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Do It Yourself Wine Rack

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How to make a wine rack — by RoughDraft DIY

This wall mounted shelf shows off your favorite vintages without looking too modern, thanks to the wood stain color.

You can of course paint it any color to match your home and personal style.

We love the different little touches to this DIY shelf. From the little metal pegs that keep the win in place to the longer shelves that extend the length of the bottle, while the shelf backing leaves the area open behind.

See the easy step by step instructions:

How To Build A Wine Rack

No matter which specific project you pick for building a DIY wine rack, there are some general steps to follow.

  • Pick form or function or both: Is this wine rack going to be front and center, on display in your kitchen? Or, are you building a wine rack for long term wine storage, that doesnt need to be visible? Answering these questions will help you determine which set of plans you need.
  • Number of Bottles to Store : How many bottles of wine do you need to store? You can build a rack to store as few as 3 bottles, or a full fledged storage flight to to handle dozens of bottles. You need to know how many bottles you want your rack to hold.
  • Pick your plans: The best DIY wine rack plans will satisfy both your style desires and your storage needs. Pick a set of plans that can handle the number of wine bottles you want to store, while also having the look and feel you prefer.
  • Pick a wood: The type of wood you pick for your rack will have implications in how the finished product looks, along with how well it holds up over time. Certain types of wood are better at handling long term humidity, while other types of wood have aesthetic appeal.
  • Build your wine rack: Get to work! This is the fun part, and with all of the options weve provided, there is sure to be a specific rack that suits your fancy.
  • Hip Tips On Storing Wine Properly:

    • Store between 45-65 degrees
    • Lie bottles with cork on the side
    • Maintain humidity to around 50-70%

    Whether you want a rustic look or something a little more modern, there are countless options available. Here are my five personal favorites based on cute designs, easy assembly, and affordability.

    Note: If you dont have a saw on hand or need certain measurements, just get them cut at the hardware store when youre picking up supplies!

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    Diy Plywood Wine Rack

    The racks youll learn to build in this tutorial are also inexpensive models, this time made from plywood along with a few other materials that will cost you next to nothing to obtain. These racks have a large capacity, too theyre designed to hold up to 118 bottles each, so if you plan on building a wine cellar in your home, this kind of rack will be ideal.

    Diy Wooden Wine Racks

    DIY Wooden Wine Rack #handmade #crafts #HowTo #DIY (With ...

    Wood has a rustic charm. It is also strong and can last a lifetime if cared for properly. It can be very easy to make a wood wine rack and I have a number of easy ideas for you.

    I know I said PVC was really easy, but with wood, you can make some really simple wine racks just by drilling a few holes in a board.

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    Diy Wood Plank Wine Rack

    One plank of wood is all you need. Yes, you heard that right! Ensure to give an even spacing between every hole and also account for the bottle tilting factor. This rack will not hold the wine bottle in an upright position, instead, it will hold it with a 60 degrees slant.

    Ideally, head to a hardware store with your wooden plank and use their 1.25 Forstner bit and standard drill saw. This drill bit size is chosen as per the standard size of the cap area of wine bottles.

    Wondering how will you hang this shelf? You can use L brackets, pelican brackets, or a hot glue gun.


    If youre looking for a masterclass wine rack design then this simple flange and rod construction, when painted and coated, can give you a unique wine rack solution.

    Alternatively, you can look for metallic plumbing pipes with detachable bases. Once the pipes are assembled you can use a parallel leveler and drill the screw holes accordingly. You have to leave at least an 8-inch spacing between rows so that the wine bottles arent cramped up.

    The flexibility offered in this DIY wine rack plan allows you to use pipes as per the interiors of the room. Krylon glass, mirror, bronze or silver spray paint, and even rubber pipes are few options you can consider. This freestanding wine rack is sure to be an eye-catching attribute of your living space.

    Pvc Wine Bottle Holder Adventures In Creating

    If carpentry isnt your thing, go for the exciting look of a PVC wine rack. This rack can grow as your wine collection goes simply by adding more pipe. Theres no excuse now to not buy that extra bottle.

    Materials: 4 PVC pipe, 1 1/2 PVC pipe, Spray paint , Epoxy or plumbing adhesive, 32 x 3/4 machine screws

    Tools Needed: Dremel, Plastic cutting dremel bit, Hand sander, Sand paper

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    What Makes A Good Wine Rack

    When making a wine rack, you obviously want to consider your personal style, but you also want to consider the wine. What kind of wine rack is best for preserving your wine?

