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Can You Pack Wine In Checked Luggage

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Ask The Winery And Use A Specialist Wine Shipping Service

How To Travel With Wine: TSA Approved Wine Bags Tested | Bottle Service | Food & Wine

Most successful wineries sell their wine both nationally and internationally. Plus, they are used to receiving large orders.

Hence, they will use specialist wine shipping services to transport many bottles of their sought-after wines and spirits.

Naturally, these shipping services will be more expensive. However, its definitely worth having a conversation about it with the winery owner.

If youre looking to ship multiple boxes of wine, ask the winery whether they could do this for you. Or, ask what shipping service they use.

Be wary of using traditional shipping services, like FedEx. Often, youll need a license to be approved for shipping. Do your research, and ask the wineries.

Can You Pack Wine In Checked Luggage

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Can you pack wine in checked luggage and if so, how? Yes, If you go to wine country, youre going to end up packing wine in your checked suitcase. Here are a few ways that you can travel with wine and not have your bottles smashed to bits by the forces of evil who work in baggage handling.

A Guide To Taking Wine And Alcohol On The Airplane

So here you are, drinking amazing wine in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Tuscany, Rioja, or another of the many European wine regions kissed by the terroir gods, and you are thinking how do I get some of this stuff back home? Can I take wine or spirits on a plane these days? And if so, is there a quantity limit? Are there duties and taxes on alcohol? How do I protect my bottles from breakage during the flight?

There is a lot of confusion and misperceptions surrounding whether you can take wine and other types of alcohol onto a plane, especially when it comes to international travel. The purpose of this article is to clarify the facts and lay out the rules and regulations for taking wine and alcohol as baggage onto a plane. Please note that these rules do not apply to wine shipping, which can involve a lot more restrictions. Many countries simply do not allow the shipping of wine and alcohol.

In general when it comes to flying with alcohol you are bound by a few types of regulations:

  • Those set by international transportation security bodies like the Transportation Security Administration in the United States, the European Commission, and other national governments
  • Individual airline regulations, and
  • Import laws set by individual countries the alcohol will be entering into.
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    What To Consider When Looking For The Best Wine Travel Bag

    Before we share reviews for each of the options we cover in the wine luggage buying guide above, there are a few questions to answer to narrow down your needs.

    Then, take a look at the descriptions of each of the options below to determine the best wine luggage that fits your needs. All of these suitcases can be bought on Amazon. I recommend reading all of the product descriptions on Amazon to make sure it fits your needs.

    Wine Suitcase: Can You Bring Wine On A Plane

    Safe Packing Beer or Wine on any Flight

    So let me set the scene. Youre on vacation in a far-off place like France or Italy and discover so many excellent bottles of wine that you cant find at home. From winery visits to wine stores, youre in awe of all the new-to-you varietals youve been sampling on your trip. You buy a few bottles to enjoy while abroad, but youd also like to take a few bottles home with you. Youve heard horror stories of bottles breaking in checked luggage and arent even sure how many bottles of wine you can bring on a plane. Fees to ship the wine home seem really high.

    So you accept the fact that youll go home empty handed.

    But it doesnt have to be that way! Bringing wine in checked luggage back from France to the US is simple and cheaper than youd expect. Its all about a wine suitcase!

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    How Much Wine Can I Pack In My Checked Baggage

    According to the TSA, as long as your bottles are under 24% alcohol content, there are no restrictions on how many you pack into your checked luggage, other than that pesky weight limit.

    But, if the alcohol percentage of your bottles is between 24 and 70 percent, then the maximum allowance is five litres, which usually works out to five bottles. Which just happens to be the number of bottles youd need to try all five types of tequila.

    As for the duty-free allowance? That differs by country, so if youre looking to avoid an extra fee, plan ahead.

    Protect your precious cargo with a wine suitcase, like this one from Williams-Sonoma.

    Packing Wine In Your Suitcase To Fly

    Make sure the bottles are well-padded to handle any impacts your bag may encounter.

    Hard-sided suitcases are significantly better than canvas bags to protect your wine during potentially ruff handling at the airport.

    We have good luck by slipping the wine bottle in a sock, wrapping a piece of clothing around the bottles neck until its as wide as the bottom of the bottle, and then adding additional clothing as padding around the bottle. Place the battle in the middle of your suitcase to minimize movement.

    You can also use bubble wrap or you may wish to purchase a wine carrying case or inflatable wine bag.

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    Your Bottle Ended Up Breaking Now What

    Despite our best efforts, sometimes alcohol bottles can still break while on the move. This can result in stains and odors on suitcases. But according to the experts, there are some easy ways to remove them.

