb with dark gravy and beef cheek ragu with pappardelle. The strong flavour of the wine is a great match for strong cheeses, especially aged cheddar and washed-rind cheese.

Style: Full Bodied Red Wine

Price: $15 to $20

Key flavours: Black pepper, blackberry and blueberry, cedar wood, cherry fruit, dark berry fruits, floral, liquorice, plums, raspberry, red berry fruits, spices

Special features: Sustainable, vegan-friendly

Judges comments: What a beautiful example of Syrah in its purest form. It has complexity too but this Champion Syrah is a textbook offering with perfumed aromas of dark plum, floral, pepper spice and liquorice, and the small amount of Viognier in the blend makes the mouthfeel fleshy and smooth with elegance and grace. Voted Champion Red Wine of the Show by the judging team, a well-earned accolade!

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Key flavours: Blackcurrant, cedar wood, dark berry fruits, dried herbs, floral, plums, spices

Special features: Sustainable, vegan-friendly

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Know Your Favorite Wine Location

Earlier we mentioned the role that grape varieties play in the flavor and body of a good inexpensive wine, but the growing region is also important. Wines grown in temperate European climates like France and Germany are going to be more delicate in flavor than those grown in Spain and the New World countries. By tasting wines from different regions and deciding which you prefer, youll be able to narrow down your choices even more.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If you have a favorite grape variety, such as Merlot, Chardonnay, or Cabernet Sauvignon, look for the regions where those grapes are grown, since the wines are not that expensive if made in the same regions where the grapes are also grown. If you want Cabernet, stay away from Napa and probably look for Cabernets from Italy, Chile, Australia, Santa Barbara. Discover our top wine under $20

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Best For Sangria: Juan Gil Jumilla Silver Label 2016

Courtesy of Vivino

  • ABV: 15%
  • Tasting Notes: Blackberry, plum, black cherry, tobacco, oak

For years, Juan Gil was the standard-bearer of Jumillaa wine region little known to Americans until Gil entered their daily lexicon. But with fame and fortune, production has increased, and while this label was once a wine to cellar and enjoy over years, today, its built more for a refreshing sangria. Spanish monastrell grapes add deep, dark flavors that pair nicely with an accouterment of fruit.

Cheap Wines You Can Buy In Bulk For Your Wedding

How to find a good, cheap wine

If there ever was a good time to buy a ton of wine, your wedding is it. But rather than wreaking havoc on your wedding budget by shelling out a ton for each bottle or just buying the cheapest of the cheap bottles thatll make your guests cringe at first sip, weve got some expert recommendations from Mike Isabella Concepts beverage director Taha Ismail. Not only will these wines save you some money, theyll taste good too.

What Wines to Buy

1. San Pietro Pinot Grigio *

A dry, light, crisp and refreshing selection perfect for a standing reception, says Ismail.

2. Grayson Cellars Cabernet

This medium-to-full-bodied Cab goes well with richer foods. Go with it if you have a lot of people choosing the steak option for dinner, says Ismail.

3. Chateau Montaud Rosé

This is dry for a rosé, and, with notes of rose petal, similar to the rosés from Provence, says Ismail. Its nice for early-summer events.

4. Angeline Pinot Noir

This California Pinot is medium-bodied and a bit fruit-forward. Its great with food, says Ismail.

5. Marqués de Riscal Próximo Rioja

Rioja is one of my favorites, and this one is medium-bodied with a lot of fruit, says Ismail. Its right with everythingfish, steak, standing around.

*All prices from Potomac Wines & Spirits

Where to Shop

How Much to Buy

How Much to Spend

What to Splurge On

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Five Ways To Spot A Good Wine

Heres a shocker: Good wine is neither expensive, nor old. So how do you know what makes for a good bottle of vino? Well, for starters, its deep, complex and stays with you long after youve tasted it. Youre saying, but there are so many. How do I choose? The general tasting rules of swirl, sniff and sip are a start, but theres more to learn when determining if a wine is worthy of your taste buds and cash. We went to the experts to find out exactly what to look for.