    Great question! Some wine storage pieces look really cool, but arent that functional for one reason or another. Here are some things to consider when choosing a design:

    • First, its best to store wine between 45 65° F before youre ready to drink it. Over 70 degrees, and the wine could spoil. So, be sure that your wine rack isnt going to be too close to the oven or stove.
    • Next, wine lasts longer when its kept in darkness. This is one reason why wine cellars are underground. That doesnt mean you have to keep all of your bottles hidden in fact, we think its good to keep them out in the open so you remember which varietals you have on hand. However, you dont want to position your wine rack right in front of a window that gets direct sunlight.
    • Finally, when it comes to bottles with corks, its best to store them on their side so the cork wont dry out. Thats why its a good idea to check out wine rack designs where the bottle lie horizontally. If you prefer screw cap bottles, feel free to store them vertically.

    Wood And Chain Hanging Wine Rack

    Easy DIY Wall Mounted Wine Rack

    Just in case you were quite intrigued by the idea of an inspired wine rack but youre not sure the leather aspect of the copper idea we showed you really appealed to you, heres another design for your consideration! Dremel Europe paired metal chains and wood instead, making a hanging rack that has space for bottles on top and glasses along the bottom.

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    Easy 10ft Tall Wine Rack With Limited Tools

    If you consider yourself something of a wine connoisseur, youll need a rack that holds more than just a couple of bottles. However, you might also not want to spend lots of money unnecessarily when buying one, in which case, this plan for a 10ft tall wine rack you can build with only basic tools will probably be of interest. Weve seen quite a few YouTube plans by this couple, and we love them all and this tutorial for a wine rack is no exception. Great work guys, keep them coming!

    Ways To Repurpose Your Wine Rack

    Yes, it seems like sacrilege. Certainly backwardsremoving wine from a wine rack and putting, well, non-wine stuff in there instead? But people have many reasons to repurpose a wine rackmaybe a pregnancy, maybe a new and improved wine rack, maybe a suddenly desperate need for storage space or some indoor greenery that outpaces the craving for wine.

    Either way, it turns out there are a lot of sensible and not too labor involved ways to turn an old wine rack into a new storage space or decorative piece. Silver lining: if you have wine to get rid of as you go, you have to drink it!


    This ones great for a tabletop towel rack, a great place to store hand towels for guests. Especially useful if and when they spill their wine.

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    Diy Wine Racks Anyone Can Make

    If you plan on storing your wine for a long period of time, you might want to consider storage options in a cool, humidity-controlled space. However, if you only need wine storage for a shorter period, a DIY wine rack would work well.

    Making a wine rack on your own lets you customize the piece to your space and allows you to get more for your money. Below are some quality wine rack ideas that are relatively easy to make.

    Wooden Wall Wine Rack

    Wine Rack Kit

    Classy on a budget best describes this DIY wine rack. That is because you only need to purchase 3 boards that vary in size.

    This shelf keeps its clean look thanks to pocket holes for the screw. Using a pin nailer for this one might also make it easier, if not a handy brad nailer.

    This angled way of connecting the boards and shelves allows you to better hide the screws while still maintaining a strong hold, since those bottles are not light.

    See the tutorial here:

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    Triangular Pallet Wine Rack

    Did we catch your attention with the upcycled pallet idea but the structure of that particular design didnt appeal to you? Then maybe youd prefer this awesome, triangular wall-mounted design instead! Instructables shows you how to make it happen so that you can hang a few glasses along the bottom and securely anchor your bottles in the sides by their necks.

    Easy Diy Wine Racks To Make

    By Meream

    DIY Wine Racks are great projects for adding a touch of unique and handmade to your home. Whether you have a dedicated bar area in your home or you are still planning to create one, I bet you will find creative inspirations from these DIY wine racks. These DIY wine racks are easy and cheap to make. They’ll add a touch of personality to your home, no doubt about it.

  • More Mailing Tubes
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    Diy Wine Cabinet With Rack

    This wine cabinet has 2 in-built wine racks along with a 3rd shelf to let your store your wine glasses. The presence of heavy-duty casters will make it easy to take the table to different rooms or even your backyard if needed.

    One cannot call this the ideal, smart, and sustainable wine rack. It is more of a storage solution that can also accommodate dinnerware, bar glasses, and other such equipment. You will need a quality table saw and plenty of materials to be fully ready to embark on this DIY wine rack plan.

    As there arent too many images, it is advised you prepare yourself with the tools and cut list in advance. Further down you can follow the 30 steps to building this wine cabinet.

    Creating A Classic 20 Bottle / 12 Glass Diy Wine Rack

    DIY Vertical Wine Rack

    A few years back, we came up with our go-to wine rack as a gift for friends and family. With a 20 bottle capacity, its enough to hold a modest collection of wine. But even better, it holds 12 standard red or white wine glasses too!

    The completed rack measures 19-1/4 wide x 12 deep, x 36-1/2 tall. Because of its smaller size, it makes it great for fitting into any space. And best of all, it doesnt take much material to create.

    The wine racks are created by assembling small ladders. They then go together to form the frame of the entire rack.