    For spot-treating colored stains like red wine on a fabric suitcase, apply a few drops of Dawn Platinum dish soap directly to the stain and use your fingers to rub it in, says Morgan Brashear, home care senior scientist at Procter & Gamble. Give it a few minutes to soak in, then add a little water and scrub gently with your fingers or a clean cloth until the stain and suds are gone.

    If the stain is on the luggage itself, you have some options for cleaning it, too. If spills on fabric luggage are more smelly than seen, Brashear recommends trying Febreze Fabric Refresher to eliminate the odors at the source.

    Drink spills can also leave behind dried, sticky stains on hard plastic suitcases. For these messes, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a one-step solution for removing the gunk and other dirt and grime, says Brashear. If your luggage has a high shine finish, always test in a small, inconspicuous area first, and apply light pressure to keep the finish intact.

    Cushion Each Bottle Properly

    Packing Wine & Beer in Your Luggage | How to Safely Transport Beverages on Your Trip

    If possible, pack your wine bottles separately in their own hard cases. You can find these specifically made for wine/alcohol bottles on sites like Amazon. However, if you dont have time to order one before your trip or if youre otherwise in a pinch, there are other options for properly cushioning your wine bottles.

    For starters, choose your checked bag wisely. If you have a soft-sided suitcase, the contents arent going to be protected as well as they would be in a hard-sided one. If you have access to a hard-sided case, this is the one you should pack your wine bottles in. If you only have a soft-sided suitcase available to you, do everything you can to add some cushioning around each wine bottle youre bringing home. A great way to do this is to wrap each individual bottle in some thicker articles of clothing. For example, if you packed a knit sweater or a towel for your trip, these items would offer excellent padding for your wine bottles. This is by no means a fail-proof solution, but it can make breakage less likely. In case of breakage, its always good to play it safe by also packing your wine bottles inside a sealed bag or in a waterproof compartment within your luggage.

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    Invest In Wine Bottle Bags

    One of the best wine travel hacks is to travel with wine bottle bags. They dont take up space when empty, many are reusable, and most weigh under 2 ounces. The best wine bottle bags are reusable, and can accommodate liquor and beer bombers as well. Weve also used them to transport non-alcoholic bottles like olive oil and vinegar. Things we look for in a good wine bottle bag are a non-adhesive seal , a cushion of some sort, absorbent pads, material that is not transparent, and no sharp edges.

    Weve used wine bottle bags for over ten years and find that you can get about three years of use out of them if you are traveling three to six times per year. You can get some more life out of them if they separate at the seams by taping the edges with clear packing tape.

    Here is our favorite wine travel bag.

    Dont Carry An Already Opened Bottle

    While it might be tempting to bring home the remainder of a bottle youve already consumed, the pros warn against doing so. Even when a bottle has been resealed, its not a sure thing that its secured. Even though its top has been closed up, once youve broken the seal, the bottles top has the potential to come open, says Laura Johnson, founder of the San Diego-based You & Yours Distilling Co.

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    Never Fear Flying With Beer Or Wine Again

    Now, next time you hop on a plane to take a trip or are coming home from a vacation, youll know exactly how to make sure that the wonderful bottle of wine you tried at that scenic vineyard or those couldnt-leave-without lagers from that hip brewery will make it to their final destination safe and sound.

    Editors’ Recommendations

    Wrap Your Bottle Of Wine In Clothing

    Can You Bring Wine on a Plane in A Checked Bag or Not?

    Incorrectly packed wine could break causing damage to your clothes. Baggage handlers are not exactly renowned as being the most gentle creatures. You need to assume they are going to throw your checked bag around and take precautions accordingly.

    It could be a real bummer if you arrive at your destination and discover all your vacation clothes have been soaked in chianti.

    And Rogers address book was ruined by a broken bottle of red.

    It can happen to you too if you dont have enough padding!

    Protecting your wine bottles by wrapping them in clothes or towels is a beginners method. But its the best way to pack a wine bottle if you didnt plan on traveling with a wine bottle and need to come up with a solution at short notice.

    Wrapping in clothing works best if you only have one bottle of wine. Multiple bottles of wine are much more challenging to pack since they can knock against each other and knocking bottles risks a breakage disaster.

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    Get A Wine Bottle Suitcase

    Especially for wine enthusiasts or travelers who like to buy lots of wine, a wine travel bag is a great investment. You have several options to choose from, most of which are very expensive, but if you are buying premium bottles of wine, this method of transportation will be the safest. The VinGardeValise is the perfect option and it comes in a few different sizes starting at a 5 bottle capacity and going up to 12 bottles.