Does Your Bottle Need A Cork

Before we get to the specific bottles, lets talk about what keeps them closed. Despite what many people think, a cork doesnt always signify better taste or a better wine. I can think of plenty of high-profile, expensive, terrific wines with a twist-off, and many cheap and pedestrian wines are under cork, says Dr. Vinny of

While corks are traditionally used, theyre not the most reliable way to seal a bottle some corks contain a compound called Trichloroanisole that ruins the wines taste, according to wine expert George Taber. Its nearly impossible to tell which corks contain TCA, which results in a small percentage of randomly terrible expensive wines. This is one reason why many winemakers are moving toward other types of closures, like synthetic corks and screw tops which can also be cheaper.

So no, your bottle doesnt necessarily need to have a cork to be a decent wine. If youre worried about your guests perceptions of a twist-off cap, you could before they arrive.

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Red Wine Vs White Wine

In the winemaking process, red wine is fermented from darker grapes and their skins, while white wine is made from white grapes separated from their skins. Whats more, red wine is typically aged in oak barrels, while whites are not. Barrel aging creates the numerous aromas and flavors that you taste in red wine.

Best Chilean: Escudo Rojo Gran Reserva 2018

How to Find Good, Cheap Wine

Courtesy of

  • Region: Chile, Central Valley, Maipo Valley
  • ABV: 14%
  • Tasting Notes: Black currant, blackberry, oak, chocolate

Chiles Maipo Valley is the countrys most popular and internationally recognized wine-producing region and due to the natural terroir there, cabernet sauvignon remains its most widely-grown variety. Enter the 2018 Escudo Rojo from the famed Bordeaux Baron Phillippe de Rothschild family banner, and you get to see how the French do Chile, delivering incredible phenolics, mature tannins, and complexity on par with other top cabernet regions like Bordeaux and Napa but at fraction of the price.

This wine has a very nice dry,spicy palate and good woodsy tannins. It goes perfectly with a ribeye steak.

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I Talked To Two Wine Experts To Find Out

Marissa Ross is the wine editor at Bon Appetit, and the author of “Wine All The Time: The Casual Guide to Confident Drinking.” Andrew Bell is a certified sommelier, a wine importer, and educator. He’s also the president of the American Sommelier Association, and the founder of Wine Symphony, a boutique wine importer.

Below you’ll find their helpful tips for finding quality wine on a budget.

Finca Sophenia Altosur Malbec

Formerly labeled as Tupungato, the Finca Sophenia Altosur Malbec is a bottle of wine made in Gualtallary, Argentina. This red wine with violet hues has intense cherries, berries, and plum aroma with spicy and floral hints.

The wine is very graceful and pure with sweet and round tannins. All of these make the Finca Sophenia Altosur Malbec very bold and structured. Best when paired with beef and venison, it has 14% alcohol content and a critic score of 93/100.

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Take The Risk Buying Wine From Cheaper Regions

If you’re mostly looking at some of the most coveted wine regions, like California’s Napa Valley or Bordeaux, France, you’ll usually come across more expensive bottles. Consider expanding your horizons beyond the most popular regions and you will be bound to discover some incredible wines for less money. The key is always to look for quality and value, although there are some challenges to that. Take into account that if you open your mind to new wines, youll also gain knowledge about them as well as refine your taste. Discover our top wine under $20

Get To Know Wines From Lesser

Cheap Good Wine Online How To Buy Cheap Wine Online

You can find excellent, inexpensive wines from regions that aren’t as high-profile as the big names. Plus, you’re likely to impress everyone at your next dinner party with your extensive wine knowledge. It may just take a bit of homework to familiarize yourself with the alternatives. “In France, look at wines from the Loire Valley or the Languedoc,” Levine says. “There are some great values coming from Spain, Chile, New Zealand all have some great-priced wines, and the quality is amazing. And domestically, I think that Santa Barbara offers great value for quality. You can find some exquisite pinot noirs for $35 that if perhaps they were from another region of more notoriety, it would be harder to find that.” She cites California’s Lodi region as another that offers really good value.

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Best Sweet: Turley Old Vines Zinfandel 2018

Courtesy of

  • ABV: 15.5%
  • Tasting Notes: Blackberry, plum, peach, orange zest

Turley is a world-class staple producer. Their 2018 Old Vines Zinfandel is a mixed breed of California vineyards ranging from the central coast to Napa. With a higher-than-usual alcohol content and using the juice of exceptionally ripe grapes, this bottle gives off the perception of being a sweet wine while actually being more dry than sweet. To coin a phrase, this wine features a phantom sweetness.

Upfront, there’s blackberry and plum, with a peachy kick before the orange zest on the back end delivers a light, medium-bodied, and lasting finish.

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