    In fact, you can build the entire frame from just standard 1 x 6 x 6 boards or the equivalent in board feet of any size lumber. It is important to note that 1x lumber is actually 3/4 thick wood, which is perfect for the size and weight of the piece.

    How It All Goes Together The DIY Wine Rack

    Using a table saw, you can quickly rip down the 1 x 6 boards into the legs, rungs, and the top and bottom frame rails you will need to create the rack. A chop/miter then cuts them all to length for assembly.

    The main body of the wine rack is created by building a series of identical ladders using the legs and rungs. Each ladder is made from legs and rungs, and attach quickly with a nail gun.

    Once you have created the individual ladders, you can assemble them together to create the wine rack.

    Adding Personal Touches The DIY Wine Rack


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    Rustic Wine Rack With Glass Hangers

    Maybe we caught your attention with the idea of making a rustic rack but youre just not sure that the crate idea is the right idea for you, heres an awesome alternative from The Kurtz Corner! Their tutorial shows you how to make a wall mounted wine shelf from an upcycled section of a wooden pallet, complete with notches to conveniently hang some wine glasses in.

    Wine Bottle And Stemware Rack Jen Woodhouse

    This wine rack is cute and simple, offering the true essentials of an at-home wine rack. This design holds at least 6 stemmed glasses, but you can always customize it to your needs. A medium wood stain adds a rustic charm to make this rack warm and inviting in any entertaining space.

    Materials: 25 of 1×6, 25 of 1×8, 9 of 1×2, 1 1x4x6, 1¼ pocket hole screws, 1¼ wood screws, 1¼ brad Nails, Wood glue, Hanging hardware

    Tools Needed: Tape Measure, Pencil, Speed square, Drill with countersink drill bit, Circular saw, Kreg jig, Jigsaw

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    Ways To Make A Diy Wine Rack

    Need a gift idea for the wine lover in your life? Three words for you: DIY wine rack.

    Sometimes the best gifts are ones you make yourself because they show how much you care. And thankfully, a homemade wine rack is actually pretty easy to pull off even if you dont consider yourself particularly handy.

    So, follow these DIY instructions, and you can create a chic storage solution and even save some money.

    Plus, if you become an expert wine rack maker, you may want to make an extra one for your own home. After all, who doesnt need a place to store their wine bottles?

    Whether youre looking for a gift idea that you can make by hand, or a project to tackle while youre at home, check out these 5 design ideas for a DIY wine rack.

    Free Diy Wine Rack Plans You Can Make Today

    Do It Yourself Wine Rack
    • Pete Ortiz

    For those of us who love wine, finding a wine rack that is functional but also fits our personal style can be a rewarding experience. Its even more rewarding when you decide to learn how to build a wine rack yourself.

    Making a do-it-yourself wine rack is quick and easy with the right tools and steps. No matter what style of wine rack you decide to make, its important that it fits your needs and aesthetic. To help inspire you, weve collected 15 different easy DIY wine rack plans in a multitude of styles and materials. Weve also listed the tools and materials needed for each one to kickstart your DIY adventure.

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    Triangle Countertop Wine Holder

    Meet your next must-have project with this easy to create triangle wine rack.

    It provides a very minimalist design while also being a nice decorative way to display your wine.

    You only need two pieces of wood, both of which you will cut to create this wine holder. It is made to sit on the counter, so no wall mounting necessary.

    Out of all the easy, beginner projects that made our list, we think this is probably the classiest of them all.

    Take a look at this great design:

    Leather And Wood Wine Rack

    This is a great freestanding hammock for your wine bottles. It is also really easy to put together and requires minimal tools to get the job done.

    You will need to connect the base with the side wall and then screw in the wood dowels that act as the side posts.

    Next stitch the leather pieces together and then attach them through the wood dowel posts.

    This unique wine rack idea makes use of more than just wood to give you a fun and creative final product.

    Check it out here:

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    Colour Block Coffee Can Wine Rack

    Are you actually still thinking about the stacked, rounded aesthetic of the PVC pipe rack but youd prefer to make your wine rack out of things you already have around the house? In that case, wed suggest taking a look at how Brit + Co. made something similar using recycled coffee cans instead! We adore their idea of painting the insides all different shades while keeping the outsides matching.

    Creative Diy Wine Rack Ideas

    Pallet Wine Rack – Easy, Simple DIY Project

    Hey Dreamers, today we prepare for you list of 19 creative diy wine rack ideas. The wine lovers, especially will be happy!

    There are many different wine rack designs. At first, they are practical, but they are good decor at home too. Wine lovers know how important is to collect and organize the wines and the wine racks are the right thing for that. Some of them are already done and you can buy it and others you can make by yourself. It is easy to make them and they are very interesting and practical. So, all you need to do is to look below the gallery of creative diy wine rack ideas, choose your favorite and make wine collecting easy and decorative.

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