    Use these tips to keep your wine safe to get it home so you can drink it and not find it all over your clothes in your suitcase. We also have a guide on whether you can pack a hair straightener and other hair tools as well as a guide on flying with tools for construction sites.

    Can I Buy Alcohol In A Duty

    If you purchase alcohol in a duty-free shop, you can generally take it with you on the plane but that doesnt mean it can travel with you the entire way home. If you have a connecting flight and need to pass through a TSA security checkpoint, your bags are once again subject to carry-on restrictions, which means anything over the 3.4 ounce limit needs to go in your checked baggage. This can be especially frustrating to learn during a layover, as you may not have access to your checked bags to check your alcohol . To be safe, be sure to purchase your duty-free alcohol at the last airport you visit before arriving in your final destination to avoid losing it at a security checkpoint.

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    How To Pack Beer And Wine In Your Luggage

    First off, let us assure you of one thing: Your beer and wine, even if they are carbonated and contain bubbles like sparkling wines, will not explode during your flight. Both the cargo hold and the cabin are pressurized, so that great new IPA you just had to buy a few bottles of or the fancy bubbly youre going to save for a special occasion wont blow their top on the way home.

    But accidents can still happen. Your bag could be jostled around too much, a baggage handler could throw it too hard, or, if you travel with soft or fabric suitcases, heavier luggage could land on top of it and break fragiles inside. All in all, there are plenty of ways beer cans or bottles can be broken over the course of a flight, so you want to make sure its thoroughly padded and protected to survive the trip.

    That being said, cans and glass bottles both travel differently. Next, well talk about the pros and cons of each, as well as specific packing instructions.

    Rethink What To Drink

    Do I have to declare alcohol in checked luggage?

    Consider what could happen to the quality of your beer if it warms up while traveling. Hazy IPAs, and hoppy beers in general, are very sensitive to temperature rise, and they will not be as good if they suffer from being warmed up, Psuty says. Smoothie sours, full of unfermented sugar, are prone to exploding if exposed to warm temperatures. Stouts, barrel-aged beers and bottle-conditioned sours are great examples of beers that can tolerate some temperature rise without ill effects.

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    How Much Wine Can I Bring Back From France On A Plane In A Wine Suitcase

    Can you bring wine back from France? YES!

    Since Im American and most of my readers are in the USA, Ill mention USA regulations briefly here, but be sure to check out detailed info about whats legal in your country.

    Note that beverages with more than 70% alcohol are prohibited in checked luggage and there are restrictions on beverages with more than 24% alcohol. But regular wine? Youre golden.

    So, you might be wondering, How much wine can you bring back from France?

    Contrary to popular belief, theres no limit on how many bottles of wine you can bring back with you from Europe to the USA . But legally customs agents have the right to tax all wine imports for personal use in excess of 1 liter per person. So if you bring back 12 bottles of wine, be aware that you might have to pay a customs duty and IRT . But let me emphasize the word might. In my experience, Ive never paid a cent in import fees. Even if you are charged, the import fees are quite low.

    Always be sure to honestly declare what youre transporting.

    How Often Do You Travel With Wine

    Although there are days when I feel like a wine professional, particularly when I look around at our overflowing wine racks, I am not. Many wine travelers are merely wine enthusiasts. They travel to a destination, visit wineries, and fall in love with a handful of wines that they want to bring home with them. This is us. The question is how often do you do this.

    If you travel to several wine destinations a year with an intention of bringing wine home, then it is worth it to invest in a quality wine luggage bag. This is probably the most important issue to consider when purchasing a wine travel case.

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    Can I Pack Spray Sunscreen In My Checked Luggage

    Heading somewhere sunny? You can pack as much sunscreen as you like in a checked bag. But we recommend keeping some handy in your carry-on, too, since the suns rays in the airplane cabin can be especially harsh and damaging. Like other liquids and creams, any sunscreen you take in your carry-on must be 3.4 ounces or smaller.

    • Checked Bag: Yes

    Can I Pack A Gun In My Checked Luggage

    Can you bring alcohol on a plane?

    The TSA allows firearms in checked bags, but you should contact your airline well before your trip to learn about any additional restrictions. Carry-on luggage is a different story: The only guns that are allowed in a carry-on are tattoo guns and toy guns that dont look real . All other gunseven nail guns and toy guns that do resemble the real thing, like Nerf gunsmust be packed in a checked bag.

    • Checked Bag: Yes
    • Carry-On: No

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